Best Place To Put A Gun Safe

Post updated: February 19, 2022

Owning a gun comes with the responsibility of keeping it safe and secure. Safety for a gun is best assured when it is kept safe and secured in a good quality gun safe.

Securing the right place of the gun safe is crucial as it involves the security of yourself as well as your family members. There are several places where you can put your gun safe, but before choosing the right place you should consider different aspects of the security.

Because of some recent unwanted incidents, firearms owners are now also paying attention to the location of the gun safe. Here, we would like to discuss some best locations where you can put your gun safe.  


Best places to put a gun safe

In house:

Having a gun safe in the house is important especially when you reside in a neighborhood where insecurity and burglary is a common phenomenon. Within the house, there are certain places where you can secure your gun safe but, among all the places, bedroom might be the best option.

If you have a small handgun then you can put it in your bedside as a nightstand gun safe or in case of rifles you can put it inside of your closet or any corner of the room and bolt down to the floor. If your bedroom is located on the first floor then this place is undoubtedly the best place for gun safe.

There are other places like drawing-room, kitchen room, balcony but we don’t recommend you to use those places. You should not put your gun safe near to the fire, water, and flammable items.


For security reasons, more often than not, you may need to carry on a gun in your office and store it there. There are a lot of locations in the office where you can put your gun safe, but the matter of fact is that all the places don’t ensure security.

Underneath the table could be one of the places for securing gun safe as it very close to setting positions. Either a biometric gun safe, or a GunVault SV500 could be ideal gun safe for office that is easily attachable underneath the table.

You can also use a handgun safe in the office for quick access. In that case, it can be placed inside the drawer of the table or in any place that is easily accessible. You should try to ensure that gun storing places remain secret to others and difficult to access.

In basement

Basement could be a very good option for moving a gun safe. However, it has some advantages and disadvantages. Your decision regarding putting gun safe hinges on a few factors. If your gun safe weighs more than 600 pounds then you should consider putting it in the basement. Because it’s easier to get there compared to the upper floors.

For ensuring more security, you can place your gun safe in one corner of the basement and bolt down to the concrete floor. Two major problems we found to put a gun safe in the basement are extra dampness, moisture, and possible water leakage. Moisture and dampness problems could be solved using the best gun safe dehumidifier but if you got a water problem then consider other places.

Advantages of putting gun safe in the basement:

  • Difficult to get out from there and ensure more security
  • Comparatively easier to get there.
  • Suitable for a heavy gun safe
  • Far away from fire
  • Not noticeable

Disadvantages of putting gun safe in the basement:

  • Extra moisture and dampness
  • Water problems

In garage

You can also consider putting your gun safe in the garage if you have not got any other suitable places. A garage might not be the best place but if it could ensure safety and security then we don’t see any problem of putting guns safe there.

Most of the gun safes come with pre-drilled holes along with various mounting facility so you just need to bolt it to concrete floor or wall to make it secured. You should take into account some factors before putting your gun safe in the garage.

Your gun safe would be easily seen by others. So burglars might take this as an opportunity. Other problems are moisture and flammable items that usually stored in the garage. Flammable items should not be kept with gun safe and a dehumidifier should be used to keep acceptable humidity level.


You may need to carry a pistol with you. For obvious reasons, bear in mind that safety comes first. You may require stopping your car, or being stopped not out of your free will.

To ensure security we recommend owning one or more gun safes inside of your car. But choosing the best spot to install one that doesn’t scream ‘the gun safe is here’ can be difficult. Plus the location of installation also depends on what types of gun safe you’re placing.

If you’re installing a safe for a pistol, or multiple safes for multiple pistols for that matter, we highly recommend a biometric pistol safe.

If you’re looking to install a safe in the console, then we recommend one of these center vehicle console safes.

On the other hand, if you’re in possession of cable safe you can put it to any place in your car but it is easily noticeable. Cable safe comes with a portable facility so you can easily carry it any other place you want.

In case of mounting safe, you may require a gun safe professional to set up in the right place. However, mounting safe is easily visible so try to select a place that cannot be easily visible from outside the car.

Try to avoid a place like a glove compartment of the car as it is easily accessible to others, burglars and intruders can easily break it down.

Factors need to consider before choosing the best place for gun safe:

In spite of the need for having a gun safe, some factors have to be considered when making the decision of having a gun safe. These include:

Ease of access

The first consideration is how easily and fast you can access the safe in case of an emergency. Owing to the fact, you should consider selecting a place that can be easily accessible to you. At the same time, try to make it difficult for others to get close to the safe.  

Security and potential danger

Security is the first most important thing that needs to be considered before choosing the location of a gun safe. You should choose a place where all security measures are ensured. Try to choose a place that cannot easily be accessible to others and is not visible.

Children/ Minors

Purchasing a gun safe for child safety is the most important task that you need to ensure first. But at the same time putting your gun safe at a suitable location is also important. Firearms always create curiosity among the children which may lead them to unlock the safe.

This curiosity may create unwanted incidents if you keep your gun safe unlocked or put it in a place that is easily accessible to them. In deciding the place, therefore, you should consider the presence of minors and children.

Places that you should be avoided

There are certain places that should be avoided before putting your gun safe. These include areas where the attacker can most likely predict that you have a gun stored and will most likely reach for it.

Try to avoid the kitchen, upper floors of the house except for the first floor and places where fire and water can easily get in touch.

You should avoid places where children play or frequently visit as they may gain access to the gun and cause harm. More importantly, avoid places that you know would be hard to access in case you need to defend yourself.


Where to put your gun safe depends on various factors. In our opinion, the best place is the first floor of your house and probably in your bedroom. Our second best choice is the basement. But if you ensure safety and security it could be possible to put your gun safe in any other places

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