How To Secure A Gun Safe In An Apartment

If you have a gun, it is your responsibility to keep it safe and out of the reach of others. One way to do that is to keep the gun safely locked away in a safe.

There are safes specially made for storing guns available in the market. Once you buy them, you have to find a way to keep them secured, otherwise having a gun safe that is just lying around, won’t keep it from being stolen.

And if you live in an apartment, you would have limited options for securing your safe. Read further, and you will have a general idea of how to secure a gun safe in an apartment.


How to Secure a Gun Safe in an Apartment

Bolting the Gun Safe to the Wall

Fixing the safe to the wall is a fairly easy process. You only have to make sure to select a good spot for your safe.

Once you do that, you have to make an outline of your safe on the wall. You can do this using wall framing. Next, using a small saw, remove the part of the wall by sawing along with the wall frame.

Then, through the window that is made, place the gun safe and fix it to the wall using nails and a drill machine. Remember to drill according to the studs. If you want to bolt the safe to a corner, then consider the corner of a closet. This is a good choice since you will be bolting the safe to two walls.

Bolting the Gun Safe to a Steel Slab

Bolting your gun safe to a steel slab is similar to bolting it to the floor. The trick is to find the right slab. You need one that is heavyweight, about half to quarter-inch thick, and the width should be more than that of your doorframe.

This is so that if someone attempts to take the slab out, he or she would not only have to haul the heavy thing, but also put in the work to tilt the heavy slab to get it through the door, and thus making the mission harder and time-consuming.

Place the steel slab where you want it to be and fix your gun safe to the slab by using nuts and bolts.

Fixing Two Safes Together

This is another method that you can try to make things more difficult for the burglar. To make this work, you would need two large safes and make them into one unit. This would make the safe heavier and more difficult to move around than it would be with a single safe.

And this could be the option to go with if you can’t execute the above-mentioned methods.

Sticking the Gun Safe to the Floor

If you live in a rented apartment, then you have restrictions. Landlords are usually less forgiving for drilling a hole to the floor.

To solve this problem, you can glue the gun safe to the floor. That way, the floor is free of holes, and your safe is also secured. You need to use polymer glues of high strength to keep the safe secured.

Places That Should Be Avoided for Bolting

You should avoid placing your gun safe in a few places. These are the places that may be harmful to your firearms in the long run. You have to be mindful of the environment in which you are placing your firearm. Too much humidity can damage your gun or even safe.

It is better to avoid places that are likely to be more humid, such as the basement, the garage, the attic, etcetera. You should also avoid bolting your safe to a wooden slab. This is because they weigh much less than steel slabs, and taking your gun safe would still be fairly easy.

How to Secure a Gun Safe in an Apartment if You Are a Tenant

If you live as a tenant and your landlord restricts drilling holes in the wall or the floor, you can always repair the damage when your lease is up.

You can hide the holes in the floor with carpets, and it doesn’t cost much to fix the wall. You can also look for a gun safe for apartments, so the weight of your safe is not damaging to your home.

And you can also bolt the gun safe to your own furniture, such as a cupboard or even the closet. Another way to secure a gun safe is to fill it with heavy metals.

This will increase the weight of the gun safe and ultimately make it harder to move. You can use bags of sand or heavy compact metal bars, such as lead. It is also a good idea to get insurance for renters. They come at a low price, and you can get protection against gun damage.

How to Secure Gun Safe in apartment in Case of Fire

Fire could damage anything at extreme heat. Securing the gun safe from burglar is not the only thing you should prioritize. Protecting gun safe from fire is also important. To keep the valuable safe and secured you should buy a good quality fireproof gun safe.

However if you don’t have fireproof gun safe then you should know how to fireproof a gun safe

Hiding Your Gun Safe

Keeping safe out of sight is the best way to avoid the attention of burglar. Even if it is bolted to the wall or the floor, try to keep it disguised.

Bolting the safe near the front door and keeping it as it is, open for everyone to see is not a good idea, whereas disguising the safe as a switchboard near the front door is clever.No one suspects a gun at a bold place.

You can also make boxes in your common furniture like the couch, or the closet, or the mirror compartment. Installing a wall safe and putting a large mirror as a secret door to cover the safe is also a good idea.

These are complex ways to secure gun safes, going the extra mile. Nevertheless, these help to ensure that your firearms remain accessible only to you.


Having a firearm adds to your security. Keeping the firearm secured in a safe ensures that it does not fall into the wrong hands. It is your responsibility to keep it easily accessible for you in times of need and away from family members and children to avoid accidents.

And it is of utmost importance to know how to keep guns and gun safe secured. Whether you bolt it or hide it, the choice is up to you. You can even use a combination of techniques to keep them secured in your home.

It is not complicated, and you need to do whatever you can to enhance your safety, so go ahead and use whichever method you find easiest.

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