How To Hide A Safe In Your House

As a gun owner, you will want to store your gun in an area where it will not be easily damaged or stolen. This is why you need to decide how to hide a safe in your home. When considering the best storage area for safe, one of the questions you should ask yourself is where burglars are likely to go when they enter your home.

Most intruders are likely to search for the gun in your living room, master bedroom, garage, or office. However, this doesn’t mean that is completely impossible to keep you safe in these places.

But you should need to be creative when thinking of the right place to hide a safe in your house. That said, here are some of the best places for hiding your safe in your home.


9 Best places to hide a safe in your house

Mounting on the wall

Mounting the safe on the wall is always one of the best ideas of discreetly hiding it. However, deciding the location where you should mount the safe will require careful consideration. You can cut an aperture in the wardrobe, where you can keep safe and bolt it to the internal walls. 

Another option is to put the wall safe between two studs. However, this is an option that will need to be considered when constructing the home and can, therefore, not be a good choice for a rented apartment.

The most important thing when it comes to mounting the safe is to camouflage it. You can do that by using several paintings or photos. Alternatively, you can hide the wall-mounted safe behind the furniture, fridge, or oven.

Below the ground

If you have a wooden floor, you can install a built-in floor compartment for your firearm. All you need to do is to cut a small area of the flooring. You will, however, need to ensure that the area you cut is free of wiring and plumbing. Make sure that you also reserve the wood cutting so that you will later use it as the box lid. 

If you have some woodworking skills, you can consider constructing a wooden box where you can store your lightweight safe.  You can then secure the storage box to floor joists using screws. The final step involves attaching a cabinet pull to the lid and dropping the lid on the floor opening. You can then hide the safe inside and cover it with a furniture piece or a rag.

Under the coach

The majority of couches have a fabric below them. All you need to do is to cut an opening in this fabric where you can keep yourself safe. One advantage of using the couch as safe storage is that it can fit a big safe that can accommodate big weapons such as shotguns and rifles.

In an extra fridge

If you are storing your safe in the basement or garage, an old fridge can be a discreet way of it. All you need to do is to cut out the back of the fridge and place the safe inside. With the majority of homeowners having a second fridge in the basement or garage, it can be hard for the burglars to think of searching in such an area.

Under the stairs

Another alternative is to create safe storage under a staircase. All you need to do is to remove a current stair tread where you can put it in the safe. You can then reattach the tread using piano hinges. This will ensure that you can always remove or install the tread when necessary.

Another alternative is to remove a riser and making it the drawer’s front. This will be a hard place for burglars to think of searching for a safe. One advantage of having a crawl space under the stairs is that it can act as a hiding place in case of an emergency until the threat is over.

The closet

A closet is still a good place for keeping your gun safe. While this may look obvious, how you hide it may mean the difference between the safe being found and remaining discrete. For instance, you can hide it behind the door frame of the closet. This will not be an obvious place but it will help to easily reach your weapon fast. In order to hide your gun in a closet, you may need to choose a narrow closet gun safe.

Air vent

Air vents are a great option for hiding your large safe in an open space. You can use the real vent or create some fake air vents where you can keep your gun safe. The vent will look like the normal vent and it’s easy to install it between 2 studs. This is especially a good place for hiding your gun in an area where thieves won’t think of it. This is a kind of diversion storage option.

In a cardboard box

It could be that you would like to keep your safe in the garage but you are afraid of its visibility, you should consider putting it in a cardboard box. It’s common to find cardboard boxes in the garage and so burglars will hardly think that a safe will be put in one. You can then take the safe to look as if you are preparing to move.

Behind a mirror

A mirror can also be a good place for hiding your safe. Any intruder will think that it’s just an ordinary mirror.  However, you need to ensure that no traces of the modifications behind the mirror are visible.

Final thoughts

You can see that there are lots of places where you can hide your safe. One of the factors that will determine the hiding place is its size. If your safe is large, there are certain areas where it will not fit.

But if it’s of small size, you will have a wide range of storage options. All in all, you now have an idea of some great safe storage options. Choose one of the above options and nobody will find your safe

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