How To Store An AR-15 For Home Defense

If you would like to protect yourself from multiple home intruders, you should consider having an AR-15 in your home.  With a magazine capacity of 20 to 30 rounds, it will enable you to fight off the attackers easily. Besides, the firearm is very accurate, especially when combined with the scope. When you use the right ammo, it will not over-penetrate to a point of hitting your neighbors.

The AR-15 is also a great choice for target shooting, plinking, and hunting. This is because it’s lightweight, customizable, easy to shoot, versatile, and has low recoil.


How to keep your AR-15 secure

If you are wondering how to secure your AR-15 for home defense, here are a few tips.

Keep the muscle pointed in the right direction

This is a basic rule for keeping all guns, including the AR-15. You need to ensure the muscle pointed in a direction and you have no intention to shoot at. Avoid pointing the muzzle in a direction where it can cause a shooting accident. Remember that bullets have the capability of penetrating walls and ceilings.

At times the safest direction may be up and at others, it may be down, depending on the situation. When dry-firing, with the gun, unloaded, ensure that the gun is pointing in the right direction.

Do not rely on the safety of firearms or guns

You should treat your gun as if it’s ready to fire at any given time. The gun’s safety consists of a mechanical device that can malfunction in the most needed time. You may also forget and put off the gun’s safety. Therefore, you should ensure that the safety of your AR-15 acts as a supplement for proper gun handling rather than a substitute. Avoid touching the trigger of the firearm unless you are ready to shoot.

Think beyond the target

When shooting you need to consider what is beyond the target. You should only shoot when you are sure of your target and what is beyond it. Ensure that nobody will be injured when shooting on the target. Consider also how far the bullet is likely to go in case it doesn’t hit the target or ricochets in an alternative direction.

Service your AR-15 regularly

The AR-15 has a complicated mechanism that will only function perfectly well when it’s well maintained.   Remember that is not designed to last forever and will instead suffer from wear and tear. This is why it requires regular adjustment, service, and inspection. You should read through the gun’s manual to understand the servicing requirements.

Where to store your AR-15: Factors to consider

When considering where to keep your AR-15, there are several factors you need to consider such as:

Family status

Do you have kids in the home? This will affect the location you store your AR-15 safe as you don’t want to keep it in a place where they can easily access the weapon. If some friends and relatives regularly visit your home, you should ensure that your weapon is kept away from them.


You need to ensure that the storing place of your AR-15 should not easily reachable by children, visitors, tradesmen, and repairmen. This place will depend on the layout and size of your home. You will also need to think of your planned course of action for someone gets into the home.  For instance, if you spend most of your time downstairs, you should not store the gun under your bed upstairs.


You should consider your country/state’s regulation regarding the storage of a gun. Before you decide where to store your AR-15, you will need to check with the local, state, and federal laws.  Do you live in a state where you are supposed to keep a gun in a safe? In that case, you should ensure that you are abiding by the regulation.  When choosing a gun safe, make sure it will be fast accessible.

Storage conditions

You, also, need to consider how often you will be using the AR-15. Will you be using it regularly or you want to stash it away? If you’re trying to stash it away, you will want to put it in a place that is free of dirt, dust, and moisture. On the other hand, if you will be using it regularly, you want to keep it well cleaned, lubricated, and protected from corrosive elements.

Places to keep your AR-15 rifle

There are several areas where you can keep your AR-15 rifles. These include:

Gun safes

If you want to keep your AR-15 safe and secured, you might choose a long money gun safe. Most of the long gun safes have dedicated racks and well-lined interiors that protects the gun finishing. You should ensure that the gun safe has enough space so that you can store AR-15 with scoped or without scoped comfortably.

Rifle cases

Another way of storing or moving AR-15 is to use a hard AR-15 rifle case. You can find a wide variety of cases ranging from those with padded interiors to those with rugged foam linings. The cases can be a good choice for transporting your gun. They are also a better storage option as compared to tossing your gun into the drawer.

Gun cabinets

The gun cabinets can also enhance the security of your AR-15. While they aren’t as strong as gun safe, they offer superior security as compared to the gun cases. While they are made of thinner gauge steel and aren’t fire-resistant, they are an affordable storage option for your gun.


An AR-15 can be a significant investment that can mean the life and death of those close to you. This is why you want to take the necessary precautions when storing it.

No matter the storage option you choose, you want to ensure that it provides ample security for your gun. It should prevent unauthorized persons from reaching the weapon.  These storage systems can help protect your gun from physical damage.

However, you need to remember that the more features a gun storage system has, the more expensive it will be. This is why you will need to consider how much you are planning to spend on the storage system. No matter what you need, you can find a storage option that meets your needs. With one of the above storage systems, you can be assured that your AR-15 firearm will be safe.

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