How To Move A Gun Safe

Post updated: February 17, 2022

Moving a gun safe could be a tricky choice if you going to make it by yourself and you’ve not got prior experience. It would be a challenging job if the size of the safe becomes bulky. Whether you move your safe within the same floor, upstairs, downstairs, or outside your house it involves considerable hardship and there is a chance to get injured. If you’re not confident enough then seek a professional mover.



As moving a gun safe requires substantial hard work, so make sure you have enough time and preparation to get the job finished comfortably. Wherever you move your gun safe following things could be taken before start moving:

  • Get some friends/neighbors ready who are strong enough to handle the situation.
  • Arrange closed-toe shoes, gloves, protective floor covering, moving blankets, straps, etc.
  • Measure the size and weight of the gun safe.
  • Arrange moving equipment like hard furniture dolly or dolly, forklift if the safe is too heavy.
  • Arrange stair-climbing dolly if moving involves stairs

People required for moving gun safe:

Weight of the safe Required People
Up to 600 pounds 3 people
601 pounds to 900 pounds 3 to 4 people
901 pounds to 1,200 pounds 4 to 5 people
Above 1,200 pounds Forklift preferred

Tips to move a gun safe:

Please watch this video to get an idea

Moving Inside Floor:

Before you start moving gun safe make sure all firearms and other valuable items inside it have been removed. After cleaning inside the safe, lock the door; cover the whole gun safe with moving blankets.

Wear closed-toe shoes, gloves for your safety. Use a protective cover for floors and other valuable items to avoid unexpected scratches on titles, furniture, etc around it. Ensure that the moving path of safe is cleared.

Now it’s time to get some help from friends/ neighbors. Tilt the gun safe slowly by the help of two or three persons, slides the furniture dolly beneath it by another person and strap the safe with the dolly firmly. Don’t forget to arrange some food to make the moment enjoyable.

Moving Upstairs:

Moving gun safe upstairs is a weighty task. You should take into account the combined weight of the gun safe and two to three people as well as the capacity of the stair before start moving.

One of the best ways of moving gun safe upstairs is by using stair climbing dolly. Besides this, you can use a non-stair climbing dolly which is dangerous if you haven’t got an experienced helper.

When you hold the safe up two or three of your friends should lift the furniture dolly up at the same time.  

Moving Downstairs:

Moving a gun safe downstairs is almost the same as moving it upstairs. The main difference is the distribution of weight.

A considerable risk is involved while moving the gun safe up or downstairs, because if it slips the damage to your person and/or to the property can add up quickly.    

Load on Truck:

If you’re dwelling in a rented house you might need to change your house and load gun safe on the truck.

Your first responsibility is to secure the safe on the dolly and go near to the truck. Then lay the ramp from the backside of the truck to land. Once you set up the ramp then start pushing the dolly up the ramp. Two people will push the safe up and one person pulls off toward the truck until it gets into.

Final Words:

Moving a gun safe is not an easy task. We always recommend you to hire a professional mover in case of moving a gun safe. But if you got a lightweight gun safe and you’re confident enough then you can move.

If your gun safe exceeds 750 pounds then we recommend to hire a professional mover.  

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