Best Gun Case Manufacturers In The USA

If you would like to carry firearms in a convenient way, you should choose a gun case. This will help protect your gun from being damaged especially in traveling. However, you will need to ensure that you choose the best gun case. When searching for one, you should consider the manufacturer behind the brand. To help you make the right buying decision, here are the top gun case manufacturers in the USA you should consider. We’ve also written an article on the best gun safe manufacture, you can read.

7 best gun cases manufacturers in the USA

Savior Equipment 

Savior equipment is a company whose goal is to provide the leading gun transportation solutions in the United States. The company boasts of a wide range of gun carry solutions such as rifle cases, pistol cases, backpacks, and pouches.

Whether you need a gun case to carry your pistol or a case to transport your AR15, they have a solution for you. They’re a very popular brand among the gun owner for their ability to produce the best quality soft rifle case

The company was founded by a gun enthusiast, Chris, who wanted to create a quality but affordable gun case. Today, the company stands behind all its products with a warranty. They also strive to offer outstanding customer service in case of a problem arising with your gun case.

Plano Molding Company

Plano molding company has made a reputation in the manufacture of tackle boxes. Their boxes are popular because they don’t rust. The founder Warren Pete, started the journey to improve their tackle box in 1952. The goal was to create something lighter and could withstand rust. This led to the design of a plastic tackle box that was now lighter, rust-proof, and durable.

But with the new design, the company realized that the tackle box could also be a good choice not only for fishermen but also for gun owners. They added gun storage systems to their product lines. Today, they manufacture both hard and soft gun storage systems of different sizes and shapes. Therefore, what started with a single tackle box has grown into a big company with a wide range of gun storage systems.


Pelican is an American multinational that was started in 1976 by Dave Parker in a garage located in Torrance CA. Today, the company specializes in the design and manufacture of gun protective cases, portable lighting systems, and packaging. The Pelican cases are the flagship products of the company and are made of plastic with watertight and airtight gaskets.

Today the company that still has its head office in Torrance has 200,000 square feet of a manufacturing facility. They have a global presence with 6 manufacturing facilities and 23 sales offices. The company has won many awards such as the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. Above all, the Pelican brand is popular and trusted by the majority of gun owners for its TSA-approved cases.

Flambeau Outdoors

For more than 70 years, Flambeau has specialized in providing gun enthusiasts, hunters, and fishermen with top of the range products. It produces some of the best hard rifle cases that are lightweight and easy to carry. The family-owned company was started in 1947 and is still dedicated to providing top-notch shooting and hunting products, that are made in the USA.

With the Flambeau, you can keep your gun safe and secure. All their gun cases feature the patented Zerust anti-corrosion technology that helps to protect your gun from rust. Whether you want a gun storage system for the shotgun or scoped rifle, Flambeau Outdoors has the right products for you. Their cases feature snap-tight lock hasp, ensuring that your gun is securely stored always.


Started in 1852, Smith & Wesson is arguably one of the oldest manufacturers of gun storage systems today. From the first day, they were able to beat the competition with innovative designs and top-notch products. Today, the company boasts of many accomplishments including its contribution to the firearm industry.

Headquartered in Springfield Macchattesus, their ranges of products are commonly used by the military and the police. Today the company is popular for its plastic cases with foam interiors. They produce the best rifle cases that can fit rifles and handguns with long barrels.

Allen Company

Started in 1970, the Allen Company has always strived to make some of the best quality gun cases, gun cleaning patches, gun-cleaning kits, etc. Besides the above products, the company also makes a wide range of shooting products, archery, tactical gear, and other hunting accessories. They manufacture all of their products in the USA.

Most of their cases feature accessory pockets where you can keep your cleaning supply. They also have thick foam padding on the inside to protect your gun. Other key features are an easy to clean lining and an adjustable sling.


NcStar was started in Southern California in 1997 to provide good quality optics and hunting accessories at a good price. Today, they create well thought out gun storage systems that are designed to meet the needs of the users. Their gun cases are made of a tough PVC material and feature high-density inner padding, providing your weapon with superior protection.

Their gun cases are also available in a full range of sizes. Whether you need to store your pistol or rifle, they got something for you. At the front are pouches where you can store your ammunition. At the back of their cases are bigger pockets that can fit several accessories.


With the right rifle cases, you can be assured of a safe way of transporting your rifles, shotguns, and any gun with an optic. This is why you will want to ensure that you get the right case. With a good hard or soft shell case, no unauthorized persons will have access to your weapon. This will also ensure that your gun isn’t destroyed during transportation as a result of the banging and bumping.

To be on the safe side when finding the right rifle case, ensure that you choose a trusted brand. With one of the above options, you can be assured of a quality case that will serve you well.

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