Different Vaultek Smart Apps

Everyone values and requires privacy. With the growing need for smart operations, you need to integrate smart features into your daily activities. Unfortunately, anti-virus software and locks are not enough to guard your smart devices from threats.

Vaultek makes smart safes for your precious possessions. The best integration of technology and storage aspects are now upgrading the traditional safes. Vaultek embeds the control of these safes into the smart apps.

Smart apps have the functionality to help you monitor the real-time status of your safe. Aside from that, you can use it to lock and unlock access. Vaultek smart app comes in different variants to help you find the one compatible with your convenient modes.

If you have decided to buy the Vaultek safe, then it is time you must choose the right app for connectivity as well. You can trust this article to know the clear features of all Vaultek smart apps for an evident decision.


Vaultek Smart App Variants:

  • Best Overall: Vaultek Smart App Wi-Fi
  • Value for Money: Vaultek Smart App Bluetooth
  • Best Cheap: Vaultek Smart App Bluetooth 2.0
  • Additional Option: Vaultek Smart App Humidor

#1 Best Overall: Vaultek Smart App Wi-Fi

If your safe unit can work seamlessly with the Wi-Fi-enabled smart app, then this is the ideal product for you. The reasons for the same are as follows:

Live Notifications

With this smart application by Vaultek, you will receive live and instant alerts to your mobile phone. If anyone tries to tamper with your safe or apply any force upon it, you will get the notification. In addition, if the safe battery is low and needs charging, the mobile application will notify you.

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

If your safe temperature rises for technical reasons, you can monitor the same from your Wi-Fi-enabled smart app. Moreover, if humidity is bothering the functionality of your safe, the application will notify you with the same for taking necessary actions.

Remote Management of Safe

With the Wi-Fi connectivity of this smart application, you can manage your safe remotely. You can check the history of access, track biometric permissions, monitor power levels, adjust the sound & light, and access all other features from anywhere and at any time. You do not need to be in your safe range to control it, but you can monitor and manage it on the go.


This Vaultek smart app is compatible with the brand’s RS Wi-Fi, Slider Wi-Fi, and MX Wi-Fi safes. If you have one of these units, you can download this Vaultek Wi-Fi Smart app for free.


  • Compatible with a wide range of Wi-Fi safes available with the brand.
  • You can check the enrolled fingerprints and add more or remove the existing ones remotely.
  • You get live notifications upon physical or forceful tampering.


  • You cannot use this smart app for the Bluetooth series safes.

#2 Value for Money: Vaultek Smart App Bluetooth

Many Bluetooth smart safes are available with Vaultek, also among the brand’s best-selling products. Therefore, the brand decided to put up a specific application for all of its range of Bluetooth safes. Hence, this is the product for them all! The features of this app are as follows:

Close Range Management

You can manage your smart Bluetooth safe within a specific range. Your application will allow you to lock, unlock, monitor, and check the logs while you are near the safe. For example, you can lock the safe and head out on tours, as it cannot be unlocked until you come back and reconnect the app.

When in range, you can check the history of access, monitor the power levels, add/remove fingerprints and adjust other such settings. In addition, when your app is in connectivity range with the safe, you get notifications upon safe tampering, incorrect fingerprint attempts, and others.


This smart application is compatible with the VT Bluetooth, Slider Bluetooth, 10 Bluetooth, 20 Bluetooth, and MX Bluetooth safes. There is a wide range of options within this category for the sake of its popularity. So, if you have bought one of these units, then count on downloading this application right away.


  • Compatible with a wide range of Vaultek Bluetooth safes.
  • Instant notifications upon any tampering while the safe is in range of the mobile phone.


  • It is not compatible with compact Bluetooth-safe options such as VS20i and VS20.
  • It doesn’t support remote monitoring or management of the safe due to a lack of Wi-Fi connectivity.

#3 Best Cheap: Vaultek Smart App Bluetooth 2.0

Certain compact safes are available with Vaultek that demands Bluetooth connectivity with the apps. Therefore, this is a specific Bluetooth 2.0 app to let users access the functionality of these safes. The features of this app are:

Close Range Management

This smart app links with the safe only when the device is in the permissible range of the safe. When in close range, you can manage the various operations of this safe. For example, you can view the access history, monitor the logs, check for enrolled names with fingerprints, make light/sound adjustments, and others.

Instant Notifications

While the device is in range, alerts will be sent to the mobile app if there are any forceful attempts upon opening the safe. It will help you decide upon taking the right action. You will also get notified for charging the Bluetooth safe over time when the batteries are low.


This smart app by Vaultek is compatible with compact, safe options of the brand, such as VS20i or VS20. If you buy such compact safes cheap in pricing, this Bluetooth 2.0 app is an ideal pick for you.


  • You get instant notifications when the device is in range.
  • The monitoring services are the same as that of the other feature-rich apps.


  • You can modify the settings or controls of your safe remotely. You need to be within the permissible Bluetooth range for controlling compatible smart safes.

#4 Additional Option: Vaultek Smart App Humidor

If you are getting a humidor of Vaultek for storing your cigars, you are in desperate need of a specific app to monitor the functionality. The features make it an additional yet considerable smart application for an innovative safe.

Monitoring Temperature and Humidity

When you are away from home, you can monitor the temperature of your house where the safe is stored. You can adjust the levels of humidity and review them remotely. With this app, you have Wi-Fi connectivity to make your changes even from distant places. You need to keep in mind that the humidor safe should be connected to the internet while you are out.

Define the Ideal Conditions

This application will alert you upon environment changes and drop in power levels when linked with the humidor safe. Apart from that, it also allows you to self-monitor these aspects to make immediate changes in settings.


Vaultek offers a LifePod Humidor safe for your cigars. Hence, this is the only product that is compatible with this app.


  • It is specific for monitoring the humidity and temperature levels of the safe as it stores cigars.
  • It gives you access to monitor the environmental changes and power levels.
  • You get alerts upon specific changes in temperature, humidity, or power level drops.


  • This app cannot be used with any other kind of safes, as it won’t enable the functionality accessibilities.

Features to Consider while Choosing an App for a Smart Safe

Here are some quick considerations that you must emphasize while choosing a smart app for your modern Vaultek safe.

  • Authentication

Every app you download to link with the safe should have secured authentication. Secured authentication will help you lock the application for added protection. The benefit is that you don’t have to worry about losing access to your safe even if someone steals your phone or gets lost.

You can log in with your credentials from any other smartphone and delete the previously logged device to ensure security. Check for this aspect to ensure that your smart app requests you to choose strong usernames and passwords that cannot be hacked or decrypted by fraudulent attempts.

It is better for smart apps to have two-factor authentication features, to improve the security concerns. The criteria and necessities for accessing the safe increase, probably enhancing security.

  • Update-ability

Vaultek is a premium smart, safe brand that takes ideal care of upgrading its technology over time. In the process, they also take ideal care of their smart apps. But, this is an important factor of consideration, and you must not neglect it while choosing the right safe and app for your storage convenience.

You must check the information upon the last few updates of your chosen app. You will get that information on the download page of your Play Store or App Store. Check the minor or major changes the company has made to its app to make it more functional and secure.

The frequency of upgrades will give you an idea of how concerned and active the brand is towards its smart apps. Hence, you can decide upon making your download for your unit.

  • User Interface

Even though smart safes and apps are advancing with technological perks, there is still a demand for an easy User Interface. Therefore, go with the easy-to-understand application and don’t complicate the navigational aspects throughout the app.

A clean user interface will help you control, manage and modify the functionalities of your smart safe easily. You don’t have to wander through the application to find any particular feature or section. You will have everything upfront!

  • Compatibility

The smart safes and apps are designed altogether, and they are mostly picked with compatibility preferences. For instance, a Wi-Fi connectivity smart safe needs a compatible application that supports Wi-Fi management of the safe. So, make sure you know what compatibility of application your safe unit demands. And then you can choose the respective one from the available options.

  • Data Security

Make sure that the smart app you choose keeps your data private. Check the user policies of the brand, and you will get an insight into how they handle the data provided to them. For example, Vaultek is a premium brand that assures you of not accessing your data.

Smart apps should ask permission to store the essential data. All of the app requests data should be stored over the phone memory and not on the company’s server.

  • Support for Adding Multiple Safes

You can look for a feature to connect multiple safes to one application. You need to check the feature description for the same. With this feature, you can connect more than one smart safe to a single app for centrally controlling them all. You don’t need to go for different apps for multiple smart safes of the same brand. This is a prime consideration if you want to handle a single app for your numerous smart safes.

  • Ease of Pairing

The smart app you download should easily pair with the smart safe. The app should responsively detect the safes around it and pop up the request for pair. The pairing process should be easy, and it is better to have one-touch connectivity. Irrespective of the type of safe or app, the connectivity and pairing hassle cannot be compromised.


Vaultek is one of the most popular brands globally that make durable and smart safes. Not just that, but they have tried to put up all sorts of technically sound features to their smart applications for enabling seamless control over the safes. This guide has put up a collective insight into the efficacies of all your options and buying considerations.

A smart safe needs a smart app!