Vaultek Smart Key Biometric Device: Vaultek Nano Key

Why not activate smart accessibility if you have smart safes around your home? Vaultek’s Nano biometric key is exactly what you’ll need to get started with the process. Depending on their compatibility, these accessibility keys are associated with Vaultek safes by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

This article guides you upon the specifications of the Nano biometric key by Vaultek. Apart from that, you will also get a clear insight into picking the right smart biometric key compatible with your safe.


Vaultek Nano Biometric Key: Detailed Specification Review

Nano Key Biometric is one of the popular accessories of Vaultek that goes well with your smart safe. The sole motive of this accessory is to give you smart and hidden access to the safe. However, it doesn’t mean that your control from the mobile app is compromised! You can still access the safe from the smart application, but this accessory eases the accessibility a little more.

When you are at home and want frequent access to your safety but cannot just leave it unlocked, you might need the Nano key for your rescue. With this smart key or accessory installed around any hidden spot in your safe room, you can keep your phones inside and still access the safe. To help you get an idea of more of its features, here are the details upon its specifications:

#1 Mountable

You can mount the smart Nano biometric key anywhere around your house. It is upon you to place it in plain sight or hidden spots! You can mount this Nano key almost anywhere, regardless of the area or surface you choose. It has an industrial adhesive back stand panel, which easily sticks to almost all surfaces.

It is better to keep it hidden to enhance the security and safety of your stored possessions. Moreover, keeping it out from the general reach will ensure that it doesn’t experience accidental damage. On the other hand, if you have kids at home, mount it somewhere beyond their reach, as they might damage it to play.

Talk to professionals upon inspecting your house and giving you the right suggestion to mount this Nano key.

#2 Immediate Access

The connectivity response between the Nano key and smart safe is very fast. You just need to authenticate your biometric signature on the Nano key, and the smart safe will get its signal. Hence, immediate access will be granted for you to use the safe. But for security purposes, make sure that you are mounting the smart key in an area from where you have a clear view of your safe.

The range of connectivity is broad, but the security of your safe contents might be compromised if you unlock it from a different room. For example, suppose you have a general gathering in your house, and you need to access something from your safe. You have the smart Nano key and safe in different rooms. An immediate access feature will unlock the safe with a *beep* right after authenticating your biometric. By the time you reach for your safety, there is a chance of some compromise on your possessions.

Therefore, ensure the safe and Nano key is installed in the same room. It will give you a sense of safety and the ease of enjoying responsive access.

#3 Rechargeable Battery

The Nano biometric key comes with rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. Hence, it means that you don’t have to replace the batteries every time the power level drops. You can just charge it with the usual fast-charging adapters and compatible cables. You need to charge it for around 2 hours to make it last for three months.

Do not place the Nano key on charge at all times, as it might affect the health of its battery. You must charge it up only when the power levels drop. You should maintain charging it for 2 hours and setting the reminder for the same date after three months.

#4 Add Multiple Fingerprints

The unique feature of this smart biometric key is that you can add up to 20 unique fingerprints upon it. You can add the biometric signatures of your family members you trust with the safe. The additional prints will help let your closed ones access the safe in case of emergencies. You can link the fingerprints with your smart app and remove them as necessary.

#5 Range of Connectivity

You get a 20 feet connectivity range for allowing you to place it anywhere around your house. But as specified above, you should count on placing it somewhere near the safe but hidden. You can place it just like a panic button around your house.

#6 Compatibility 

The Nano smart key accessory is compatible with selective smart safes by Vaultek. You need to have that unit of safe with you to make this smart key work. This accessory is compatible with that of:

The Nano smart key for the Vaultek safes is not compatible with LifePod, 20 series, essential series, and 10 series safes. So, make sure you tally the compatibility specifications before you get this accessory.

#7 Two-Piece Nano Key

It seems like a one-piece accessory when you take a first glance at it. But it is not! It is a two-piece product with a stand-like panel for fixing on the mounting wall or surface, as per your desire. And then you can just push the Nano key onto that stand to let it hold the device.

The benefit of such a structure is to allow you the ease of taking off the device and charging it anywhere you like. Apart from that, if you have any re-connecting hassle with the device, you can just take it off from the stands to un-pair and pair the device again. It is a rare case scenario, as it won’t disconnect from your app or smart safe until it gets completely discharged and remains unused for a long time.

The two-piece Nano key makes it easy for house or office owners to mount it, even at tight places. Therefore, it is accountable as a premium accessory, which includes this tiniest feature with all of the technological perks.


  • It gives you immediate access to the safe upon successful authentication.
  • You can store up to 20 fingerprints in this smart key biometric accessory.
  • It is small and compact, making it easy for you to mount almost anywhere.


  • The range is small at 20ft that might give rise to connectivity hassle for bigger rooms.

Features to Consider Before Buying Smart Key Biometric Accessory

Apart from the features and specifications of the Vaultek Nano Key, you must check upon certain buying factors and internal specifications before finalizing your purchase. You can always hire professionals to get a clear insight into your buying decisions. But having self-knowledge is never harmful! The considering factors before buying a smart biometric key are:

#1 Temperature Withstanding Ability

You can talk to the Vaultek experts or check their complete product specifications to determine if the smart key can withstand heavy temperatures. If you live in hot or cold regions, then there is a chance that the Nano key might heat up or cool down to extreme temperatures. Without temperature withstanding ability, the smart keys might malfunction upon regular exposure.

Therefore, the buyers need to take note of this aspect while they are getting the Nano keys from Vaultek. Unfortunately, not all companies have ensured immunity of their products to this factor. And as a result, they wear out early! So, you should not repeat these mistakes while pairing up your Vaultek safes with Nano keys. Assure your mind with the detailed specifications, and proceed with the purchase.

#2 Number of Fingerprints 

While you are comparing the Nano Key with any other smart biometric key, you should compare the number of unique fingerprints that it can take. For example, Vaultek Nano Key can take up to 20 unique prints to access the single safe. This is probably the highest number of inputs that a smart key can take. So, it is one of the evident points of comparison for you to buy the best smart biometric key.

#3 Battery Backup

Gone are when you needed biometric keys that we were constantly connected to a power source. The current era of Nano keys is operated with batteries. The prime point of consideration is that you should get a smart key that lasts longer with a single charge. In addition to that, the charging time should also be below. Longer charger times often result in overcharging, as the owners forget to turn off the power source. It is better to get rechargeable smart keys than those that demand batteries’ replacement.

#4 Responsive Access

The idea of implementing smart biometric keys is to get responsive access upon unlocking the safe. You need to ensure that the smart key and safe connectivity are strong enough to give responsive access. Check the connectivity bandwidth of the device and the safe to decide upon the authentication and access efficacy.

One of the key factors that help decide responsive accessibility is the range. Not all smart biometric keys have a broad range of ensuring connectivity. Therefore, look for your options to place the smart key within the permissible range. For instance, if the permissible range is 15ft, the distance between the smart safe and biometric key should be within this range.

#5 Compactness

If the purpose of getting a smart key is to hide the accessibility switch, then you should look for compactness as a prime consideration. The compactness is what adds a style statement to the modern-day smart controls. The era of bulky biometric devices is gone, and the era of compact devices is now leaping. So, if you are tapping into the modern aesthetics with a smart safe, it is better to go for a biometric key that would complement the functionality and aesthetics of your smart safe.

#6 App Controls

The smart biometric keys should connect through a mobile application to easily manage the settings. For example, you might need app connectivity for adding or removing fingerprints. Biometric devices have their settings panel to allow you to view records, add/remove fingerprints, and others.

But when it comes to smart Nano keys or smart, safe accessories, single mobile app connectivity is all you need. With these app controls, you can expect to seamlessly connect the key, monitor the battery levels, and enable/disable all available features.


The best product in the line for Vaultek smart safes is the Nano Key accessory offered by the brand. This product gives justice to all of the consideration factors. But for your comparative reference, you can compare other safes and smart keys for sure. Count on all the specifications and feature efficiencies before making your final decision. As you adapt smart devices for your general livelihood, why not use a smart locker with easy fingerprint accessibility?

Vaultek has a lot of options within their list of smart safes that are compatible with their Nano keys. If you are facing difficulty understanding the technicality, you can always get professional consultancy for the same. The professionals might just demonstrate and explain the use of these smart safes and the ease of access with these biometric keys.