What To Put Under Your Gun Safe, On Concrete?

Updated July 24, 2022

Gun safes and guns are susceptible to moisture and mold as humidity level inside the safe always remains at a higher level. You can remove moisture out of the safe by using dehumidifier but what will you do if it got moisture and rust from the outside.

The bottom of the gun safe is inclined to be attracted by moisture and rust (see this thread), especially when you put it directly on the concrete. As concrete itself produces moisture when humidity level increases.

Location of the gun safe is also important; a place like a basement contains a high level of humidity. You should not put gun safe directly on the concrete especially when the place is the basement.

What to put under gun safe on concrete? There are a variety of ways you can remove moisture from the bottom of a safe.

One of the best ways is to put hard materials under the gun safe that don’t produce moisture.


Items should be put under gun safe on concrete

Hockey pucks

Hockey pucks could be a good option for you to put under the gun safe. You just need to put 4 hockey pucks on each corner of the gun safe.

Variety of hockey pucks available on the markets you need to obtain the right one.

You can bolts your gun safe through hockey pucks so that it does not tip over or fall on the floor causing damage to the floor or injury of the family members.

A gap will be created between gun safe and concrete floor which will allow free flow of air result in the prevention of rust being caught. However, at the same time, this gap will create an opportunity for burglars to penetrate a pry bar underneath the safe.

Rubber stall mat

Directly placing a gun safe on concrete may result in the production of rust at the bottom of the safe. Also, water can be a cause of the problem for your gun safe if you directly put it on concrete.

Using a 3 to 4 inches rubber stall mat could solve all these problems.

Different sizes of mats available out there, you need to cut in line with the size of your gun safe. Like wood or hockey pucks, it doesn’t create any space at the bottom so it’s not possible to penetrate a pry bar.

You can easily bolt down your gun safe to floor through the rubber mat. Bolting down the safe helps ensure safety, security and prevents possible tipping over during opening the door.

Rubber stall mat works as a moisture barrier and you can use it for a long time.


A pallet might be a good option in the short term. In the long term, you should not go for it.

The pallet ensures airflow at the bottom which helps prevent rust from growing. Pallets can easily be moved and bolting might not be possible.

It makes the bottom of the safe less secure. 

Wood and plastic pallets are available, but we recommend you to use these for a short time, for a long-time rubber mat would be the superior option.

Rubber pad

Like hockey pucks, you can use rubber pad at each corner of the gun safe and one pad in the middle. For ensuring security you can bolt it down to the floor.

Rubber pad allows free flow of air at the bottom which prevents condensation and moisture growing up.


Two pieces of 3 to 4 inches lumber can be used under the gun safe to avoid water and direct connection with the concrete. You can bolts down the gun safe through the lumber but it may be pointless because of the huge gap at the bottom.

A burglar can easily cut the bolts and move the safe away. On the other hand, lumber connecting with the concrete produces condensation in case of a high level of humidity.

Carpeted pedestal

Carpeted pedestal helps your gun safe off the floor for about ¾ inches. Gun safe located on the basement or concrete floor, having water and condensation problems, could possibly be placed on the carpeted pedestal.

It has the ability to keep your gun safe away from water and moisture. Bolting facility will provide you added security and protection from tipping over.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring can be used under the gun safe on concrete but the main problem is wet and moisture. In the short term, you can use this.

If you need to put your gun safe as high as 3 to 6 inches off the floor then you should consider using rubber as an alternative.

Is it possible to put a gun safe on the bare floor with epoxy concrete paint?

Yes. It could be possible to put a gun safe on the bare floor having painted with epoxy if there is no problem of water and excessive humidity level.

Some claimed to follow this method for a few years without having any rust on the bottom of the safe.

But if you placed your gun safe on the basement also having water problem then you can put your gun safe on a concrete slab with a rubber pad or rubber stall mat above it.

Is it OK to put a gun safe on a concrete slab?

Yes. Putting gun safe on a concrete slab is the best option and permanent solution for a firearms owner. Having rubber pad above the concrete slab and bolted down through it to the floor makes it safe, secured and almost impossible for burglars to unauthorized access.  

Final Thoughts

There are a number of things you can put under your gun safe. We recommend regularly monitoring the safe for rust and keeping an eye on proper maintenance. Having rust corrode a safe is a less than ideal scenario. When we look at the ‘landscape of solutions’, in our opinion, a concrete slab combined with a rubber pad is the superior solution.

Second place goes to using hockey pucks and a rubber stall mat.

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