Best Way To Bolt Gun Safe To A Concrete Floor

For the security of your guns and ammunition, you need a high-quality gun safe. This will secure your armor against theft, burglary, and fire. To keep your firearms safe and secure, you need to maximize the security of your safe.

To ensure the highest level of security, you need to bolt down your safe to the concrete. The best way to bolt the gun safe to a concrete floor entails selecting the right room and the correct spot. You should place your safe in a corner of the room to ensure much better security.


Tools required to bolt gun safe to a concrete floor

Hammer drill

Concrete anchor bolts 

Impact drill 

Missionary Bits 

Safety goggles

Shop Vacuum


Socket Set

Step by step guide to bolt the gun safe to the concrete floor

Step 1: Preparation

You need to wear appropriate safety goggles before you commence your job. You might need a respirator and working gloves. This will protect you from the blowing cement dust.

Gather all the tools that you will require for convenience.

Place your gun safe at the desired spot in the room. Using a marker or a pencil, mark the location to drill your holes using the pre-drilled holes in the four corners of your gun safe. Ensure that the marks are placed precisely to avoid misalignment.

Step 2: Drill holes into the concrete floor

You need to accurately drill the holes to the marked anchoring locations. Using a hammer drill and the correct drill bit, drill holes of about 3 inches deep. You can use the depth setting in your drill to adjust to the correct depth.

A hammer drill can bore through the hard concrete with much ease. When drilling, start with a slow speed with minimum pressure. Increase pressure and speed when the holes have deepened. Ensure that the holes are drilled on the correct anchoring locations and the diameters can correctly fit the anchoring bolts.

Step 3: Clean the dust and debris

Use a shop vacuum to clean the concrete fragments from the drilled holes. Ensure that all the debris has been blown away. Clear all the dust from the concrete surface. Vacuum clean the whole room to avoid dust settling back.

You should take caution when blowing up the dust. Concrete dust is dangerous for your eyes and the respiratory system. This will ensure that base of the gun safe is set properly on the concrete floor.

Step 4: Place your gun safe to the correct anchoring location

Place your gun safe accurately such that the pre-drilled anchoring holes in the safe march the holes in the floor.  You might need assistance in moving the gun safe because it is relatively heavy to lift.

Make sure that your gun safe is leveled accordingly on the floor. This will avoid bolting your gun safe while tilted. For precision, you might need to use a carpenter’s level or wood shims to level your gun safe.

Step 5: Fix the anchoring bolts

Fix the anchoring bolts correctly into the holes. Use a hammer to drive the anchoring bolts through the pr-drilled holes in the gun safe and into the concrete floor. When the bolts are firmed, place washers on the bolts.

Drive hex nuts into the anchoring holes. Using a socket set, tighten the hex nuts into place. Fasten your hex nuts up to the threading of each anchoring bolts. Ensure that the gun safe is firmly fixed.

Which types of anchors can be used for bolting down a gun safe?

There different types of anchors to choose for your gun safe. These are:

Hammer set

This anchor has a nail and an expansion body. You will need to drive in the nail into the dug hole in the concrete floor. As the nail moves in, the expandable casting will fasten the safe to the concrete.

Shield in flag

The pin in this anchor screws into the shield. The shield will be forced to expand hence tightening up the drilled hole in the concrete floor.

Wedge anchor

The wedge anchor is almost similar to the hammer set. It grips to the walls through expansion into the embedded hole. The nut will be tightened at the top. During the process, the small collar will expand, wedging itself through the wall of the concrete and the shank of the bolt.


It has a threaded or ridged open end. When the drop-in anchor is placed in the hole, a setting tool is inserted in the open ridge and hit with a hammer. The anchor will expand and hold the surface of the safe and the walls of the concrete wall firmly.


It is essential to keep your weapons safe and away from the reach of intruders. You need to keep your guns and ammunition in a gun safe. Therefore, you need to find the best way to bolt a gun safe to the concrete floor for maximum security.

This will ensure that your weapons stay safe in your room without being stolen together with the safe. Drilling and fixing anchor bolts to the base of the gun safe and the concrete floor in your house is the best way to secure your weapons and the safe.

With the right tools and procedures, you can easily install your gun safe on the concrete floor in your secure room.

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