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Do I Need A Dehumidifier In My Gun Safe?

Updated July 24, 2022.

Most people ask the question “do I need a dehumidifier in my gun safe”. In most cases, the answer is yes. In very few cases, you may not require a dehumidifier. But who wants to take the risk of damaging a gun safe and other valuables inside the safe, just because of not using a dehumidifier? We recommend against not using one, especially if we look at the price-risk ratio.

The price-risk ratio seeks to answer the question “for X price, how much risk can I avoid?”

An example of the price-risk ratio is this: if you have a safe that costs $1000. And guns that cost $4000. Then why risk damage if you can avert it with $50?

The costs of gun safes and firearms are much higher than those of dehumidifiers. We recommend factoring in a dehumidifier and keep an eye out for maintenance, to save you from discovering mold and mildew on your firearms and other valuables.

The easiest way to measure gun safe humidity levels is to use a gun safe hygrometer. If the humidity level inside the safe is at an acceptable level you may not need a dehumidifier.

Separately, you can use a hygrometer to check whether or not the dehumidifier is properly working.


Factors To Be Considered

Climate you live in

You could not imagine how important the climate is. If you live in the vicinity of the coastal area and tropical reason or any other area where the humidity level is higher you might require a dehumidifier. However, if you live in the United States you should use a dehumidifier as the average humidity level of most of the cities is above 70 percentages.

High average annual humidity levels of some states of the United States:

State Place Morning (%) Afternoon (%)
Alabama Birmingham 84 52
Arkansas Fort Smith 85 49
Florida Tampa 87 57
Illinois Peoria 83 58
Indiana Indianapolis 83   58
Louisiana New Orleans 87   61
Mississippi Jackson 91   54


Location of your safe

The location of your gun safe is also a vital factor. If your gun safe located in the basement, which is prone to be humid, you should consider using a branded dehumidifier.If your gun safe located on the first floor or in a garage, where the humidity level is lower, you may not require that

Frequency of your access

How often do you open safe? If you required opening the safe frequently it will flow fresh air inside the safe. Fresh air helps reduce moisture and humidity inside the safe.

The humidity level inside the safe is higher than that of outside the safe. So, if you open the safe frequently it helps reduces humidity and moisture. In that case, you may not require a dehumidifier. However, this will not be effective if humidity outside the safe is higher.

What Is A Safe Humidity Level For A Gun Safe?

Humidity level varies from place to place. Humidity level remains lower in the basement compared to the garage and upper floor. But wherever the location of gun safe is Relative Humidity (RH) should be between 40 to 55 percent. RH higher than 55% may cause your firearms damaged.

You should monitor relative humidity frequently to prevent possible damage to your valuable. If the humidity goes higher than acceptable try using a dehumidifier and use hygrometer to measure RH.

However, on the other hand, if the humidity goes below the expected level, firearms will become too dry results in corrosion. In this case, you don’t need to use a dehumidifier. If the temperature goes very high like 80 degrees you might consider setting air-condition.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you need a dehumidifier depends on the level of humidity that exists inside your safe. Looking at the price-risk ratio, we always recommend getting one.

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