How To Move A 2000 Pound Safe

A safe or vault is designed to keep your valuables safe and secure. If you are a gun owner, then you probably own a gun safe instead of those portable safes. Gun safes are enormous and may weigh 2000 pounds or even more. Unlike those portable safes, these are intended to be permanently located.

There may come a time that you will need to relocate your safe. You may be moving to another home or simply want to transfer it inside your home. Running a 2000 pound safe can be challenging and stressful. The following are ways and tips on moving a 2000 pound safe quickly and risk-free.


Hire a Professional

The safest, fastest, and the most risk-free option is to hire a professional mover. They have years of experience when it comes to moving huge safes. Acquiring the assistance of qualified movers will lessen the risk of getting injured and damaged to your property. It is easy to get in touch with a professional mover. Just simply browse the internet, and you can find a professional mover near your area.

If you opt to move your large safe without hiring professional movers, the following tips are useful. Following these tips can minimize risks and get the job done.

Tips for Moving A 2000 Pound Safe by Yourself

The tips listed are divided into two phases: the preparation phase and the actual moving phase.

Preparation Phase

Find Friends to Help

Well, first of all, you can’t do this on your own. You will need two or three friends to help you.

Plan Out the Moving

Don’t rush, just plan out everything carefully. If you are just relocating the safe within your house, map out the entire path from the starting point to the endpoint. Remove furniture and other things that may get on the way.

You should also consider putting protection on floors and walls to prevent property damage. This may include placing thick blankets, old rags, or thick cardboard. This can help lessen the impact and minimize cost when accidents happen.

If you are transferring the safe to another home, you should plan on how you will get the safe out of your house and how you will place it in the transporting vehicle.

It is essential to keep a note of the measurement of the doorways as well as the placement of corners and stairs. These must be considered to ensure that moving the safe will be less challenging.

Prepare the Safe

It is wise to unload your safe before moving. This will not only reduce the overall weight of the safe but also eliminate the risk of getting your valuables damaged.

Some safes have the door designed to be removable. If so, remove it so that the overall weight of the safe reduces. If the door of the safe is not removable, make sure that it is locked. We don’t want to have accidents due to the accidental opening of the safe’s door.

Use thick furniture blankets to wrap the entire safe. Secure these blankets with packing tape. Doing all these things will protect your safe from unwanted hits and bumps and minimize the risk of damaging walls and floors.

Guns inside the safe must be unloaded, even if you are hiring a professional mover. It is in the law that movers cannot transport these items. Your guns and ammunition must be on your care.

Preparing the Right Moving Equipment

When you first think of moving your safe, you might have encountered reviews and blogs that have used PVC pipes and golf balls for rolling out a huge safe. Don’t try this. Moving a vast safe itself is risky, as even if you carefully planned everything, there is still a hint of risk.

Trying to run it using PVC pipes and golf balls could be more hazardous. Not only can they cause scratches and dents on your floor, but also there could be a risk of losing control that may result in damage of property and injuries.

Use the right moving equipment. Use a heavy-duty dolly which is designed to transport heavy duty appliances, gun safes and furniture. It can easily handle the weight and size of your huge safe. Professional movers also use heavy-duty dollies.

You can rent a dolly from a moving company near your area. Before going to them, make sure that you take note of the exact dimensions and weight of your safe. If you still have the documentation or specification sheet, bring it to them. In this way, they can provide you with the right kind of dolly.

Alongside with the dolly, you should also purchase or rent a rope or a supporting strap like a towing strap to ensure that your large safe is secured while you move it out with a dolly.

Actual Moving Phase

Securing the Safe to the Dolly

The following are the steps you should follow when placing your safe onto the dolly.

  1. Bring the dolly in line with one side of the safe.
  2. On the other side of the safe, have the helpers to lean the secure back slightly.
  3. Slip the dolly underneath the safe.
  4. Secure the safe onto the dolly using ropes or straps. Make sure that it is tightened.
  5. Tilt back the dolly on its wheels and maintain balance and stability while moving. Have your helpers assist by keeping the safe steady while moving the dolly.

 Navigating the Route

Be extra cautious in moving. It is best to go slowly, especially when encountering tight corners. You might have already done measurements during the preparation phase, so you might already have an idea of how you will manoeuvre the dolly without hitting a wall. Passing through a doorway should also be accessible when you have already planned about it.

The most difficult and most dangerous part might be encountering stairs, whether going up or down. Take it easy by doing it one step at a time while having your friends supporting it to prevent it from falling.

Loading into a Truck

If the truck has a motorized loading ramp, then the task will be easy. However, if not, you must follow these steps.

  1. Position the dolly in a manner that you will pull it up to the ramp.
  2. Have your helpers push the safe while you pull the dolly up.
  3. Keep the momentum. Don’t stop. It will only take one attempt if you use your energy to pull and push the safe up the ramp.
  4. Tightly secure the safe inside the truck, preventing it from falling off while on route.


When moving a safe, safety must be the first priority. You have to eliminate the risk of injury and damage to the property. It is a difficult task to move a safe. One may opt to hire professional movers to get the job done quickly. However, if you want to do the task without the assistance of qualified movers, make sure to follow the enlisted tips. This will ensure that moving a 2000 pound safe will be risk-free, and you can once enjoy the safekeeping and security that your huge safe provides.

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