Best Way To Store A Shotgun For Home Defense

Having a shotgun always seems to be one of the best methods of keeping yourself, your family, and your home safe. It is only one of the many self-defense options available at home. Having one requires an appropriate degree of security, whichever approach you choose, to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing the weapon.

It would be better if you protect your weapon so others will not be able to access it, but in a way that it is also readily available for you. The following are some of the ways you can adapt to store your weapon safely;


Unload the gun

Make sure you keep your gun unloaded at all times. This will help prevent kids from firing the weapon successfully if they do find it. To provide added protection, you should remove all munitions and keep them in a separate safe location from the gun. Wipe the entire surface of the weapon and remove all the dirt and solvent to keep it clean before storing it.

Gun safes

To ensure the safety of your shotgun you should go for a home defense gun safe. It will not only ensure the safety of your shotgun but also prevent unauthorized access. If you are worried about fire safety you can also go for a fire-resistant gun safe.

The weight of a gun safe, the complicated locking mechanism, the outer box ‘s heavy-gauge steel, and the option of bolting the safe directly into a concrete slab, all work together in frustrating an unauthorized person from accessing it. The majority of the safes have a door locking system made of steel sheets which extend and retract.

Gun cases

Gun cases primary functions as carrying case to protect your weapon against physical harm. The cases are readily available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and material choices at local stores to suit any commercially produced weapon.

They are affordable, compact, and simple to carry. They are uniquely designed with a padlock or zipper to lock your gun firmly inside. A closed carrying case will prevent an unauthorized person from handling a firearm.

There’re a variety of gun cases currently available on the market. Handgun cases, hard rifle cases, soft rifle cases, tactical rifle cases, and many more. You can choose any of them depending on your needs.

We found out that hard guncases are not so easy to carry or throw over your shoulder. Soft guncases are sometimes to soft, with the bits that stick out on your rifle being the most vulnerable. This is why the American based company Savior Equipment stands out!

This case is specifically designed to protect your firearm or scope.

Long gun case

Locking steel gun cabinets

Another perfect way to safely store your weapon is by using locking steel gun cabinets. They are built with thin and light sheet metal with some key lock. Compared to protection cases and sturdy boxes, they have improved storage space and internal design choices but vary in many respects from gun safes.

Not only can these steel cabinets serve the purposes of secure gun storage, but they can also provide extra protection against floods, fires, and other disasters. These cabinets can also be locked to prevent children and burglars from accessing your weapon.

They are often more comprehensive than a reasonable standard safe, and sometimes have shelves where you can store other accessories and munitions.

Trigger and external locks

One possible thing that always seems to come up is that gun owners are required to put trigger locks on their firearms. Trigger locks control the motion of the trigger. Some trigger locks are integrated into the design of the weapon, requiring no external parts other than the key. Chamber locks prevent the chambering of ammunition, hence securing your firearm firmly.

Although there are many different types of trigger locks, the most commonly used is a small plastic or metal device that fits the trigger guard of a gun, which impedes shooting. An external trigger lock, like a padlock, can only be removed with a key or the proper combination.

Keep the weapon out of reach.

If you don’t want to deal with unlocking the safes to access your weapon, you can keep it in an open space that is out of reach. Put it in places that will enable you to access the firearm quickly. Putting your gun out of reach of children will control a lot of accidents.

Places that is high above the floor, such as on the top of the wardrobe or shelf might be a good move. This method of storing your firearm will depend on your lifestyle and situation.

Final Verdict

Taking steps to protect deadly equipment is a task that we should all be taking seriously. There are many ways you can safely store a shotgun in your home, which offers excellent safety and protection. Proper procedures for gun storage and security may save lives-particularly if children live in homes with firearms.

You can easily store your firearms from any of the methods listed above within your home. Generally speaking, the best practice is to keep guns locked in a safe place-especially when children are at home. We also suggest that you buy and mount a high-quality bedside pistol safe for the best results.

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