Best Place to Keep Gun While Sleeping

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If no kids and untrustworthy partners are living with you in your house, then you can basically keep a gun anywhere while sleeping.

You can keep it under your pillow or wherever near you that you like.

But things aren’t always like this, so it’s important to know how to pick the best place to keep gun while sleeping.

There is no single answer to this question.

Where you live, who you live with, and stuff like these are important to help you pick a gun-keeping place while sleeping.

In this guide, we’ll talk about a few possible places and talk about the good and the bad sides of each of them.


Places You Can Use to Store Gun While Sleeping

We’ve picked up six possible places you can keep your gun in as you go to bed.

All are popular ideas and have practical benefits as well as downsides depending on your situation.


This one’s probably the most popular gun-keeping place while sleeping. There are several benefits to it.

Think of an imaginary scenario, for example: assume you’re in a deep sleep and in the middle of the night, you have to use your gun.

Now, can you take ten seconds to get your gun? No. You need to act quickly.

Every second matters in this situation.

Using a bedside handgun safe can let you get your gun under three to four seconds at most.

It’s practical for all times. However, some people don’t like this besides gun-keeping ideas as kids might get access to it.

If you have kids, then you should choose a child proof gun safe

Under the Bed

Keeping a gun under the bed isn’t really a good idea in most circumstances.

If you have kids, you know that there is no place they cannot reach in your house.

They’ll find every nook and cranny and see what’s in there.

Under the bed is one of the most interesting places for a kid, and you can be sure they’re going to find the gun out.

Also, if you’re in your bed and need to get the gun, you’ll have a hard time accessing it.

It’ll take time, so practically not the best idea. It might be good for some people, nonetheless.

This all depends on your house.

Under the Pillow

This one is convenient, to be honest.

You won’t likely need more than two seconds to get your gun out in the middle of the night in case of an emergency.

There are even gun holsters available that can keep a gun under a pillow without uncovering its shape.

Now, if you have kids and you know you sleep so deep that they might take the gun out somehow, this might be risky.

If you aren’t a deep sleeper then it’s safe by all means.

As a matter of fact, keeping guns under your pillow is one of the most popular ways to keep a gun.

Think about how easy it’ll be to get the gun out.


A gun on a nightstand can be both easy and fast to access. Be careful if you have kids.

They’ll easily be able to get their hands on the gun. A gun safe is much better than a nightstand.

You don’t want easy access if that takes the security away. There has to be a balance of both.

If you live without kids, this might be good then.

Also, bedside drawers aren’t less accessible than nightstands.

There are electronic gun safes available that look like bedside drawers. You can open them by pressing a button or by scanning your fingerprint.

These safes are usually not cheap, but the price is worth it.

Since these safes look indistinguishable from drawers, it’s quite safe when you have children around.

Closet Near the Bedroom

If you want to keep your gun in your bedroom closet or in any closet near your bed, then it’s a good idea.

But you don’t want an intruder to get access to it by any means.

Closets are quickly accessible and will allow you to pick your gun up fast in an emergency.

For that reason, you may choose a gun safe that suitable for closet.

Kitchen Pantry

Don’t do this if you have kids in your house. Otherwise, feel free to go for this option.

As a matter of fact, keep a gun in the kitchen too, because you never know when you might need it.

But keep it in a gun safe if you want it to keep your children away from it.

Similar to the kitchen, the bathroom can be another option for keeping your gun in.

The main idea here is to keep your guns in multiple rooms in your house. It’s a matter of safety.

Which Place or Gun Safe Is Best When You Don’t Trust Your Partner/Roommates?

Having a partner or roommates who cannot be trusted is problematic and unsafe.

You never know what’s in their minds. They can harm you while you’re not alert.

If the situation is like this in your house, then you have to be very careful.

You shouldn’t keep your gun under your bed or under your pillow. These places are easily accessible.

The nightstand and kitchen pantry is out of options for the same reasons.

You can probably use a safe if it’s password or fingerprint-protected.

Also, if you can ensure a gun keeping place that only you know about, it might be safe to keep there.

The goal here is to make sure that none knows where your gun is kept but you.

If you can maintain this well, you won’t likely have a hard time picking a place to keep your gun while you’re sleeping.

What Should You Do When Kids Are Around?

Well, follow the previous advice given for what to do when you don’t trust your roommates.

Also, kids can be educated, and gun trained. If possible, take some time and teach your kids about guns and gun safety.

Let them know how guns can be harmful if handled ungracefully.

You should teach but never completely trust them.

Kids can be smart, but they’re still unable to grasp the risk factors of handling a gun.

So, keep your guns in a gun safe or locked someplace safe yet accessible when necessary.

A password-protected gun safe can be a good idea as it’ll ensure kids can’t touch the gun by any means.

Final Words

Now you’ve got some ideas on how to pick the best place to keep a gun while sleeping.

Try picking a few options from the list we’ve compiled. See which one suits you best.

Try to pick a gun-keeping place that offers both ease of access as well as safety.

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