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How To Open A Safe Without A Key And Combination

Post updated: February 17, 2022

Did you lose your key or forget the combination of your safe?

Don’t feel anxious, instead be patient as I portray some techniques on how to open a safe without a key and combination.

It’s natural that people forget the combination and whereabouts of the key.

There are different types of safes on the market. We see a steady demand for biometric safes and questions related to the best safes in a specific price category. Unlocking techniques of these safes may differ from brand to brand.  

Now I would like to cover a variety of methods on how to open a safe without a key and combination.


Digital Safe and Sentry Safe opening technique without a key and combination:

Opening the Safe with Rare Earth Magnet:

Whether you need to open a biometric safe or a mechanical one doesn’t matter as using Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet you could easily open it within a few seconds. If you have a Neodymium Magnet having pulling force 120 to 300 pound then you don’t need to follow any other methods.

If you have not got any, don’t be worried as you can purchase it online under $50.

But be careful before using it as it’s powerful. Don’t carry it close to electronic equipment, household utensils, people wearing a pacemaker nor to other magnets.

If you take it close to another Neodymium Magnet then both of them will be attached and can be shattered easily. Don’t put your finger between magnets and safe as it may injure your finger acutely.

I hope you’ve followed all mentioned above, now put a Neodymium Magnet on a Gym Sock and attach to the top left corner of the Sentry Safe and move it back to the right side. Still not opened!

Then move around and see the magic! In the case of Digital Safe put the magnet underneath Digital Safe straight below the solenoid and see the magic! Your safe is opened!

Opening the Safe Using Bounce or Smack Method:

This method is only applicable to Digital Safe. Put your safe on a plain surface that bounces.

Now hold up the safe by approximately two feet from the surface with both hand, left hand at the backside and right hand at the front side trying to open the door while falling down on the surface.

Try this method a few times and see the magic! If this method does not work try to follow other methods especially with the Rare Earth Magnet.

Another method is smacking with the hammer gently above the solenoid and tries to open the door at the same time. Try this method a few times hope you would be successful at the end

Opening the Safe Using Hammer and Chisel:

Another useful method to open a Digital Safe is to use Hammer and Chisel but makes sure that you’ve obtained flat extended tipped Chisel. Now point the tip of the Chisel at the top of the keypad and smack gently with the Hammer.

Remove the keypad with the hand. Now remove the lock and you will find a hole. Penetrate a little finger through the keyhole, unlock and open the door of the safe. Though it’s a very easy method but involves repairing your safe. 

Opening the Safe Using Nail Cutter Filer:

Nail Cutter Filer has been used for a long time for opening safe. You can easily open a safe with simple Nail Cutter Filer.  I’m pretty much sure you’ve got a Nail Cutter in your house.

Now insert the pointed tip of the Nail Cutter Filer into the keyhole and giggle it up and down and rotate it counterclockwise until pin releases.

Opening the Safe Using a Knife and Screwdriver:

Find a Knife or Screwdriver, insert the pointed tip into the keyhole and slide the pointed side down or rotate anticlockwise.

Make sure that the pointed tip of the Knife or Screwdriver fits into the keyhole. This method is virtually similar to using Nail Cutter Filer and most suitable for Sentry Safe.

Opening the Safe with a Paper Clip:

Another simplest way to open a safe is by using Paper Clip. Your first step is to make the paper clip straight. Cut in the middle of the Paper Clip with the Wire Cutter and make it into two pieces.

Now bend one half of the Paper Clip at a 90-degree angle looks like a Tension Tool and bend another half of the Clip at a 45-degree angle looks like a Feeler Pick with Needle-Nose Filers.

Insert Tension Tools like Paper Clip at the bottom of the keyhole and rotate counterclockwise and insert Feeler Pick like Paper Clip at the upper side of the keyhole ensuring that 45-degree bend side is facing up. Now giggle the Feeler Pick like Paper Clip until safe opens.

You can also do this method with a professional Lockpicking Kit.

Opening the Safe Using Bore Scope and Resetting Combination:

In this method, you have to drill a hole at the backside of the Digital Safe. Then insert a Bore Scope into the hole and push the reset button.

Now you can set any code you want and open the safe. But the problem is that it will damage its original structure and security.

Opening the Safe Using Southord 7 Pins Tubular Lock Pick:

Everybody wants to open their safe without damaging any structure. Southord 7 Pins Tubular Lock Pick has been designed to open your digital safe without damaging any structure.

Communicate with Safe Company:

Call the Customer Support Centre to get the required serial number of combinations or extra key to open the safe.

However, you might need to produce ownership related documents to get that.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: I’ve forgotten my combination, how can I request my factory combination?

A: First find your serial and model number then try to figure out the combination or contact your manufacturer.

Q: I’ve lost the key, how can I order for replacement?

A: First find your serial and model number then communicate with the manufacturer.

Q: How do I open a safe without a key?

A: Various methods already mentioned above read all.

Q: Can I open Sentry Safe with Magnet?

A: Yes. You can open it using Rare Earth Magnet.

Final Words:

All the methods mentioned above are effective but to me, the most effective method is using Rare Earth Magnet. It’s very easy, simple and less time-consuming.

You don’t need to be a locksmith to open your safe just follow the above methods. But be careful while using the Rare Earth Magnet Method as it’s so powerful that you might get injured.

However, if you’re not confident enough and failed to open a safe using above mentioned methods then call a locksmith. If he requires you to produce original ownership related documents then do not hesitate to provide.

A locksmith may want to have confirmed that you’re not stealing valuables of others.

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