Is It Okay To Store A Rifle In A Hard Case?

If you have a rifle, you understand how important it can be to store it properly.  Whether it is loaded or not, your gun should be well locked. This will ensure that the gun is kept away from prying hands. The best place to keep your rifle is in a gun safe. Unfortunately, this also comes with some downsides. One of these is that it can be hard to access the gun fast in case of an emergency. Secondly, gun safes are very expensive.

If you find a gun safe outside of your budget, you may be wondering if you can store your rifle in a hard case. Keeping your gun in a hard case can offer you quick access in case of an emergency. However, it also comes with its fair share of challenges. This raises the question of if it is okay to store a rifle in a hard case.

Background of the hard case

The hardshell rifle cases have been around for many decades. Initially, it was made of wood as that was the most commonly available material back then. The early versions were often custom-made to fit the individual types of guns. For instance, in case you owned the double-barrel shotgun, the hard interior could be made in a way that enables it to fit the side by side barrels. However, this couldn’t work for .270 as the gun has a different shape.

Nowadays, hard cases are usually made of plastic and metal. The metal cases are usually made from aluminum, making them light, strong, and with a professional look. The corners are reinforced to offer extra rigidity. These new generations of cases are highly durable and lightweight but they are also more expensive.

Plastic, as well as plastic composite components, are popular and lightweight solutions as they cannot be carried away but can provide great protection at a cheaper price. These are often lined with dense and loose-shell foam. This enables them to provide the protection you get from a hard shell with the scratch resistant softness of the customizable foam that helps to protect the gun’s finishing.

Can you store your rifle in a hard case?

There is no definite answer to this question. It can be a yes or a no.  It’s a yes when you understand how to choose the right case and store it in a way that protects your rifle from moisture. Fortunately, some hard cases are specially designed in a way that prevents rust from reaching your gun. These have a silicone treatment that protects your gun from rust.

But if you don’t have these cases and don’t know how to protect your gun from moisture, you better avoid putting it in a gun case. This is because a hard case will often allow moisture to get to your bag.

Pros of storing your rifle in a hard case

A hard case can offer a good amount of protection for your rifle. This is because they are constructed with a tough outer shell, mostly made of durable metals and plastics. On the interior is foam lining that protects your firearm from scratch. With interior padding and a hard outer shell, the hard cases can be a good choice for long distance transport or long-term storage.

The cases that are made of plastic are reinforced with fiber compounds making them durable and lightweight. However, for the best protection for your gun, you should ensure that the hard case has the following features:

  • Crush-proof construction
  • Layered foam inserts
  • Watertight protection
  • Toughened locking points
  • Wheels to improve portability

When you choose a gun case with these features, it will provide your firearm with secure protection from impact. 

Cons of storing your rifle in a hard case

Like we have already seen, one of the biggest drawbacks of storing your rifle in a hard case is that it can absorb moisture, causing the gun to rust. This is particularly with the cases that are made of fabric, leather, or cardboard boxes.

In conclusion

To protect your firearm from rust when stored in a hard case, we recommend that you wrap it with a towel after oiling it lightly. Put the rifle in the case and avoid closing it tightly. Alternatively, you can also throw in a desiccant packet that will absorb the moisture.

But you will still need to oil or grease the rifle to protect it from moisture. You can give your weapon a coat of automotive paste wax. This will ensure that the moisture from the rain or snow doesn’t cause rust.

Finally, you can place the rifle in a clean rag soaked in a silicone spray. Allow both sides to dry and cover your gun with it inside the hard case. With these protective measures, you will never have a problem with rust when you store your gun in a hard case

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