How To Remove Copper Fouling from Barrel

“Do you ever clean your gun barrel?” Somehow, you might be surprised why I’m asking you.

Well, if you have never experienced with gun cleaning kits, this article is especially for you. If you’re a gun guy, you must know about the copper fouling that left by bullets in your gun’s bore/barrel.

Now, there might be a question popping up in your mind why it’s necessary to remove copper fouling from a gun barrel?

Well, when copper fouling becomes acute, it will be detrimental for you to make a consistent flight with your gun. Because when the bullet leaves the gun’s barrel, bumps of copper make a restraint which hinders your accuracy.

You won’t love this scenario as your bullet and energy both are going to be wasted for the villain, copper fouling.

If you’re new in gun cleaning our guide on how to remove copper fouling from barrel might be helpful for you.


How to Remove Copper Fouling from Barrel

Now, I will describe the secret of removing copper fouling from the barrel in step by step. Don’t take it lightly. If so, your gun might get badly fouled, which is not expected at all.

Even if, it can be happened with the high-quality solvent if you don’t use it properly. So, make sure, you’re not ruining your gun in a hurry.

Use Solvent and Patch

A proper solvent with a wet patch removes copper and powder fouling. You should use a patch for one pass when you’re about to replace it with a wet patch mixing with a new solvent.

It will help you to get the best result. After completing this step, you can keep your gun to be soaked for a few minutes so that the used solvent can work on it. We have reviewed the best bore cleaner for copper fouling; you can visit and grab the best solvent that suits for your bore.

Bronze Brush

When the barrel is soaked, pick a bronze brush that is correctly fitted, and penetrate it with solvent for making multiple passes. Make sure the brush is appropriately marinated.

After every couple of passes, reapply the solvent in the brush. During this time, you shouldn’t tarnish the rest of the solvent by dipping the brush in it.

Many of us make this mistake by putting the brush in the bottle. Better, you can use a small cup or container to dip the brush.

When you push your brush into the barrel, never pull it back on that time. You should drive it all through the bore and then reverse it.

You should clean the junk solvent from the brush after using it. You can use de-greasing spray for this purpose.

Dry Patches

After using bronze brush, please allow the solvent to do its job. Meanwhile, keeps your gun sitting idle for a few minutes.

After that, you need to use two more soaked patches and then wait for a few more minutes. Lastly, use a dry patch for cleaning the debris.

This is the time to use dry patches through the bore for clearing all traces from it. After removing the junk of the first solvent, soak a patch with de-greaser and run it for multiple times through the barrel for the closing dry patch.

Tape with Copper

Now it’s time to soak a patch with combative copper removing solvent that needs to drive into the bore for a few minutes. Repeat this procedure with another wet patch so that our patches come without any blue stain.

If there is no blue stain left, there is no metal fouling.

Furthermore, you may find a false stain in the patch after pulling out from the barrel. Wait, just look at it.

The stain stays on the inside of the patch rather than the outer circle. That means it is from bore fouling. Still doubt! Use a cleaning jag to distinguish it.

Alternate Solvent

At this stage, I would recommend you to switch the solvent. Before using a new solvent, still, it is important to clean all the junk of the old solvent.

Precisely, the bore must be in a dry condition before using the new solvent.

Introducing Kroil

Do you know that Kroil is excellent penetrating oil that can be used to alleviate things up? This is only applicable on the really fouled bore.

If it happens, then wet several patches with kroil and run through the bore for multiple times until it is cleared.

No Blue Stain

You should clean all the extract and run a couple of soak patches with a good copper solvent. Keep your rifle stand for five minutes and again follow a new patch.

If it doesn’t leave any blue stain, you’ve done the job. 

What Causes Copper Fouling?

You might be surprised that, your new commercial or custom barrels may foul horribly after 10 or 20 shots. The range varies from gun to gun.

You will find the optimum accuracy when you take your first shot. But gradually, the amount of copper builds up in your barrel from the bullets having smokeless powder.

After each round through the barrel, a little more copper is deposited. When it becomes severe, the accuracy is neglected.

Does Cleaning a Rifle Affect Accuracy?

Do you want to decrease the accuracy and proper functions of your rifle or gun? The answer is, absolutely NOT.

So, you should clean your rifle after every outing to avoid any unexpected occurrence. Cleaning powder, metal debris or copper ensure both longevity and the accuracy of your lovely hunting rifle.

Make a habit of cleaning your rifle on a regular basis. It will extend the life of your gun/rifle. We didn’t find any accuracy problem for cleaning the rifle.


Let’s end our journey. Now, you might’ve understood what copper fouling is and why it’s essential to clean. So, if you didn’t own a bore cleaner, it’s high time to get your cleaning kits to run your hunting rifle like you once bought.

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