Best Way To Store Guns To Prevent Rust

Updated Januari 24, 2023.

If you would like to maintain the value of your gun, then you must protect it from rust. Rust occurs when the metallic components of a gun react with oxygen to change from iron to iron oxide.  Iron oxide is the powder that accumulates on the surface of the gun.

So, how do you protect your gun from rust? Here are the best ways to store guns to prevent rust. We’ve also written an article on how to remove rust from a gun without damaging bluing, you can read that to get more ideas.


Factors should be considered while storing guns to prevent rust

Store the guns in the right safe or case

Rust is often caused by various environmental factors such as moisture. The first step towards protecting your gun from rust is by choosing a good firearm safe. The best gun safe along with a dehumidifier can help protect your gun from oxidation resulting from various environmental factors such as moisture. This is because they are constructed in a way that will keep water and moisture away from your gun.

To ensure that your firearm is protected from rust, find a gun case that is padded with foam on the inside. It should also be in a hard case that protects the gun from abrasion. Ensure that the gun case is dustproof and waterproof.

Keep the safe in the right place

There is no doubt that your gun safe is the first weapon in the war against rust. However, where you store the gun safe is also a key consideration. It’s advisable to keep the gun safe in an environment that will not increase the oxidation process.

Ensure that the humidity and temperature of the location where you will be storing the case. A temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity of 50 to 55% are recommended.

Monitor the moisture and temperatures daily

If you are serious about protecting your gun from rust, you should ensure that it’s cleaned, oiled, and stored in a cool and dry place. Understanding the safe humidity levels can help protect your gun from rust. Take time to monitor the temperature and humidity every day.

A humidity meter can help you monitor the humidity of the room as well as humidity inside the gun safe.  We also recommend using a dehumidifier inside the gun safe to keep the gun moisture-free. Ensure that the humidity level stays at an acceptable level to protect your gun from rust.

Use a branded dehumidifier and silica gel

One of the most common ways in which guns get into contact with water is through condensation and humidity.  Humidity can be a serious problem especially if you live in the tropics. If you can control the humidity in your home, it can help protect your gun from rust.

You can use silica gel to absorb moisture from the air. The silica gel beads absorb the moisture from the environment. The majority of the gun safe dehumidifiers uses silica gel beads.

After the gel beads have absorbed the maximum moisture, they need to be recharged. You should have a microfiber cloth or silicone coated to protect your gun from excess moisture. As a desiccant, silica gel can absorb moisture better.

Clean the guns frequently

Only storing guns in the best possible way is not enough to prevent rust. You should also clean and maintain your guns regularly. For that, we recommended you to use a branded bore cleaner and a good quality gun cleaning kit.

Use latex gloves before handling guns

When you handle your gun with oils, this can pass the skin oils to pass onto the pistol causing it to rust. To protect your firearm from skin oil, ensure that you wear Latex Gloves.

Use rust prevention product

There is a wide range of products that are sold in the market and can protect your gun from rust. These include the Vapor Capsules that are designed to protect metal surfaces from corrosion and rust when placed in an enclosure. Some products release a Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VPI molecule) that surrounds your gun and form a shield against rust and corrosion. 

Use of vacuum-sealed bag in high humidity

If you live in an area with high humidity, store your gun in a Vacuum-Sealed Bag. This will remove the air from the transparent bag and ensure your gun is free of moisture. In case of a flood, a reliable seal can help to protect your gun from rust. You can do this with different Vacuum Machines that will make the vacuum possible.

What should be avoided?

Avoid contact with water

Water is a common culprit when it comes to rust. A gun can come into contact with water in several ways. One of them is by cleaning the gun using water. While Ultrasonic Cleaners are a great choice for getting rid of stubborn gunk in those hard-to-reach areas, using aqueous solutions can harm your gun. Therefore, you should avoid water while cleaning gun. If you use an aqueous solution, be sure to wipe the excess water and dry the gun.

Don’t go outside in bad weather

We have already noted that water and moisture are the common causes of rust. You may try as much as possible to protect your weapon from moisture. But have you thought of what will happen when you go outside in rainy, chilly, or snowy weather?

You will be exposing your weapon to water or moisture that can in turn lead to rust. Consequently, if you are serious about protecting your weapon from rust, you will need to avoid going outside with it in wet, chilly, or snowy weather.

Avoid corrosive ammo

Corrosive chemicals can also cause your gun to rust. The most common corrosive compounds in weapons are primers that are commonly used in the military weapon. It’s advisable to stick to the ammo that is loaded by hand.

If you stick to the Hand-Loaded Ammunition, you can stay away from moisture. But if you use corrosive ammo, ensure that you clean your gun thoroughly after every range time. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in cleaning your weapon. Hornady not only makes safes, they also make the reloading press which makes it easy to press at home.

Final thoughts

With the proper cleaning and storage of your guns, you can shield them against rust and corrosion. While it’s impossible to completely prevent air and moisture from getting into the gun safe, we greatly reduce the amount. By doing that we will protect your firearms from rust. Follow the above mentioned guidelines and you will protect your weapon from rust.

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