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Biometric Gun Safe (Car)

If you’re in your car and prefer keeping guns nearby for obvious reasons, it’s essential to abide by at least one rule: it’s critical to keep your guns far out of reach for of children, thieves, criminals, and would-be robbers. And for that we suggest getting at least one gun safe for each car you … Read more

Biometric Gun Safe (Bedside)

In today’s world, no place is really considered a safe place. We hear about crime, theft, and so much more in our everyday lives. As a result, more people carry a firearm on them. And if law allows it, we think that’s a smart move. Most people keep their guns near the bedside to counter … Read more

Different Vaultek Smart Apps

Everyone values and requires privacy. With the growing need for smart operations, you need to integrate smart features into your daily activities. Unfortunately, anti-virus software and locks are not enough to guard your smart devices from threats. Vaultek makes smart safes for your precious possessions. The best integration of technology and storage aspects are now … Read more

Vaultek Smart Key Biometric Device: Vaultek Nano Key

Why not activate smart accessibility if you have smart safes around your home? Vaultek’s Nano biometric key is exactly what you’ll need to get started with the process. Depending on their compatibility, these accessibility keys are associated with Vaultek safes by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This article guides you upon the specifications of the Nano biometric … Read more

Vaultek Biometric Handgun Safe: MX Series

You don’t want your gun lying around the house with your kids having unsupervised access to it, do you? Gun safes are not only a terrific way to keep your firearms safe, but they’re also very practical. More when it’s a biometric gun. The biometric fingerprint scanner in these safes makes them safer and secure, … Read more

Vaultek Biometric Gun Safes: Vaultek’s VT Series Reviewed

Biometric gun safes are a modern-day convenience that removes the need for you to remember a combination or carry a key. Furthermore, these devices recognize fingerprints quickly and provide access to weapons in seconds. The market for these safes is still expanding, and the technology hasn’t been perfected yet.  We’ve reviewed Vaultek’s VT Series to … Read more

Best Biometric Pistol Safe

Best Biometric Pistol Safe

    Gun safes should always be a priority of any gun owner to store their weapon properly. Keeping your firearm locked inside a gun vault is a good idea, even if you do not have little children running around the house. It not only keeps your weapon out of sight but also limits access … Read more

How to Hide a Gun in Your Bedroom

With the increasing threats of break-ins, people at home nowadays feel less safe than before. Therefore, you must reach the gun at a moment’s notice when the necessity arises. If you want to ensure security to your family with efficiency and subtlety, consider a position for keeping the gun you can easily reach from the … Read more