Where To Keep Gun For Home Defense?

When it comes to home defense you probably first think about acquiring a gun. Whether it be handguns or long guns the next most important thing is to acquire the right home defense gun safe for ensuring security.

But finding a suitable place for the gun safe is also important. So, where to keep the gun safe for home defense? We would like to recommend you to store guns in different parts of the house for better defense.

Decentralization is the best option for ensuring home security. One of the disadvantages of decentralization is that you need to spend plenty of money acquiring firearms and gun safes. In that case, you can go for money gun safes and guns to reduce the cost.

In order to help you decentralize your gun, we’ve depicted some of the best places where you can secure your gun.


Where to keep guns for home defense?

Master bedroom

The Master bedroom is susceptible to be attracted first in case of burglary or home invasion. On the other hand, this is the place where you spend most of your time. Therefore, it would be a wise decision to keep guns beside you.

You can store your handguns in a bedside nightstand gun safe that allows quick access within just 2 seconds in case of emergency. You can also store your handguns or long guns in an under bed gun safe.   

If you require storing a large volume of guns you can also choose a biometric large gun safe in a suitable location of your master bedroom. Wherever you put your gun safe, you should ensure that it allows quick access.


Another great place to secure your gun for home defense is inside of a closet. It would be great if the closet located near a door so you can exit with your gun quickly. Try to avoid confrontation as they’re professional thieves and might be equipped with sophisticated firearms and other equipment.   

Kitchen pantry

The kitchen pantry could be a good place to hide your guns and gun safes. This is the place where thieves might not target first. In the time of the home invasion, if you’re in the kitchen then you will have quick access to your guns.

However, one thing you should bear in mind that your guns keep away from fire. It’s better to have a small fireproof gun safe inside the kitchen pantry.

Guest bedroom

Another good place could be the guest bedroom for securing guns in order to defend the home. In the event of home invasion, if you stay close to the guest bedroom, you can at least have the chance to equip with firearms.

It would be great if you have a secret door near the guest bedroom to leave the place. You should try to leave the place first then call 911 for seeking help.

Hiding guns in different places of the house

Hiding your gun in different places of your house helps you quick access to the gun in an emergency. There’re a variety of hiding options like hiding the gun under the bench, couch, tea table, inside the wall clock, book self, ceiling, wall, and mirror dressing table. Apart from these, there are also other methods to hide guns that ensure easy access.

Places should be avoided

You should avoid places that are not quickly accessible and far away from you. Places like the basement and garage should be avoided as you might not be able to go there in case of a home invasion. Also, you should avoid drawing-room as this could be their first landing place. Firearms should be kept away from any inflammable items to avoid any explosion in any case.

Are rifles good for home defense?

Rifles are probably not the best option for home defense as it requires large space to maneuver. The rifle is ideal for long-range shooting but this is not ideal for home defense. Also, it requires lots of time to load and fire could result in an irreparable loss of your life.

However, in any way, if you want to acquire rifles for home defense then we recommend you to have a tactical semi-auto rifle.

Why you choose handguns for home defenses?

Unlike rifles and shotguns, handguns don’t require large space to maneuver. It is very easy to load and fire and good for short distances. The price of the handguns is reasonable as compared to rifles.

Also, handguns give you quick access as it can be easily stored in bedside a handgun safe. These are very cheap gun safes that can easily acquire to ensure security. Overall, handguns are ideal for home defense.


Location of guns is one of the important parts of home protection. For that, we always recommend decentralizing the location of the guns. So, in case of home invasion, you have the chance to protect yourself from attackers.  

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