Biometric Gun Safe Wall Mount

A specialized burglar can quickly unlock a simple gun safe. 

A small child can remember the combination of a classic safe. 

We recommend a biometric safe, because of its security type. 

A biometric safe uses locking mechanisms like a fingerprint scanner. That not only safe provides security, but also speed of access. A biometric safe may open in as little as one second. 

In the god-forbid event of a home invasion, this is a premium solution. In this article, we will go over the top models in the market and discuss factors to consider before purchasing your wall mount model.


Barska Biometric Wall Safe

Barska Biometric Wall Safe is one of the best and safest options. It’ll hide behind a mirror or a huge artwork. One of its most distinctive characteristics is biometric data identification, which secures up to 120 different fingerprints. 

This feature, along with the two-point lock system, makes it one of the safest gun safes in the market and, without a doubt, one of the most innovative pieces of equipment. It’s built of solid stainless steel and is extremely tough to break. In addition, because of its small size, you can easily place it anywhere, including mounting it on the wall. 

Although it is not recommended for rifle owners, it can safely store pistols and other valuables. Two detachable and tidy shelves allow you to customize the interior area as per your preferences. You don’t even need a keycard with a physical key or pin code because of the biometric method, which makes things a lot easier. 

This hefty hidden weapon safe is secure, long-lasting, and safe. It runs on four AA batteries with two-year battery life. This safe is considered the finest for keeping the guns secure and away from the reach of thieves and criminals.  


  • It’s small, compact, and easy to hide.
  • It is ideal for weapons and jewelry storage.
  • Safe and long-lasting durability.
  • It is made of stainless steel.


  • Some find it on the expensive side of things.
  • Not our premium choice for storing rifles.

Viking Security Biometric Wall Gun Safe

Viking Safety Biometric Safe is one of the gun safes available because of its advanced features. It provides fast access with a biometric fingerprint and an electronic keypad. 

The safe size is the most favorable aspect among gun owners. It includes a selection of the basic features of the Basic Box and is set to the highest position material. Although the body is composed of high-grade 14-gauge steel, the door is made of 5 to 6-gauge steel. 

It is large enough to hold many pistols at once, but not for rifles and shotguns. People keep their weapons and a lot of essential paperwork in them because they trust their protection. It is one of the most powerful guns available with huge and strong bolts. 

It’s also less expensive than other safes of its kind. However, because of its modest size, installation is simple. And if you need to keep small firearms, we would prefer you to get this.


  • It is made of heavy and solid steel.
  • It is made up of 14-gauge steel.
  • A keypad is also available.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Not big enough for rifles.

Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 Gun Safe 

The Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 is the premium model for self-defense that you can mount on the walls of workstations, garages, cabinets, and other places. 

Let us first discuss how you can use this safe. Firstly, you are required to provide your fingerprints. Then the safe will come down and show the weapon after a successful scan. Users can then quickly pick the gun up with one hand and fire it immediately. Of course, it produces some noise when opened, but the procedure is quite quick. 

It fits snugly in tiny spaces and can appear deceiving because it doesn’t look like other safes. Therefore, a thief or burglar would not be able to identify it immediately. It fits snugly around the house and can be mounted in several ways without compromising the scanner. 

Be aware that the False Acceptance Rate (FAR) is greater than other high-end safes. Therefore, we would suggest you be cautious. However, the favorable aspects include exceptional simple access to compact storage and weaponry. 


  • Easy to use.
  • Easy and quick access.
  • Fireproof.
  • Waterproof.


  • False Acceptance Rate on the higher end of the spectrum.

Factors To Consider Before Your Next Purchase  

#1 Size

Size is considered one of the essential factors required before buying a safe biometric gun. If you plan on adding to your handgun collection in the future, you should get a gun safe that is larger than your present collection. It helps you to store a large collection of guns.

#2 Steel Gauge

The thicker the steel, the safer your weapons will be. According to experts, 10-gauge steel is preferable for home security safes, but you can go with any gauge between 9 and 14 as it is quite robust. For example, the steel gauge on a safe vault door is usually thicker than on the sides or rear.

#3 Storage Options

Before purchasing a large safe, check its storage capacity. For example, you would find many safes with additional net pockets attached to the door or 2-3 shelves that help organize the safe nicely. And you can also store some other valuable items along with the guns.


We hope you will find the above information useful. 

We recommend these safes as it pertains to wall-mounted models. Know that these safes are known for their extraordinarily solid and durable locking systems.  

The benefits of these biometric gun safes outpace the drawbacks. 

People report back that they like buying a drawer safe or a bedside safe, in combination with their wall-mounted models. Thank you for reporting that!