Biometric Gun Safe (Bedside)

In today’s world, no place is really considered a safe place. We hear about crime, theft, and so much more in our everyday lives. As a result, more people carry a firearm on them. And if law allows it, we think that’s a smart move. Most people keep their guns near the bedside to counter any nightly thieves or robbers. Suppose a thief or robber broke into the house, or worse yet, climb into the bedroom, the person could easily access their gun within the right time-frame to protect themselves and their loved ones.

If you want to take your guns with you while sleeping, you should have a safe to keep your gun as you can not take your guns while sleeping without a safe. 

A biometric safe offers good convenience, as it opens quickly while normal safes take too much time, in moments where you may only have seconds. We brought out a list of bedside biometric gun safes, and further down this article we’ll discuss some features that to consider before buying.


#1 SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe

Nightstand gun safes gives you immediate access to your gun with a finger scan. This brilliant thumbprint technology helps you unlock your safe whenever you need it. It incorporates biometric thumbprint technology to protect your weapon against unwanted access. It is lightweight and opens with a gas piston, giving immediate access to your weapon. 

The SentrySafe Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe has a robust exterior constructed with 12-gauge steel. It is difficult to open and can only be done with hydraulic power. A soft foam liner protects the weapon from scratches from the inside. 

The override key and secondary electronic lock add another degree of security. It allows safe access if the biometric fingerprint scanner does not react. 


  • Quick access
  • Highly rated
  • decent amount of storage 
  • LED light


  • Gas strut longevity
  • The backup keypad is not numbered 

#2 GunVault SV-500 Speed Vault Bedside Gun Safe

In the market, these are the best-designed bedside gun safes. The GunVault SV-500 Speed Vault drop-down drawer allows simple access to your weapon in the dark. It is constructed of solid 18-gauge steel for strength and longevity. A foam covering on the interior protects your gun from scratches. 

It employs a keypad lock system with a 4-button passcode to protect your weapon. In addition, a biometric locking system is used in the higher version to unlock with a finger swipe. 

The GunVault Speed Vault Nightstand Firearm Safe provides a key backup if you forget your passcode. It is appropriate for your nightstand and can be positioned anywhere in the home due to its multiple installation choices.


  • 4-button passcode that’s simple to use
  • It also has a backup key
  • Drop-down drawer with quick activation
  • There are several mounting solutions available
  • Construction is made of 18-gauge steel


  • Screws for mounting are somewhat short
  • Some consider the lighting that illuminates the area too bright

#3 Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe

Right now, there are a lot of slider-style gun safes in the market, but we believe Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe is the finest. To use a biometric scanner, you would require to place your finger on the screen. On the other hand, many prominent competitors demand a swiping action, which is less effective. 

You can add around 20 fingerprint options of IDs to this biometrics safe. In general, the more concepts you can store in secure memory, the more secure the access will be. However, we discovered that fingerprint scans might be inaccurate at times. Fortunately, there is a backup lighted keypad. 

You can also use Bluetooth on your mobile for opening this safe, which works in an area up to 20 feet away from the safe. However, we don’t see many individuals adopting this option because it is inconvenient and time-consuming, especially in an emergency. 

When the safety slides open, you will find an indoor light for access comfort, and the weapon is housed in a cushioned housing unit for safety. A rechargeable battery powers safe; however, it is recommended to charge it most of the time. Additionally, it is advised to place the safe between your bed and the nightstand. Mount is also included with the package. 


  • Many fingerprint IDs
  • Keypad entry
  • Can open with Bluetooth App too
  • Rechargeable wall plug


  • Can not fit all guns

#4 Artemis Biometric Handgun Safe

Do you desire a bedside gun safe with rapid biometric entry but are concerned about the price? Then you’ll be eager to hear more from this article on the subject. Artemis Biometric Handgun Safe is considered a cost-effective biometric gun safe, and it also has a fast-opening feature. However, don’t be deceived by the affordable pricing. Everything in this safe is well-made and well-designed. 

Because of its biometric technique, you can scan the tip of your finger regardless of the angle of the sensor. There is no other way to get the biometric scanner to operate but to press the button. It guarantees susceptible access to your weapon. In case of battery failure, you can utilize a backup key. 

It doesn’t matter that it is small because it is considered a strong gun safe that can be mounted on a nightstand. It’s built of high-strength polymer resin that’s suitable for military use. It will not be crushed if you drive a truck over it. It also includes a cushioned inner lining made of thick foam. 

Even the most costly pistols cannot scratch or damage the things stored in this safe. There’s enough space for backup ammo as well as some valuables or cash. In addition, you would get pre-drilled holes that provide great support and help in easy mounting. 


  • Biometric access in a flash
  • For a safe design, an advanced gun is cost-effective
  • The weapon is built of a high-quality polymer material
  • The interior is tough and cushioned for protection
  • Mounting holes have been pre-drilled
  • Inside there is more storage space


  • Neither fireproof nor waterproof
  • Due to the heavy weight it’s more difficult to carry

Features To Consider For Biometric Gun Safe Bedside

#1 Size

According to our study, many slider-style safes can’t accommodate a wide range of guns. Therefore, it’s extremely important to analyze the slider model before purchasing your next gun safe. Many safes are smaller in size but do not confuse them being low-quality. If you have a gun of normal size, one gun safe would be fine to house your gun, but if you own multiple guns, you can buy a big gun safe or buy separate safes for each gun.

#2 Sturdy

A sturdy bedside gun safe is also required. You don’t want anything easy to break. It will have to be built of thick gauge steel or military-grade polymer material to meet these requirements. It should be impossible to open or break without using current power tools.

#3 Easy Programming

Your nightstand gun is simple to operate. It includes quick programming, whether a biometric or a combination-opening gun safe. A secure cable should also be simple to attach or connect. Of course, this implies that the package must contain all necessary hardware.

#4 Quick Access

To keep weapons safe, reliable, and available, you should choose a quick-reach gun safe suitable for your nightstand. There are many aspects to be balanced while housing a gun in a safe. 

There are uncountable factors that must be considered while buying any products, especially regarding safety. For example, everyone wants a safe that can open swiftly. Therefore, you should always check how much time a gun safe takes to open and choose the one that provides quick access.  


The idea behind a biometric bedside gun safe is to combine the best of two worlds. It means they keep your guns out of reach of any kids snooping around while providing quick access to your guns if necessary. 

They provide you with peace of mind in a variety of ways. We’ve shown you a variety of high-quality bedside gun safes in this article. Any of these will limit unwanted access to your firearm while keeping it close enough, when it matters. 

We’re of the opinion that keeping a bedside gun secure, by using a biometric bedside gun safe is important. They are simple to store, can be installed out of sight, and can be used securely as portable firearms. If you don’t have one, we suggest considering one.