How Long Should A Gun Safe Be Fireproof For?

It’s an irony of fate that the manufacturers of gun safe can’t provide 100% fireproof safe that you would expect. They might claim that their gun safe is fireproof, but it can’t reach your expectation. Unfortunately, many manufacturers are saving money by using the low-quality fireproof material that’s the main barrier for a standard of fireproof gun safe.

Honestly, it’s hard to determine how long should a gun safe be fireproof for? Therefore, there’re several ways to find out the top fireproof gun safe. Please don’t make this common mistake that the gun safe with more fireproof rating, the more it can resist fire. So, what do you need to do now? You should go through fireproof gun safe reviews for a quality gun safe.


How Long Should A Gun Safe Be Fireproof For?

We often overlook fire ratings. However, it should be one of the major concerns. Otherwise, you won’t be able to protect your valuable from fire. Now, the question is what is a good fire rating for a gun safe? It depends. In general, we recommend you to go with at least one hour of fire ratings for a gun safe.

In general, a typical house fire starts damaging your documents after 30 minutes if you’ve got a UL rated safe of a 30 minute.

Needless to say, you can’t get adequate fire protection if your safe is less than an hour fire rating. Please don’t waste your hard-earned money; purchasing a cheap gun safe might not be sufficient to protect your valuable from fire. You can select the safe that provides the most extended fireproof feature within your budget.

One important factor of a safe that we often forget before purchasing is the fire seal on the door. There are some cheap safes in the market that don’t even have the seals. But you know that seals are very important for a good fire rating.

Why Do You Need Fire Protection?

The paper starts to burn around 405°F. Firearms begin taking harm at temperature levels above 500°F. To appropriately protect your important document and other valuables in the incident of fire, the temperature inside of a safe need to be stayed lower than 350 ° F.

For this reason, we always recommend you to buy the best fire rated gun safe. If the safe is only for keeping your gun, then the extreme and high-protective fire rating might not essential. In that case, you can go for budget-friendly and value for the money gun safe.

However, if you store electronic data, film, important documents, jewelry, valuable gears alongside guns then you should go for a fireproof gun safe.

Do Gun Safes Cause Corrosion or Rust?

Have you ever asked why there is such a significant number of moisture absorber for gun safe available on the market that manufactured to prevent rust in a safe? Most of the people will say whether a gun is appropriately cleaned and oiled it will not rust.

However, the truth is gun safes are susceptible to moisture which results in corrosion and rust. It also depends on what types of particles are used in the inner part of the gun safe. Now the question is which material is actually liable for this corrosion in your gun safe?

Most of the fireproof gun safe is made out of drywall which consists of chemicals like Formaldehyde, Ferrooxidans, Sulphur, and Pyrite. These chemicals are also a cause of concern for corrosion and rust.

If you identify that these corrosive elements are used in your gun safe, then you can replace the interior of your safe. This is not the best solution as it can cause a problem for the fire safety of your guns.

But there are also some cost-effective ways to prevent rusting. You can detect the level of moisture and temperature by using a gun safe hygrometer. If the ambient inside the safe is not suitable then you can purchase a dehumidifier.

There’re a variety of ways to keep moisture and corrosion out of your gun safe. You can read and follow those methods.

Where to Keep My Safe?

According to our experiences, this would be the most repeated question ever. Once you purchased the gun safe, try to avoid the risk of humidity, fire, dryness for selecting the best place for your gun safe. We recommend you to keep the gun safe in a place that you mostly use. You can store it in your bedroom closet where there is a little risk of dryness and humidity.

Final Words

The manufactures use their own fireproof regulations so that they can mislead their consumers by creating their own fire-resistant stamp. Usually, it is a tough job for a customer to find out the proper gun safe. You should study details for fire rating, endurance, customer reviews, and product quality before purchasing a fireproof gun safe.

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