Biometric Gun Safe For Pistols

We’re lucky that in most places, guns are not limited to hunting animals or birds. Increasing statistics of homicides and murders have caused a stir among people enabling them to carry a pistol for safety purposes. After buying a pistol for safety or hunting, keeping out of reach from criminals or children is equally important.

Password protection is not enough because passwords can be sensitive and easier to crack by hackers or lock-pick-savvy individuals. We recommend at least considering a biometric pistol safe to house your arsenal. There’s a wide variety of biometric pistol safes available in the market. We hand-picked the best ones.


#1 Best Overall Biometric Pistol Safe: BARSKA Biometric Pistol Safe

Barska Biometric Safe is a fingerprint gun safe that is simple to operate. The Department of Justice has certified guns that can legally capture up to 120 biometrics. The safe’s edges are made of solid steel and are tamper-resistant. 

Whenever a thief enters, and you want to open your biometric safe, you can open it without any noise as it has a silence feature. In addition, you can position this biometric safe anywhere in your home in pre-drilled mounting holes. 

The product comes with two batteries that you can use in an emergency. When you provide your fingerprint, the rough 14-gauge door opens in front of you within 2.5 seconds. 


  • Constructed by good quality materials. 
  • Biometric scanning in seconds.
  • Installation is simple.
  • Low usage of electricity.
  • The Department of Justice has given its approval.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Not fire-resistant.

#2 Best For Compartmentalized Storage: Viking Security Safe VS-25BL 

A 500 DPI optical sensor has been added to the Viking Security safe VS-25BL, which scans and secures databases of up to 32 unique fingerprints with authorized access. Strict safes can also be unlocked using a four to eight-digit programmable pin code or two four-prong cross keys included in the box. 

It boasts a solid steel body with a laser-cut seamless design and a carpet inside with built-in LED lighting. A neat and detachable shelf can be found, dividing various goods into storage. A motorized deadbolt locking mechanism with two 20 mm solid steel bars included in the 5 mm door. 

This type is one of the finest biometric fingerprint gun safes since it includes several security features that alert you in alarming circumstances to keep your luggage safe from attackers. 

These include buzzer notifications if the door is left open for more than one minute and expiry time after five and ten incorrect pin codes and multiple incorrect fingerprint attempts, respectively. When you open the safe, it makes a beeping sound, but you can turn it off if you want. 

The safe has two pre-drilled holes on the rear and two anchor bolts on the bottom, and it comes with six batteries. Buyers prefer a large interior that has the capacity of four handguns, a precise fingerprint reader, and good customer service. Some users also prefer a lighting facility in the keypad to easily use the keypad at night or in any dark place. 


  • Interior lighting using LEDs.
  • Pre-resistant lock.
  • Three modes of access.
  • Unlocked door warning. 
  • A shelf that can be adjusted.
  • Excellent client service.


  • Difficult to use in the dark as the keypad does not have lighting. 

#3 Best For Beginners: Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Standard Digital Pistol Gun Safe

Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Standard Digital handgun safe weighs four pounds and is composed of safe 20 gauge steel. The external measurements are 11x 8.5x 2.2 inches. A nine-volt battery powers the security system. Soft foam is used to line the inside. The steel door is designed to resist tampering by sheer force. 

With the four-button digital touchpad, 12 million combinations are possible. And you turn off the beep sounds created by the keypad by clicking a single switch. Unauthorized users can’t access the safe with the availability of warning lights. There is also an override key included. 

A 4-foot long high-strength steel safety cable is included with this safe to tie to any immovable object in the apartment or house. A five-year guarantee is given with this handgun safe. This easy-to-use, lightweight pistol safe is perfect for taking in your car or permanently placing it in your house or apartment. 


  • The “No-Eyes” keypad is a patented design.
  • Low cost of purchase.
  • Easy to move due to its lightweight.


  • Some consider the battery life shorter than ideal.

#4 Onnais Gun Safe

Onnais Gun Safe contains all of the characteristics of a handgun safe. First and foremost, this safe can accommodate two handguns. Second, it features both a biometric and a numeric keypad lock, which adds security. For example, if anyone typed the wrong password five times or more, it would alert you by sounding for 5 minutes. 

You would also get backup keys along with the keypad and a biometric scanner. As it is lighter in weight, you can carry it in your car or use it at home. In this, you are allowed to register up to 20 fingerprints. As a result, your family can also access your gun quickly when needed. 

A foam cushion keeps the firearm scratch-free from the inside. PRYMAX Biometric Gun safe is designed of 16-gauge steel and contains an isolated lock. While it’s simple to raise, it’s also simple to attach at the bottom using pre-drilled holes. 


  • There are three access points.
  • The Interior is well-cushioned.
  • Genius design.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Alarms and wires for security.

#5 Best Premium Pick: YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe 

The YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe is a high-end variant with a biometric sensor chip that can scan up to 30 distinct fingerprints and register roughly 25,600 points. You can access the safe securely by adding a four-digit numeric password, two backup keys, or a pin code and fingerprint for further security. 

The safe interior features a comfortable PPF foam-pad interior, while the outside is built of heavy-duty solid steel with abrasion and corrosion-resistant finish. Customers have praised its durability, ease of installation, small size, a spring-loaded door that opens in a split second, numerous mounting and access choices, particularly from reputable biometric readers. 

Because the holes are already drilled, and mounting hardware is provided for installation on walls, floors, and other surfaces, this product is simple to install. All you need is two coach screws, two masonry bolts, one wrench, four anti-skid stickers, and one accessories bag. 

It comes with a five-year warranty that includes free replacement or refund, making it one of the finest biometric fingerprint gun safes you can buy with confidence. 


  • Reader with Advanced Biometrics.
  • Multiple forms of access are available.
  • Sturdy frame.
  • Multiple mounting options are available.
  • Money-back guarantee for five years.
  • Bags and hardware for installation.


  • Some consider this on the pricey side of things.
  • Electronics inside limit the amount of space available.

#6 Best For Securing 5 Pistols: Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe 

It’s a true purpose-built handgun safe that can house five pistols. Everyone likes this hanger system’s smart design. 

Stealth Handgun Hanger safe is composed of strong steel and features an anti-prize tab and a door to withstand any brute force attack. The outside is 15 pounds and is 9x9x12 inches. The spring-loaded door has a drop-down design that is so heavy and rapid that it includes a speed reducer to prevent it from falling to ensure a quiet landing. 

The buttons of the electronic keypad have rim lights, and it holds a customizable 6-digit code. Although the procedure emits beeps, it can also be programmed to operate stealthily. The safe is equipped with a stealth-proofing steel cable and holes drilled in the bottom to allow it to sit on a shelf or the floor. 

You can store two extra pistols on the safe floor, and the inside is lined entirely with high-density foam. When the safe is opened, a red LED light illuminates the inside. It allows you to see your weapons in a dark room. Depending on the size, a smaller shelf can hold one or two pistols.


  • Design of advanced storage.
  • Can hold five pistols.
  • Construction is durable.


  • Some may consider this expensive.

Features To Consider For Biometric Pistol Safes

While selecting a biometric pistol safe, there are various factors to consider other than the price. Not all safes have the same features. Every safe has its unique features. Therefore, you should choose the safe as per your needs and wants. And to help you choose, we have brought the factors that you must check according to your need.

#1 Size

Apart from the other biometric features, the size of the unit is also required to consider. You should select the size that fits your location which you have chosen to keep your pistol safe. If you need a compact portable safe that you can get to quickly, a model with a smaller size would be the best choice for you. 

Smaller variants are ideal for people who want to keep one or two handguns. The smaller size is usually easier to use and allows you to get to your firearms quickly. But if you have various handguns, you would be required to buy a big size safe. 

#2 Battery

You should not use normal electricity to power your safe. Instead, batteries are installed in safes. Several different types of batteries are available in the market, including the lithium-ion battery. 

According to user evaluation, lithium-ion batteries frequently deliver greater power to the safe. You must charge the lithium batteries three times a year for active working of the safe. Other types of batteries like AA or 9V batteries are not required to get charged. However, those lithium-ion batteries cannot last as long as they claim.

#3 Durability

Of course, you must take the model’s durability into account. The safe’s durability is determined by the type of steel utilized. Some versions can be maintained open in a fire, whereas others cannot. Many people suggest 14-18 gauge steel since it is sturdy and long-lasting.

#4 Weight

When shopping for a portable model, you should opt for lightweight and easily moved from the house. However, when it comes to the weight of the safe, you are required to be more conscious. The ones we’ve seen so far have a lightweight design that’s easy to hide and control.


We consider gun safes with drawers a fantastic option. Because they ensure that your pistol is conveniently accessible and out of harm’s way. With many essential features included in the finest biometric gun safes, we discussed the six best and most popular models available in the market today.