Biometric Gun Safe (Rifle)

When it comes to keeping a rifle secure, we recommend a safe, specifically a biometric safe that’s easy to open and has advanced features.

This article discusses hand-selected biometric rifle safes that could house numerous weapons. Added benefit? What about opening the safe within a mere 2 seconds?


#1 BARSKA Quick And Easy Large Access Biometric Safe

BARSKA quick and easy large access biometric safe is highly demanded in the market, especially for those with a wide collection of rifles. It can withhold 12 rifles and provides a high level of security with options of 120 fingerprints. The removable racks inside the safe help in keeping the rifles organized. The outer side of the safe is made of high-quality steel, providing a strong and unique look. The inner part of the safe comprises soft materials that protect your rifles from damages. You would need 4 AA batteries to regulate the safe, which you would get with the safe. Barska Quick and Easy Large Access Biometric Rifle Safe provides silent access. You also get five deadbolts installed, making it stronger and much safer. 


  • It can store up to 120 fingerprints.
  • Removable racks are available. 
  • Silence and quick access. 


  • No LED lights are available. 
  • Some may consider this on the expensive end of the spectrum.

#2 Barska 9.33 Cu Ft Biometric Keypad Rifle Safe

Barska 9.33 Cu Ft Biometric Keypad Rifle Safe is considered one of the great options for housing a large collection of rifles. Once you buy this safe, all you need to set is the password and fingerprints. For installation, It comes with pre-drilled holes. And you also require a bolt to fix the safe to the wall. Interestingly you can access this safe in three ways, making it more secure. Its outer body is made up of high-quality steel, and inside you’ll get a cushioned floor that saves your rifle from scratches. You would also get a removable LED light that helps you access in the dark. 


  • This safe can house around five guns.
  • It has multiple access such as fingerprint scanner, digital keypad, and manual key. 
  • It can store around 30 fingerprints at one time.
  • It also has the special feature of LED lighting.
  • The foam padding which is installed inside the safe provides support to the valuables and frames which are used for rifles.


  • Some consider this on the costly side of the spectrum. 
  • A few users doubt how secure it is, on AA batteries.

#3 Quicktec Large Rifle Safe

Let us start its description with its quick and silent mode access. This safe comes with quick and silent mode access. These features make it highly demanded in the market. If any thief or criminal tries to open this safe, the alarm would automatically start beeping after 2-3 inaccurate access. It’ll take 2 seconds for you to open with the help of fingerprints, and in case of the safe buzzes, you can turn it off manually.  

It is very easy to install this safe as it has pre-drilled holes. The most interesting and useful fact is that the customers are given two years warranty on the purchase of Quicktec Large Rifle Safe. It implies that the product is easily replaceable, and you opt for a refund within the warranty period if you are not satisfied with the product. 


  • Access within 2 seconds.
  • Allows to store 120 fingerprints.
  • Easy installation. 
  • Provides two years warranty. 


  • Neither fireproof nor waterproof.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Biometric Gun Safe Rifle 

There are various factors to consider while buying any product, especially for a gun safe. Below are some factors that you should consider when buying a gun safe, and the points below will also help you make your choice more straightforward.

#1 Storage Capacity 

The first and most important factor is storage capacity. If you have only one rifle, you should not buy the bigger safe as it will waste your money and occupy a lot of space. Therefore, it would be better to buy a biometric gun safe according to your rifle’s number and length. 

#2 Weight

Another important factor is weight. If you buy a gun safe that has a heavyweight, you will face difficulty at the time of shifting the safe from one place to another. Therefore, we recommend you buy a biometric gun safe that is lighter weight and does not occupy much space. 

#3 Price

People normally prefer to buy the safe at the lowest price. Hence, they end up compromising the quality. However, you should understand that you will have to invest more if you want a quality gun safe with advanced features. 

Features To Consider 

Below are some important features you should look for while buying a biometric gun safe:

#1 Various Access

We suggest you buy a gun safe that opens via multiple methods such as manual keys, an electric keypad, a biometric scanner, and so forth. If you can’t open the safe by using the keypad, you can use one of the other methods. That’s why we consider it best to have a safe with multiple access routes.

#2 Finger Impression Storage

The most important feature you should consider is finger impression storage. We recommend a biometric safe that allows storing around 18+ fingers impressions. Some users face the problem that the scanner does not recognize the finger’s impression, so a safe with multiple IDs could help. 

#3 Fast Access

Many people, including us, prefer a safe that provides quick access. We suggest you look for a safe that opens within 2-2.5 seconds. The faster the safe opens, the less chance a would-be thief or robber has against you and yours.  


We consider the time we live in lucky, in regards to access to individual safety via individual competence. Because we live in a time where we can get our hands on a biometric rifle safe with advanced features to safeguard our guns. Long gone are the time where precious seconds are wasted, when precious seconds matter most.

Many people like the finger impression feature of the biometric gun safe because if you forget the code or misplace the key, you can effortlessly open the safe with the help of your fingers. 

It’s considered to be a fast and safe method of keeping your rifles safe away from the grasp of thieves or children for that matter.

We don’t want to put any pressure on you, but we highly suggest you consider grabbing your very own biometric rifle safe.