Biometric Gun Safe Nightstand

Biometric gun safes have been popular, and for good reason. They’ve become somewhat of a staple, a bit like owning a competently diversified portfolio. 

For keeping firearms secure and out of reach for thieves and other criminals, and keeping guns close enough for fast access, we recommend at least considering a biometric gun safe for your nightstand. 

With the sea of options available in the market today, and with ample time to sort through them all, we thought it would be a nice gesture to do the sorting for you. This resulted in this article, which acts more as a guide.


#1 SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe has durability and security characteristics, including whisper-quiet access. The electronic keypad is easy to use with one hand and provides fast access. In addition, it is equipped with a biometric locking mechanism designed to recognize the user’s fingerprint. 

The safe opens instantly with a gas strut when you place your finger on the scanner. It implies that you can do the entire procedure with just one hand. It also has an additional key for easy backup access. This safe does not occupy much space to be placed anywhere easily.

This safe is thick enough to guard against burglars trying to breach it as it is made of industry-leading 12-gauge steel. This device runs on four AA batteries. Unfortunately, they do not provide a specific time frame for how long the battery will last. 


  • Built to last.
  • Simple to use.
  • Scanner with high accuracy.
  • In low-light situations, this is useful.


  • Can store only two fingerprints.

#2 Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe

The Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun safe is constructed with 16-gauge carbon steel, providing safe long-term stability. In addition, you’ll receive three quick access points, each with a huge fingerprint scanner to secure your weapons. 

You’ll have a manual backup key if you forget the digital keys. This fingerprint gun safe has better capability in the protected nightstand, accessible at an arms distance. In addition, it has a single anti-impact latch to protect the lock in the event of a collision. 

You’ll have a sleek vertical design that you can hide beneath your bed, under your bookshelf, or wherever else you like. You’ll also get anti-theft features, including anti-theft bars, live smartphone updates, and more.


  • The build is on the lighter side of things.
  • Lid that opens automatically.
  • Proximity sensor.


  • Some may find this safe on the expensive side of things. We think it’s just right.

#3 Wallet-Friendly: ONNAIS Biometric Gun Safe For Pistols

The ONNAIS Biometric Gun safe has a cube-like structure in which you can keep your pistols and other guns safely. When your handguns are left unattended, this will keep them safe from your children. It has a fingerprint system, much as all other conventional gun-safe boxes. 

Its high-resolution fingerprint scanner makes reaching the box and accessing the gun in seconds. Don’t be deceived into believing that someone will shatter the box; it will be impossible. Its robust steel build makes it a stronger and safer gun safe than others. It goes for the long term as it is rust-proof. 

There’s enough room for two standard-size firearms and other goods within the box. You can keep it in nightstands, cabinets, baggage, drawers, and any other conveniently accessible section of your home as its portable design.

This safe gun box also has two backup override keys and a keypad lock in addition to biometric access. The fingerprint function stores up to 30 fingerprints.


  • Built with high-quality materials. 
  • Two backup keys available. 
  • Can store up to 30 fingerprints.


  • Not waterproof. 
  • Not fireproof.

#4 BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe

The BILLCONCH Biometric Gun Safe is a nice weapon storage device featuring a biometric keypad and strong construction. With its biometric fingerprint reader, additional key, or rapid backlit keypad are provided, this safe includes a self-opening door that offers instant access to your firearm. 

It’s built of 16 gauge carbon steel with a corrosion-resistant powder coating that’s sturdy and long-lasting. The lighted keypad on the BILLCONCH allows you to effortlessly locate your gun in low light and securely examine your weapon with LED indoor illumination. 

Users can not only unlock the safe using the free app, but it also shows the battery level and can send a signal if an attacker tries to open it. The safe can also be set to quiet mode. The only sound you’ll hear is the locking mechanism being released.


  • Plenty of storage space.
  • Sturdily constructed.
  • Long-lasting battery. 
  • A well-padded interior.
  • Simple to install and easy use.


  • Some people report back that the fingerprint access point may not pass the test 100% of the time.

Factors To Consider Before Buying 

Generally, people ignore these factors and face difficulties with the products in the future. However, we suggest focusing on the essential factors before buying a gun safe. Below are the important factors you should consider before buying a biometric nightstand gun safe.

#1 Fast Access

Fast access is the first factor you should look for before buying a biometric nightstand gun safe. However, good security does not imply a complicated locking mechanism that prevents you from entering when you need to. 

Therefore, make sure you have the quickest entry, which is well-organized and allows you to get in right away. But don’t skimp on the locking mechanism; instead, go with the one that offers the best security against intruders while allowing the user quick access.

#2 Ammo Storage

It’s usually a good idea to retain some extra space within your pistol for unexpected stuff. Extra space can include additional ammo or clips. They’re also useful for storing valuables such as jewelry and cash, saving them from targets for criminals. 

#3 Protective

Inside your nightstand biometric gun safe, you can store a very expensive gun. If you don’t want it scuffed or harmed in any way, you should look for a gun safe that has substantial foam cushioning from the inside so that you can save your guns from any damage. 

#4 Battery Life  

The battery’s life should be considered because the whole safe runs on the battery. Therefore, if the battery does not have a long life, your safe would also be of no use.


In this guide, we discussed the recommended nightstand biometric gun safes. 

In-demand by the market due to advanced features such as quick access, multiple fingerprints, and LED lighting. 

We also discussed important factors to consider before purchasing your biometric nightstand gun safe. 

Looking for biometric drawer gun safes? We hope to help you navigate this article.