Best Gun Safe Hygrometers

Updated July 24, 2022.

The importance of hygrometers cannot be denied for keeping a gun away from rust and moisture. The hygrometer is playing a pivotal role to measure the level of humidity inside the gun safe.

If you want to measure the effectiveness of your dehumidifier then there is no alternative to a hygrometer.

Your firearms and valuables could be damaged over a period of time just because of not paying attention to your dehumidifier’s effectiveness. Want to sleep soundly as it relates to safe humidity too? Feel certain about the correct level of humidity inside the safe.

To ensure the prevention of your gun from getting mold and rust, just read our best gun safe hygrometer review guides below and find the best one as per your requirements.


Best hygrometer for gun safe: Quick Review


Thermo Pro TP65A
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5
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AcuRite 01083 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5
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AcuRite 01080M
  • Our Rating: 4.2/5
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Thermo Pro TP50
  • Our Rating: 4.4/5
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AcuRite 00613
  • Our Rating: 4.2/5
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Vicks Humidity Monitor
  • Our Rating: 4.3/5
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Habor Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer
  • Our Rating: 4.4/5
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Meade Instruments TM005X-M
  • Our Rating: 4/5
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Best gun safe hygrometer

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1. Thermo Pro TP65A

Thermo Pro TP65A

Thermo Pro TP65A has been designed to provide you with accurate information about indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity in a most effective way. You can use it inside and outside of your gun safe to measure humidity levels.

Its four inches large LCD touchable display provides other information like trend arrow, maximum and minimum humidity, and temperature, backlit, and switching option from Fahrenheit to Celsius.

Its backlit touch screen makes it easier to read in low-light conditions. With wireless technology, you can monitor humidity and temperature from four (4) different locations.

You can remotely monitor the environment up to 200 ft away from your hygrometer. 

It also comes with included 4 AAA batteries 2 for the based station and 2 for the outdoor sensor, which is weatherproof and cold-resistant. Its remote sensor runs by rechargeable Li-ion battery which can be charged with a simple USB cable.

This is one of the best wireless hygrometer out there you can always rely on. However, one disadvantage of Thermo Pro TP65A we found is that, it doesn’t come with a humidity alarm sensor. 

Key Features

  • Weatherproof and cold-resistant
  • It records and monitors history
  • Wireless tracking facility from up to 4 places, 200 ft remote range
  • Large 4 inches LCD display
  • Comes with multiple placement facility
  • Three years warranty
  • 9.3 ounces weight
  • Four (4) AAA batteries (included)

2. AcuRite 01083 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer

AcuRite 01083 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer

AcuRite 01083 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer allows you to get reliable, accurate information about humidity inside the gun safe as well as anywhere in your house. Its large display is visible from a long distance.

You can easily monitor temperature and humidity at the earliest possible time.

One of the great concerns with the hygrometer is that the majority of them are not accurate. However, we’ve observed that most of the users provide positive feedback about accuracy.

It also provides information about health comport by low and high reading.

This digital hygrometer is pre-calibrated so you don’t need to calibrate like an analog hygrometer. It requires 2 AA batteries.

This unit also comes with multiple mounting options so you can stand upright, attached to the wall of the gun safe using the magnetic option.

Overall this is a great hygrometer because of its accuracy and money. Given the very cheap price, you can save extra money purchasing this hygrometer.

Key Features

  • Humidity range: 1%-99% RH
  • Humidity accuracy: +/-2%
  • Temperature range: – 4 to 158°F and -20 to 70°C
  • Temperature accuracy: +/-2°F
  • High low information
  • Humidity level indicator
  • Calibration option
  • 2 AA batteries required not included
  • 3.84 ounces

3. AcuRite 01080M

AcuRite 01080M

AcuRite 01080M Pro Accuracy Indoor Temperature and Humidity Monitor help you to get reliable and authentic information from inside and outside of the gun safe. Digital thermometer and humidity gauge provide highly professional level accuracy and measure the environment every 10 seconds.

It comes with multiple mounting options like a fold-out table stand, magnet mounting, and mounting clip. With all that mounting options you can easily place it on a table, wall safe, and refrigerator.

It can be programmed for high and low humidity alarms which helps you to know unacceptable environmental conditions.

AcuRite 01080M is one of the best gun-safe hygrometers but one mentionable disadvantage we found is that it doesn’t come with a backlight.

Key Features

  • Humidity range: 1%-99% RH
  • Humidity accuracy: +/-2%
  • Temperature range: – 4 to 158°F and -20 to 70°C
  • Temperature accuracy: +/-2°F
  • High low information
  • Humidity level indicator
  • Calibration option
  • Alarm notification
  • One year limited warranty
  • Two (2) AAA alkaline battery (not included)
  • .16 ounces weights

4. Thermo Pro TP50

Thermo Pro TP50

Thermo Pro TP50 has the ability to provide the most accurate results about humidity as well as temperature both inside and outside the safe. It’s very simple, reliable, affordable, and one of the best-selling hygrometers on the market.

Thermo Pro TP50 can be easily attached to the wall of the safe using a magnet. It has got a stand, so you can also put it on the surface of the gun safe.

It updates data every ten seconds that will give you the latest changes in the humidity and temperature.

Apart from gun safe, you can also use it in the bedroom, study room, office, greenhouse, and any other suitable place. Because of its portability, you can easily carry it to any place.

Using the monitor’s thermometer and humidity sensor, Thermo Pro TP50 provides high-level accuracy.

You can always be aware of the changes in the environment by its quick glance comfort level face icon. All-time high and low records also help compare current reading to past reading. 

 Key Features

  • Air comfort indicator
  • All-time high and low records
  • Help create a healthy environment
  • Three years warranty
  • One (1) AAA battery included
  • Smart design
  • 2.7 inches smart display
  • Can be attached to any metal surface using the magnet
  • 2.72 ounces weights

5. AcuRite 00613

AcuRite 00613

Like Thermo Pro TP50, AcuRite 00613 is also one of the best-selling gun-safe hygrometers on the market. It measures temperatures and humidity every 15 seconds.

It provides 24 hours of records of the highest and lowest humidity readings.

AcuRite 00613’s versatile and portable design makes it comfortable to use in almost every place you want. It also comes with a standing fold for the table and clips for backpack use.

Therefore, it would be easier for you to stand on the surface of a gun safe.

This hygrometer is very cheap, simple, and portable but has got two disadvantages. It has not come with an alarm sensor and a user-set calibration option.

Although best selling product, if you want multiple features you can choose AcuRite 01080M instead.

 Key Features

  • Stand folds for tabletop use
  • Pocket-sized portability
  • Magnetic mounting option
  • Daily records for high and low temperature and humidity
  • Indoor thermometer and hygrometer

6. Vicks Humidity Monitor

Vicks Humidity Monitor

Vicks Humidity Monitor helps you to know the actual humidity and temperature inside and outside the safe. Although cheap, it provides pretty much accurate reading about the environment.

It comes with a stand so you can place it inside the safe easily. However, it does not have a mounting option.

It also helps you to measure how much moisture inside the safe can be very much helpful for a firearms owner. If you want pretty accurate information at a low price then this could be one of the best options for you.

Key Features

  • 3.2 ounces weights
  • One CR2 battery required (included)
  • Product dimension: 7*7*4 inches

7. Habor Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

Habor Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

Habor Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer comes with multiple mounting options like table standing, magnet attaching, and wall mounting. Easy to read and operation make it easier for every person.

It has not got any complicated function button and you can change the reading from °F to °C using the button.

With 24 sensitive VENTS, it provides updated, fast and accurate information every 10 seconds. It has got a wide temperature measuring range from 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C) and humidity measuring range from 20% to 95%.

One CR 2032 battery, which has been included in the package, can run Habor Digital Hygrometer for near about 6 months. We found two disadvantages of this product one being lack of time display and the other one is not having a backlight.

Every product has merits and demerits, those lacking points might not be significant to make your decision.

Key Features

  • Temperature range: 32°F to 122°F and 0°C to 50°C
  • Humidity range: 20% to 95%
  • Temperature tolerance: +/-2.7°F (+/- 1.5 °C)
  • Humidity tolerance: +/-5%
  • Measurement frequency: 10 S
  • Battery endurance: 6 months

8. Meade Instruments TM005X-M

Meade Instruments TM005X-M

Meade Instruments TM005X-M Wireless Thermo Hygrometer tracks temperature and humidity inside and outside of your gun safe in the easiest way. With a jumbo display and a one-inch tall digital number, this unit can monitor remotely from three locations.  

Meade TM005X-M comes with 1 remote sensor, however; you can purchase two supplementary sensors separately. It has a wall mounting option and you can also put it on your desktop.

You can track the temperature and humidity of your house as well as safe with the remote sensor, having a range of up to 100 feet.

It requires two AA lithium alkaline batteries for the main unit and two same batteries for sensors and batteries are not included.  

Key Features

  • Jumbo LCD and toggle display
  • Wireless sensor coverage up to 100 feet
  • High and low-temperature records
  • The main display receives data from 3 sensors

Best gun safe hygrometer buying guide

Reading accuracy

Before purchasing a hygrometer you should take into account the level of reading accuracy it provides. But how will you measure reading accuracy before purchasing it?

In this case, you have to rely on other customer reviews or company-claimed product features and specifications. You can also figure out reading accuracy by yourself using the salt test.

Remote monitoring

Another important feature you should concentrate on is remotely monitoring facilities. There’s a lot of hygrometers on the market with remote monitoring options from multiple locations.

You just need to ensure its existence before purchasing it.

Analog or digital

Both hygrometers have their own pros and cons. In addition to humidity measurement, digital hygrometers also provide other information like temperature and other important environmental statistics.

Digital hygrometers are affordable compared to analog hygrometers.

Analog hygrometers provide accurate information but need to calibrate every 6 months. On the other hand, most of the digital hygrometers lack the calibration option but their reading accurately set up in the factory.

Choosing analog or digital hygrometers over one another depends on personal preferences.

Mounting option

Try to choose a hygrometer that has multiple mounting options. However, it depends on where you actually use it.

Few mounting options could be mentioned like tabletop stand, magnet mounting, and wall mounting, etc.


The size of the hygrometer is also an important factor. For gun safe, you can use small portable and fewer weight hygrometers.

Ease of reading

Hygrometers should be easily readable. You should find a big display hygrometer that shows big digits along with crystal clear information.


One of the important features that should be included in your hygrometer. Unfortunately, not all companies are integrating this facility with their hygrometers.

You can set a certain humidity level that is harmful to guns if the environment reached that level automatic alarm system will attract your attention.


Many hygrometers come with calibration options to measure the accuracy of the reading. If you want to calibrate then ensure that the hygrometer you’re purchasing having that option. 


different companies offer different warranty facilities. Before purchasing, just ensure that your company is providing an ample amount of warranty time.


Price is always important. You should not spend more if you get the same feature and performance in other low-priced products. 

Benefits of using hygrometer in gun safe

Finding relative humidity

Hygrometers have been used for a long time for finding out relative humidity levels inside of the gun safe. Finding existing humidity and temperature inside the gun safe, you must depend on a hygrometer.   

Preventing gun from getting rust

Hygrometers help prevent the gun from getting rust by informing the actual humidity level inside the gun safe. If the humidity level does not meet the criteria then the owner can take action to maintain humidity at an acceptable level.

How to calibrate a hygrometer?

In order to measure the accuracy of reading, a hygrometer frequently needs to calibrate. You can do it by yourself by using the salt method.

You just need to put a teaspoon of salt in a cap of the bottle with a few drops of water.

Mix the water in a way so that salt looks like slurry. Do not mix with so much water so that it dissolves salt.

Once you complete all those things just put a hygrometer and bottle cap, filled with salt, inside the plastic bag and seal it and wait for 12 hours. After passing the said time, watch the hygrometer it should show a reading of 75%.

If the reading shows below or above 75%, you need to adjust it to 75%.

Final Thoughts

In our best gun safe hygrometer review we put forth our thoughts to answer the question “what are the best products currently available?” Apart from the hygrometers mentioned above, there are lots of decent to good performing ones that we can’t mention. You know, ones that could deserve an honorable mention. But this is not the place for that. This is a place for to describe the best ones.

Each of the items mentioned in this article has different features and specifications. Which one suits your needs best?

For people on the fence we recommend the AcuRite 01083 Indoor Thermometer & Hygrometer as our first choice and Thermo Pro TP65A as the second choice.

Both of the hygrometers are considered to be the best because of their performance, user feedback, advanced features, and reliability.

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