Biometric Gun Safe (Car)

If you’re in your car and prefer keeping guns nearby for obvious reasons, it’s essential to abide by at least one rule: it’s critical to keep your guns far out of reach for of children, thieves, criminals, and would-be robbers.

And for that we suggest getting at least one gun safe for each car you own. 

There are a wide variety of gun safes on the market, and it becomes incredibly complicated for a person to select the best gun safe. That’s why we hand-selected some options to help you choose the best gun safe for your car, along with a list of features you should consider before buying one.


#1 Best Overall: VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Smart Safe

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Smart Safe is one of the most costly safes. Despite this, this safe has a high demand due to its advanced features. In addition, the safe is constructed with reliable materials that make it worthy of a purchase.

This gun safe contains anti-priming bars that block all gaps between the main compartment and the lid, as well as a pair of anti-impact locks which are not easy to break. This quality makes it a professional security-safe.

Biometric technology allows you to gain safe access by using your fingerprints, and it also has two backup options in case the batteries run out. You can also see the “safe history” and see when it was locked and unlocked using the Vaulltek app. 

Unlike the other electronic safes on our list, it also has a rechargeable battery, which you will seldom need to replace.


  • Tamper protection.
  • Biometric access.
  • Compatible with Vaultek app.
  • Interior lighting.
  • Made of high-quality material.
  • Sleek design.


  • Once you charge the battery, it may last a tad more brief than ideal.

#2 Best Biometric Option: RPNB Mounted Gun Safe With Biometric Fingerprint Lock

Our second choice is the RPNB Mounted Gun Safe, considered one of the best biometric safes for cars. This safe provides quick access in case of emergencies as it has an advanced fingerprint scanner feature, which helps to open the safe within seconds.   

If you have children at home, it’s essential to keep them away securely in the safe, away from children. This safe is one of the most excellent solutions for you. Its slim profile fits neatly into a desk, nightstand, or vehicle. 

You can install it where you want on the top, left or right, as its size fits everywhere. It is constructed with solid steel, giving it a long-lasting and safe appearance that never fades. 


  • Nearly impossible to pry open with hand tools.
  • It looks futuristic and stylish.
  • Foam-lined interior to keep your gun protected.
  • Easy to program fingerprint scanner.
  • One year warranty.


  • You won’t get a pack of 4 AAA batteries required for the safe’s functioning.
  • It won’t fit most revolvers.

#3 Top Pick: Hornady ‎Rapid Vehicle Safe

The Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe is next on the list, with a mounting system and an inflatable bladder to fit your vehicle’s interior space. This brilliant innovation eliminates the need for any expensive car. 

This Gun Safe is powered with four AAA batteries or a 12-volt automobile converter that are included when you order the safe. It’s made of 14 gauge steel on the outside and two locking locks from the inside, making it nearly impossible to break. 

Lock strength and attack resistance are higher than ordinary safes in the Hornady Rapid Vehicle Safe. It is unlocked with a security code, gutband, sticker, or key fob to access the safe immediately in case of emergency.


  • It fits easily on most vehicles.
  • Can be accessed by key fob or number code.
  • Security cable makes it near impossible to pull the safe out of the vehicle.


  • Batteries not included.
  • It can only fit smaller handguns.

#4 Gun box 2.0 Quick Access Gun Safe

Gunbox 2.0 Quick Access Gun Safe is a small and lightweight gun safe that is simple to use and is affordable. This safe has a fingerprint scanner and a biometric locking mechanism that protects the safe by checking the Forbes and Access cards. 

A plastic block is attached to the safe that prevents it from opening at 45 degrees. The user can easily install the case under the seat. You can even place it behind the dashboard of your automobile. The most attractive feature of this safe is that it allows customers to secure their weapons with over a hundred different fingerprint IDs. 

It means a range of fingerprints can be installed so that your family members can also quickly access the safe in the event of a disaster. The battery of the safe is rechargeable. It has a stylish design, easy access, and additional functionality. 

Users can employ a code system to increase security and vary the tone of the alert for emergencies. Cable teethers make the installation procedure more smooth, and they can be adjusted simply under the seat. This cable device is optional.


  • You can use Hundred fingerprint IDs to secure the safe.
  • The safe’s approach system is intuitive and easy to use.
  • If your gun is transported to a secure location, this will sound an alert.
  • This safe also has Bluetooth capabilities, allowing consumers to track their safe easily.
  • Its battery has a life of 18 months and is rechargeable.
  • The greatest vehicle weapons have a reputation for being safe.


  • The fingerprint function isn’t 100% accurate on the first try.
  • The cable does not come with the safe.
  • The price of a safe is on the higher end of the spectrum.
  • For this safe to function correctly, it must have a battery.

Features To Consider While Buying A Biometric Gun Safe For Car

It’s also critical to pay close attention while selecting the correct gun safe for the car. You can choose the best gun safe from an extensive range of models and features in the market. However, you must make your decision based on your likes and requirements. Whenever you buy a biometric gun safe for a car, you must look into the following factors to choose the best biometric gun safe for your car.

#1 Fitting

Unlike most gun safes, you must consider how the safe will fit into your vehicle. If you are confused about placing your safe in your car and worried whether the safe you purchased would fit or not, then firstly, you should find the secure area of your car where you can keep the gun safe. Then you should measure its area so that you do not face any difficulty while buying. 

#2 Lock 

While purchasing a gun safe for a car, select the right lock for the safe. Mechanical locks are dependable, but they take a long time to unlock. Biometric ones provide a different level of convenience. 

#3 Steel Gauge

Steel gauges become less vital as vehicle safety improves. However, before buying a safe, you must check the steel gauge once as it is one of the significant factors to consider. Steel with a great thickness has a heavier weight but is more secure. Conversely, thinner steel has a lighter weight and is less secure.

#4 Weight

If you intend to transport the safe purchased for a car to your home, be sure it has good mobility features. If you go with a heavy-weighted safe, it will be difficult to move. Therefore, we recommend you buy a safe that has lighter weight and is of good quality. 


In this article, we covered a list of vehicle gun safes with a brief description and their pros and cons. Each safe has its impressive list of benefits and functionality, and more importantly: usefulness. We recon it’s about the safety and security of loved ones. Don’t hesitate to select them based on your unique preferences, interests and requirements.