How to Hide a Gun in Your Bedroom

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With the increasing threats of break-ins, people at home nowadays feel less safe than before.

Therefore, you must reach the gun at a moment’s notice when the necessity arises.

If you want to ensure security to your family with efficiency and subtlety, consider a position for keeping the gun you can easily reach from the bed.

Because what’s the point of owning one if you can’t access it instantaneously?

That’s why we’ll discuss how to hide a gun in your bedroom in the most efficient way so that you can go to sleep knowing that your family’s safety is taken care of.


Hiding a Gun in Your Bedroom

The reason why you need to hide the gun properly is twofold.

One, you don’t want it to fall on the hands of those breaking into your house.

And second, so that children at your home don’t think it is their play toy.

But first, if you’re looking for a gun safe to hide your pistol in, this is our reliably in-stock recommendation!

Hiding inside the Nightstand

A nightstand is the first place where people think to hide their gun(s).

Properly hiding the firearm inside the nightstand comes with unnumbered benefits.

Since a nightstand always stays close to the bed, the first advantage is that you can access the firearm from your normal sleeping position.

Whenever an emergency occurs, you can swiftly pull out the gun from the nightstand and be on guard instead of panicking.

There are many ways you can hide the gun on the nightstand, and most of them include using a magnet.

However, if there are children at home, they’re not safe with a gun casually kept in a nightstand drawer.

Instead, make a fake base under one of the drawers that you can easily lift.

You could also stick it underside the top of the nightstand inside the first drawer.

Stealth Nightstand

Most people won’t even imagine you have a stealth nightstand. It will help you reach the gun quickly during an emergency.

A good nightstand gun safe will usually have a locking mechanism that will ensure a smooth and fast opening.

It will also open from the top, making it a great option when you’re on the bed.

Under the Bed

Hiding a gun underneath the bed using a magnet is a great way to ensure nobody will find it other than you, and your weapon will be completely concealed.

During any emergency, you can just roll off the bed and pull the gun out.

The best place is to install the gun mount magnet closer to the side of the bed where you sleep.

Install it on the bottom edge if you can and fix the handle of the gun sticking out.

This allows the user to pick the gun faster with great ease. Remember, every second counts in such situations.

Hiding inside Mirror Gun Safe

Although most people overlook this method, hiding the gun inside or behind the mirror is actually an out-of-the-box idea.

Most people have a mirror or a dressing table in the bedroom.

It is quite easy to turn that into a gun safe without costing too much money.

Suggested for people who prefer proper concealment of their firearm, a mirror gun safe can actually provide an excellent space for keeping multiple guns at a time.

The prominent feature a mirror gun safe should have is an easy access lock.

Besides, it is a no-brainer that it should also look exactly like an ordinary mirror or a dressing table.

Hiding inside the Picture Frame

Usually seen in movies, this is actually reasonably practical.

You need a decent-sized picture frame, two wall mounts, and two brackets.

Mount two brackets under the frame using a wide drill bit and inlay the cabinet-style bracket.

Make the whole thing 3/4” deep, allowing the picture to open upwards.

You should note that the picture frame shouldn’t be too big or too small, diverting someone’s attention to itself.

It is also important that the thickness of the frame should be as little as possible so as not to suggest to someone something is kept hidden behind it.

Furniture with Hidden Gun Safe

A wide variety of furniture with hidden gun safes is made nowadays.

This helps you to hide them in plain sight without having a second look from the guests or criminals.

Besides, guns that are hidden under the coffee table or any other furniture also give you the ability to catch the burglar off guard.

Such coffee tables usually have a secret compartment underside of the tabletop which you can swipe open.

We know this is a different approach to hiding the gun inside your bedroom.

However, it is not practical to always expect that you’ll get enough time to reach the gun in the bedroom.

So, there should be an alternative in the home as well, preferably not too far from the bedroom.

The Headboard of the Bed

Mounting a gun on the headboard is getting a lot of popularity nowadays for having the capacity to hold a gun.

It is a reliable way to rack the firearm for easy access from the bed.

Risk of Hiding Gun Safe

The most common method of protecting the gun at home is by using a gun safe.

The benefits of a gun safe are many, and there are some drawbacks as well.

The significant advantage is that children won’t be able to reach it ever.

However, the major drawback would be that some intruder could actually crack the gun’s safe code, no matter how impenetrable it might seem in the beginning.

If you keep the gun safe in plain sight, there might be burglars who would even take the gun safe.

Final words

Hiding guns inside the bedroom is nothing new. However, old methods are just an invitation to be used against you.

We only tried to step up the game by adding a little concealment to the methods mentioned in the article.

We know it is not practical that you’ll apply all these methods, and some of them might not apply to your bedroom either.

Nonetheless, we hope you’ve found the perfect method of how to hide a gun in your bedroom from our suggestions.

Be vigilant and keep yourself and your family safe. Till next time!

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