Biometric Gun Safe TSA Approved

This article will discuss a list of TSA-approved biometric gun safes. All three safes mentioned in this article include safety cords, comply with TSA restrictions, and are certified by the California Department of Justice. 

We include a choice that suits all budgets, ranging from high-end to low-cost safes to make your choice clear-cut. Read the factors required to consider before purchasing.

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#1 VAULTEK VT20I Biometric Handgun Safe

The VT20i safe is for those individuals who desire a portable gun safe that accomplishes their needs. It provides various access options, including a biometric fingerprint scanner and a backlit keypad. This safe is considered to be an ideal one as its biometric scanner can save up to 20 distinct fingerprints. 

Furthermore, with an internal width of 11 inches, the VAULTEX VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe provides you with enough space to store around five handguns. Anti-priming reinforcing bars, twin anti-impact locks, inside hinges, and a sleek unibody design with undetectable welds are among the Vaultek anti-theft features. 

Finally, the base kit contains everything you’ll need to start, including security wires, mounting hardware, and two backup keys.


  • Store multiple fingerprints. 
  • Connect securely to the Waltech app through Bluetooth for complete customization and remote unlocking.
  • It fits a full-size pistol with additional magazines. 
  • For clear nighttime access, an indoor LED light is available. 
  • A charged safe can last up to 4 months. 


  • The most costly option. 
  • One of the less heavy variants can be more appealing to you.

#2 BARSKA Large Biometric Safe

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe is a big biometric gun safe from Barska that can store many pistols and even big firearms. Barska Large Biometric Safe has a capacity of 1.45 cubic feet, making it an excellent gun safe to keep all your valuables. In addition, its tamper-resistant and prim-resistant structure provides dependable security. 

This safe, paired with the biometric lock’s rapid access, makes it the most secure biometric pistol safe available in the market. You would get your gun within two seconds in an emergency, which is quite outstanding. Insert the backup keys into a secret backup keyhole. 

It weighs slightly about 45 pounds due to its size. However, using the pre-drilled holes and accompanying hardware, you can easily place it anywhere you wish. In addition, BARSKA has a long history of producing reliable biometric weapons. Be certain that you get a high-quality product. 


  • A large amount of storage space.
  • There are two cupboards available in the safe.
  • Quick access to the handgun.
  • Installation is simple.
  • Made with steel of exceptional grade.


  • Not fire-resistant.
  • You cannot remove shelves.

#3 Awesafe Biometric Gun Safe 

The Awesafe Gun Safe is ultra-compact and features a fingerprint identification system that is simple to use. For people with lower budget options, this safe would be the best. In addition, it has a wonderful alternative for fastening a bedside gun, as well as interior lights. 

Its compact size makes it great for stashing anyplace, whether in a car seat or your closet. There’s also room for two handguns, a big pistol, and ammo. In addition, the combination of manual key access with a digital keypad makes a choice extremely adaptable in terms of input techniques. 

You would be able to receive a robust steel body and a pre-resistant door for strength at this pricing point. It also has LED lights, allowing you to open the case with one hand quickly and quietly. The manufacturer also provides a simple mounting option with pre-drilled holes, allowing you to install the safe wherever you want.  

A quick-access handbook and four AA alkaline batteries are included in the box. In addition, the gas strut aids in the automated and speedy opening of the door.  


  • You can store two normal pistols in this safe.
  • A big pistol and additional ammo are included.
  • For firearm protection, it’s made of solid steel with a pre-resistant door.


  • Some people report back that it takes time to get used to this fingerprint reader.

Factor to Consider Before Your Next Purchase 

The following are some important factors that you should look for before buying a TSA approved biometric gun safe:

#1 Size

All the above safes are available in different sizes; therefore, you can buy any safe according to your choice. The internal dimensions of a typical single handgun safe might vary. When purchasing a handgun, you should think of the weapons you already have. 

You should choose a bigger vault if you have more than one gun or want to store your gun together with other valuables. If the safe includes a detachable shelf, you can simply adjust and utilize the area.

#2 Backup Keys/Secondary Locks

In addition to the manual key, most fingerprint gun safes have a secondary lock that acts as an emergency entry point. No matter how advanced, technology cannot be relied upon at all times. There is some possibility that the battery could die. The manual keys will keep your gun secure in such circumstances. It improves security, especially if you have a combination of locks, and unfortunately, it defeats the idea of having rapid access to your weapon. 

#3 Ammo Storage

It’s always a good idea to have some extra space within your gun safe which would be extremely useful if anything unexpected happens. For example, you can store spare ammo or clips in the extra area. The extra space can also store valuables such as jewelry and cash so that robbers do not target them.


The biometric gun safes are TSA-approved and approved by the California Department of Justice. You’ll be able to offer yourself the best chance of avoiding extra hassle on the road or within the airport, by selecting one of the above-discussed models as your next purchase.

Premium-quality gun safes are made by Vaultek and Barska, while Awesafe offers an affordable choice.