Nightstand with Built-in Gun Safe

Sometimes owning a gun can be the best defense against a home invasion or theft, especially in today’s time. It is also essential for the safety of others at home that you keep the gun in a safe.

Sure, you can keep the gun safe on the nightstand, but what about a nightstand that itself is gun safe? Having such nightstands beside your bed gives you peace of mind.

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many options available on the market. So, to make your life a bit easier, we’ve put together some of the best nightstands with built-in gun safes.

Top 5 Nightstands with Built-In Gun Safe

We’ve reviewed our favorite gun-safe nightstands. Each of them has its own reason for being great. Have a look!

1. Longhorn LNS2618 Nightstand by Rhino Metals

 Longhorn LNS2618 Nightstand

One of the coolest-looking nightstands with a built-in gun safe on our list is the one from Rhino Metals. Their Longhorn nightstand has been styled with 18th-century fashion. Its old-school design will enhance the look of any rustic-themed bedroom.

Entirely constructed with 14 gauge steel, Longhorn provides one of the most secure gun safes anyone would want in a home. With an internal dimension of 15.4″ H x 15.5″ W x 7.5″ D, the gun safe will protect your most valuable possession from anything, be it theft or fire.

With 1.05 cubic feet of space to store items safely, this nightstand has a fully upholstered inside with an adjustable shelf for customization. You can keep your gun on the back of the door in the holster.

Speaking of the door, it is a composite security door with a fire seal. It expands when heated protecting your valuables inside from any damage from smoke.

Besides that, the fire lining the door frame can keep the inside safe for 40 minutes at a temperature of 1400°!

Beyond this, Longhorn also has anti-theft features like holes in the base to bolt it tightly with the floor. In addition, the anti-tamper clutched handle also prevents any tampering or prying.

Part art, part furniture, the Longhorn arrives at your home fully assembled. The gun safe runs with electricity. There is an electrical outlet kit with USB slots at the back of the safe.

The drawer, however, doesn’t have any separate locks. It is there for keeping less valuable things.


  • Antique looking design
  • Fire protection for up to 40 minutes
  • Features anti-punch and anti-drill bolt works
  • The interior is fully upholstered


  • The drawer doesn’t have any lock

2. Casual Home Kennedy End Concealment Furniture

 Casual Home Kennedy End Table Drawer

When you need a concealment nightstand but have a low budget, this item is the best choice you can get!

This nightstand from Casual Home has a spacious and innocuous appearance of solid wood with sturdy legs. The warm brown finishing produces and timeless appeal at any place you keep it.

However, like the previous item, this one doesn’t have a lock system. Instead, this Kennedy End table features a drop-down concealment compartment that keeps your gun safe from prying eyes.

The drop-down-then-out compartment has a stopper that prevents it from being opened automatically. You need to reach underneath the table and turn the stopper to open the drawer to access your gun.

This furniture is the perfect stealth item to store your handgun. It looks so ordinary in a typical bedroom setting that nobody will ever notice it.


  • Perfect gun storage stealth furniture
  • The Felt line drawer protects scratches
  • Classic design to hide valuables in plain sight
  • Solid wood construction ensures longevity


  • It doesn’t have a lock

3. Casual Home Lincoln Nightstand Compartment

 Lincoln Nightstand Compartment

We have another entry from the Casual Home in this best nightstand gun safe review article, and it is probably the most popular of them all.

Unlike the previous Kennedy End table, this one has a sophisticated look. Beautifully designed with rick solid wood and Mocha finish, this nightstand provides a modern style.

The tabletop has a slide-out design with a crown mold style. Underneath it is the concealed compartment with a spacious area. The space is felt-lined for extra protection. That means your handguns will be safe from scratches or scuffs.

The storage comes equipped with a strong magnetic locking system that is released when the key is swiped over it. This compartment is the primary gun storage unit, while there are 2 more functional drawers underneath to store your other non- essentials.

A testament to beauty and strength, this nightstand is an ideal option that values privacy and looks. This elegantly designed nightstand makes a perfect fit for any bedroom with a nightstand.


  • Traditional stylish design
  • Features magnetic trigger for opening the safe
  • Felt interior for safety
  • Two extra drawers to store things


  • Difficult to assemble

4. Tactical Traps End Table Gun Storage with Trap Door

 Tactical Traps End Table Gun Storage

This nightstand gun storage has almost the same design as the Casual Home’s Kennedy End, but there are also significant differences. Unlike the Casual Home’s, it has a solid lock system that keeps your valuables much safer.

It is probably one of the most undersized tables on our list, measuring 18 3/4″ tall x 15 3/4″ wide. However, its dark walnut finish and solid wood quality will speak of decent quality furniture.

Tactical table’s gun safe nightstand has a hidden compartment like the Casual Home’s but a state-of-the-art, Bluetooth-enabled RFID lock system. You can open or lock this hidden compartment with a keycard or even with your smartphone!

The secret compartment measures 12′ x 8′, giving you ample space to store a handgun like 1911. It also comes with foam inside that you can customize according to your gun size. Just use a paper cutter or a handheld razor to trim the foam around your gun. Now your firearm can fit snugly in the foam.

You’ll find an RFID keycard with this item that will let you unlock the secret compartment. Just place the card over the trigger point outside the table, and it opens in an instant.

But what happens if you can’t find the card right then? You can just hit the unlock button on the Tactical Table app, and it will send an encrypted signal for the lock to release.

You don’t have to worry about the batteries either. If the batteries get low, the table will warn to replace them. There is also an external battery backup that you can plugin.


  • The nicely finished table that blends into the surrounding
  • RFID keycard unlock system
  • It can be opened through the phone
  • Customizable foam placement


  • It doesn’t have any additional manual lock system

5. Stealth Furniture Secret Compartment Nightstand

 Stealth Furniture Secret Compartment Nightstand

In the industry of furniture with hidden storages, Stealth Furniture is a popular name. They make several awesome hidden gun storage in their products. One of them is a nightstand.

This item is made from solid oak and veneer core oak plywood, and this regular-looking black nightstand won’t look suspicious to you. It has got the perfect height of 25 inches which is exactly the average height of a bed.

The package comes with a magnetic screwdriver, batteries, and an instruction manual.

Its high-quality Sherwin William finish with simple, clean lines will complement any bedroom décor.

The package comes in parts, and so you’ll need to assemble them yourself. With clear instructions, it won’t take you more than 30 minutes if you’re already familiar with these kinds of DYI works; you might even be done in less than 20 minutes.

This unit features a strong radio frequency identification lock. It allows you to access the contents inside within seconds when you touch the key to the unit’s back.

The nightstand is backed by battery power. So there is a chance of the batteries running low. In that case, you will hear occasional beeps to inform you about the low charge.

Another important feature is that if, in any case, the battery does run out of juice, the nightstand automatically unlocks itself so that in an emergency scenario, you get access to the firearm and don’t fall into trouble.


  • RFID locking system
  • Strong and hardy locks
  • Automatically unlocks when the battery is totally dry
  • Has the perfect height for easy accessibility from bed


  • The overall look isn’t very attractive

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a cheap nightstand?

You can build your own nightstand relatively cheaply if you use knotty pine wood. First, make the initial lumber cuts with a miter saw. Then it is time to drill some pocket holes on the boards. Now assemble the two side frames of the nightstand and attach them.

Now that skeleton of the nightstand has been made, build and install a drawer to the body also. Don’t forget to add the two drawer slides and make sure they are appropriately attached from the front edge of the drawer.

Attach a drawer face to the drawer box and install the bottom shelf. Finally, add the top of the nightstand, and you’re done!

How much would it cost to build a nightstand?

The cost of building your own furniture can vary greatly depending on the material price and design. By picking cheap wood like 2×2 furring boards of knotty pine woods, you can build a nice nightstand for just $50. However, add another $40, and you might actually make one with premium quality plywood.

How tall should my nightstand be?

A nightstand should not be much taller than the bed so that you can keep or put things on it while you’re still on the bed lying. Its top should be at the level of your head so that you can see the time when you wake up in the morning.

That being said, the consensus among interior décor experts is that the perfect nightstand should be on average 24 inches tall.

How can I make my nightstand taller?

The easiest way to make a nightstand taller is by adjusting bun feet under it. You can buy them matching the style from any home depot.

Another easy trick is to add a drawer topper on the nightstand. That will add the necessary height as well as create more space for keeping things.

However, if you can spend some extra bucks, paying a carpenter to craft new legs to the nightstand will make it taller without compromising the looks.

A carpenter can also build legs onto the furniture if it didn’t have any before. They can also make a new shelf and add it to the nightstand if you want.

Final Words

When your family’s safety is on the line, you need to get your hands on the gun within seconds—having the best nightstand with a built-in gun safe saves you from the hassle and hands you the weapon in time.

We hope we’ve been able to provide you with sufficient information regarding what you need about gun-safe nightstands.

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