Dual Biometric Gun Safe

Who else needs to store more than one gun at a time? 

Dual biometric gun safes are here to do just that. These products have sufficient space to store more than one gun. We all know that handguns come in all shapes and sizes. And many gun owners have different-sized pistols at their residences. 

The dual biometric gun safe ensures that the user gets enough space to store multiple pistols in one place.

This guide highlights three dual biometric gun safes with space to handle at least two guns.

Best Overall: Verifi Smart Biometric Safe

Value for Money: Viking Security Large Biometric Safe

Best Cheap: Gunvault Minivault BM Pistol Safe


#1 Best Overall: Verifi Smart Biometric Safe

Verifi is one of the best brands of all time for gun safes. They are known for using high-end materials for their products with optimal quality. The best features of this gun safe are:

High-end Touch Sensor

Unlike other biometric gun safes, Verifi uses high-end touch sensors in its smart safe. As a result, it ensures that the safe recognizes your fingerprints instantly without wasting any amount of time. This brand uses the best fingerprint sensors that the FBI also approves. In addition, it uses TouchChip fingerprint sensors for capturing a larger area of high-resolution images of a fingerprint. 

The optical sensors of this fingerprint scanner can even detect your prints with moistness, dirt, or dust. It uses 3D technology for recognizing the living issues within the finger skin layers. It eliminates the aspects of anti-spoofing. It stores up to 40 fingerprints. 

Build Quality

The safe is built with alloy steel but has a thin structure. It is durable enough to protect your gun from children and unauthorized users in your house as guests. But if a burglar spends sufficient time with the safe with the right kind of tools, this safe can be penetrated. 

But the technological build of this safe is very responsive, as it gives immediate access to guns to the users upon successful authentication. You won’t even finish a blink before you have the gun in your hand. Moreover, the weight of this gun safe is around 22 pounds, which makes it light enough to be carried with you anywhere or to be placed at any location. 


It has a depth of 10.5 inches and a width of 14 inches. As a result, you can store more than one gun in it. You can store even two medium-sized handguns with ideal placement or store two small pistols with their spare magazines in them. 


You can mount it anywhere on your walls or under your bed. You have the necessary accessories and mounting holes available with this gun safe for making easy attachments. 


  • It needs less maintenance
  • It comes with master keys for alternative access.
  • One battery set lasts for a year. 


  • The body is built on the thin side, making it vulnerable to breaking by a burglar or a thief with ample time and the right tools. 

#2 Value for Money: Viking Security Safe Large Biometric Safe

This safe is not just for one or two handguns but your collection of handguns. Take a look at its intuitive features to know more about it:


The capacity of this safe is its USP, for which it needs prime attention. The chamber width for this gun safe is 14 inches, the height is 18.5 inches, and the depth is 3.5 inches. This much amount of space is sufficient to store more than two full-size semi-automatic handguns in there. Remember that you cannot store any big rifles here. You have different kinds of safes for that. This is just for handguns. 


This safe can be accessed in three ways. The fingerprint scanner is the primary option, while keypad access and master key access are alternatives if the fingerprint doesn’t work. It can store up to 32 fingerprints in its system. 

Build Quality

This safe is made of solid steel and weighs around 37.5 pounds, making it durable. The fingerprint sensor comes with a 500DPI optical sensor, and this safe comes with a 20mm deadbolt locking mechanism. The door width is 5mm and has a laser-cut design. All of it makes it a rugged gun safe that is convenient for you to store multiple safes in one place. 

It also has an alarm system to go off if someone tries to pry the doors forcefully. It also makes a beep sound on successful unlocking. The design of this handgun is ideal not just for guns but also for jewelry, cash, small electronics, and crucial documents. 


  • Fast unlocking with a registered fingerprint.
  • It has pry-resistant doors and a locking mechanism. 
  • It has a tightly sealed steel body with a thick door. 


  • Heavy pistol safe. Moving around the house frequently becomes less of an option. 

#3 Best Cheap: Gunvault Minivault Standard Digital Pistol Safe

If you want a cheap pistol safe but want to store more than one of it in just a single place, this might be an ideal option. Count on its features to know more about it:


It is a very lightweight gun safe popular in today’s market. Many factors are associated with this lightweight safe to protect the gun from being accessed by unwanted users. The build quality might be light in weight, but the locking mechanism is way too durable to withstand prying attempts. 


The fingerprint scanner is very responsive to help you access the safe in just 2 seconds. This safe can scan around 20 fingerprints that you can load at the time of set up. You can mute the unlocking sound if you like to access the safe in a stealth manner. You have a security backup key in case the battery runs dead for the fingerprint scanner. 

No-Eyes Keypad

It has a hand-figured keypad that you can block with your palm and enter the combination to access the safe. This is an intuitive keypad lock that you can use if your fingerprint scanner rejects your entry due to moist or dirty hands. 


The depth of this safe is 5.5 inches, width is 8.5 inches, and length is 13 inches. Therefore, two small pistols can easily rest within it, while one single mid-size semi-automatic gun can get into this safe with a spare magazine. 


  • It comes with a stylish keypad for unlocking the safe while the fingerprint fails. 
  • It is light in weight. 
  • It has a foam lining to protect your gun from scratches. 


  • The build quality is not too durable to withstand heavy prying blows. One can break it easily with the right tools and efforts if given time. 


These are the three dual biometric gun safes that we suggest considering. Keep in mind the pricing, and the number of pistols you want to store.