Biometric Gun Safe: Pros And Cons

With riots and lootings taking place too many times to count, we recommend storing your guns safely. The last thing we’d want is for your firearms to fall into the wrong hands. So there’s an intersection that comes out of this situation: on the one hand, store your firearms safely. While at the same time, store them in a way where they’re accessible fast, in case of emergency. That’s where biometric gun safes come into play. 

Before purchasing your own, be aware of its pros and cons. This article will discuss what benefits you can gain and which drawbacks to be mindful of.


Pros Of Using A Biometric Gun Safe

#1 Space

People who have a large collection of 4-5 guns are worried about keeping their guns safe and secure. Whether pistols or rifles, you can keep around 4-5 guns in a medium-sized safe. 

When keeping around 11-12 guns, you need to get a large-sized model.

#2 Fast Access 

When a person is in danger, he would require his gun. However, if the person has kept his gun in a traditional gun safe, it would be extremely difficult for him to take out his gun from the safe as first he would have to search for the keys or recall the password. 

Anyone can forget the password; therefore, it becomes very difficult to open the safe timely. But if we talk of a biometric gun safe, you would not face such problems as you would only have to scan your fingers to open the safe successfully. 

#3 No Need For Keys

You don’t have to be worried about keeping the keys in a safe place. It’s because this safe offers other mechanisms such as scanning fingerprints to open the safe, which is quite beneficial in emergencies.

#4 Storing Multiple Fingerprints 

Traditional safes generally allow storing one fingerprint. However, you could easily store multiple fingerprints within a single safe. It is very beneficial if you are not at home, and if some emergency arises, another family member can easily open the safe. This feature has increased the demand for these types of gun safes in the market.

Cons Of Using A Biometric Gun Safe

#1 More Expensive 

You would notice that a traditional gun safe is available at a reasonable price, whereas a biometric model usually comes with a premium price. It’s because these types of safes have advanced features and provide more security to your guns than most traditional gun safes. We suggest investing more to get a top notch gun safe. 

#2 Need for a Source of Power

Since a biometric gun safe runs on a battery for scanning fingerprints, this implies there would be a need for power. In addition, if the battery dies, you would be required to charge the battery so that you can use your gun on time in case of emergencies. 

#3 Biometric Gun Safe Not Scans

Sometimes, a biometric gun safe fails to scan the stored fingerprints. This problem is generally faced when there is some fault in the gun safe, and another could be inadequate fingers, such as if a person is ill and tries to open the biometric gun safe by scanning his fingers. He would fail to open due to poor blood flow.  

#4 False Scans 

This limitation states that a person whose fingerprints are not stored in the biometric scanner could easily open the safe. However, don’t feel worried. Situations like these arise only in low-quality, old biometric gun safes. If you bought one of the latest models, you will not face these types of difficulties.

#5 Delay In Access 

Sometimes, the biometric scanner takes time to scan the fingers. Hence, in case of an emergency, you would not be able to access your gun timely if there’s a delay. There are two ways to navigate around this issue. One is to use one of the other access points (like a master key). The second is that reputable manufacturers strive to eradicate any issues.  


The above article explains the pros and cons of a biometric gun safe, for you to consider before buying your own. 

The benefits are fast access, storage of multiple fingerprints, and no requirement of keys. In contrast, some find a safe with this type of tech on the more expensive side of things. 

After consideration, don’t hesitate to buy your own. We do recommend against going for a lower-priced model because from what we’ve seen, they’re more prone to issues. Keep the highlighted factors in mind and select the model that your situation best.

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