Biometric Gun Safe Drawer

Many of the top brands have biometric safes available for purchase. Of course as an extra hedge against unwanted access. 

When that’s competently taken care of, many people like appealing aesthetics to go along with the other features. You know, something you can put on a drawer of yours without it sticking out like a sore thumb.

You can attach most drawer-style gun safes to your closest reachable places, around your bed or sitting area. 

The ease of access is a USP for these types of safes. This guide intends to navigate you. 

Best Overall: Barska Top Opening Drawer Gun Safe

Value for Money: Sentry Biometric Quick Access Pistol Drawer Safe

Best Cheap: Paragon Lock and Safe Premium .24CF


#1 Best Overall: Barska Top Opening Drawer Gun Safe

Barska is one of the top names in the list of biometric gun safes. This top open drawer style biometric gun safe is one of their brands’ most appraised. Some find it on the expensive side. The features include:


Biometric accessibility is the primary option for accessing this safe and can store up to 30 fingerprints on this safe. You can also use the same finger to store the prints at different angles. As a result, you can access this safe by touching the scanner from any angle. 

You also get two backup keys with this safe for emergency accessibility at ease. Moreover, it is also useful when your batteries run dead without your notice, and you have to access your gun. 


The four AA batteries you get with this gun safe are accountable for offering you the power of up to 2 years. After that, you might need to change the batteries from your end to continue enjoying its safety features. 

Beep Unlock

Every time the safe is unlocked, a beep informs you that the safe is being accessed! This sound is for security purposes. For example, you’ll be alerted if someone has access to the master keys and tries to open the safe without your authorization. 

There’s a button inside the safe for immediately silencing the beep. In case you’re preparing for the god-forbid scenario that you’re caught in an emergency and want to access the safe without notifying the intruder(s).

Build Quality

Two solid steel locking bolts are embedded with this safe for enhancing durability. Apart from that, the door is pry-resistant to offer extra security against burglars and robbers. You can also mount this safe onto your walls, drawers, or shelves. It comes with pre-drilled mounting holes for easy attachment! 


  • You can input up to 30 fingerprints. 
  • The build quality is very strong and durable to prevent forceful damages. 
  • In addition, the safe is long enough to accommodate bigger handguns. 


  • No ability to input a numerical passcode. 
  • We consider it expensive for people on a tight budget. 

#2 Value for Money: Sentry Biometric Quick Access Pistol Drawer Safe

In this list, Sentry safes built up quite the reputation! They design the best of products with unique features and affordable pricing. Some of the features are:


This safe comes with multiple accessibility features. You get a biometric scanner to scan your fingerprint for fast access. But apart from that, you can use the digital passcode or the master keys for unlocking this safe. Nono one else can access the safe anymore from the moment you record your fingerprint. 

The drawer of this safe opens up very quickly on successful authentication, which helps you cope with emergency scenarios. Furthermore, it comes with silent functioning of the keys, which will let you access the safe or change its codes in silence. 

Size of the Safe

The safe has ample storage for both small handguns and large pistols. You can also store your magazines with a gun in this safe. It is light in weight and has a very compact size to be easily carried for placing it anywhere. 

Build Quality

The door of this safe drawer is made up of prey-resistant features. Hence, this makes this safe even more reliable and safe from burglars. 


  • You have multiple locking systems.
  • Very quiet handling.
  • The doors of this safe are very reliable. 


  • We don’t recommend mounting this safe on a wall. 

#3 Best Cheap: Paragon Lock and Safe Premium

We consider Paragon Lock and Safe Premium as a very reasonable option in this price range. Here are the features:


With this safe, you can seek access through a biometric scan, additional pin codes, and even the master keys. You can assess your pistol with just one responsive fingerprint touch! Versatile in terms of security and safety! 

Weight and Size

The weight of this Paragon safe is around 13lbs which is considered lightweight and easy to carry around without too much of a hassle. In addition, it has a perfect size for storing small-sized pistols or multiple handguns. If you have some small precious items, you can use this safe as storage for them as well! 

Mounting Feasibility

When you intend to mount the safe onto a drawer, this one becomes very convenient. You get all the necessary tools and fixtures, like anchoring holes. 

Build Quality

The construction of this safe is durable enough to keep your gun and the safe free from any reasonable prying attempts. The body is made of alloy steel to ensure durability. 


  • Affordable and efficient. 
  • Durable and strong in construction. 
  • It comes with an electronic coding system, apart from just a fingerprint scanner and master keys. 


  • It makes a large beep sound every time you access it. 


These are the three options we want to highlight for you today. We recommend reading through the article once more before making a decision to buy. You can’t go wrong with any of these safes, but we wouldn’t recommend buying all three at once.