Best Gun Safe For AR 15 In 2023

Owning AR 15 comes with a lot of responsibilities, and one of them is maintaining its safety. When you’re picturing the safety of your firearms, a gun safe is the first thing that comes to mind.

You can’t deny the value of a good quality gun safe when it comes to maintaining the safety of your AR15. With so many brands launching safes on an everyday basis, it gets difficult to settle for one that meets all the requirements.

In this article, we will guide you in choosing the best gun safe for AR 15 with our reviews and an informative buying guide to make your selection easier.


Best Gun Safe for AR 15 Review

Finding a good quality gun safe is not an easy task since you need to settle for something that will last you for a long time. Although it can be hectic to look for the perfect one, we’re going to assist you in making a smart choice.

Here are 6 amazing gun safes that you can consider-

1. Moutec Large Rifle Safe

 Moutec Large Rifle Safe

Moutec has been renowned for a long time because of its premium quality gun safes. This large rifle safe from Moutec is equipped with dimensions of 14 inches in width, 57 inches in height, and 13.8 inches in diameter.

Such dimensions allow it to be safe to accommodate approximately 5-6 rifles or shotguns sized at 45-50 inches. So, if you’re someone who has pretty large guns and struggles with storing them because of the size issues with different safes, you can go for this one.

It is also built with a separate lockbox inside that helps to store other essential tools near you. Built with a solid structure, it is quite sturdy and durable.

It has a reliable lock mechanism that works with a PIN code and thus makes it difficult for kids to access.

The security bar of the safe is built with 100% steel, ensuring maximum resistance. Inner edges of the safe are resistant to any alteration, which means thieves cannot intrude or break the safe easily.

Besides, the safe is constructed with an alarm system that goes on when wrong access is attempted three times. This helps your safe stay safe at all times.

The safe comes with additional batteries, anchor bolts, keys, and instructions that can assist you in handling the safe.

Moreover, the installation process is pretty easy, and mounting holes come punched beforehand. So, it is a very user-friendly product.


  • Strong construction aids in maximum longevity
  • Steel walls allow high resistance
  • Extensive dimensions provide space for bigger rifles and shotguns
  • Additional lockbox ensures storing necessary tools


  • Quite heavy, so not very travel-friendly


Overall, if you’re looking for a gun safe that checks almost all the boxes, this one would be the right option for you. Its spacious design makes it a perfect choice.

2. Langger Gun Safe for Rifle

 Langger Gun Safe for Rifle

If you’re looking for a high-quality electronic gun safe, Langger has the best design for you.

This electronic gun safe excels in every sector- from construction, design, accommodation as well as maintaining the safety of your gun. Built with a digital keypad, this safe allows you to use a passcode during emergencies to access the gun faster.

The safe also bears a code memory function that ensures the protection of your code during blackouts, which is quite impressive. With such brilliant features, you can keep your firearm protected at all times.

This safe is designed to hold firearms up to 50 inches in length and 4-5 in number. And the best part is, you can store them with scopes included!

Impressive right?

Along with a roomy design, you also get the best interior with this safe. The inside of the safe has a protective carpet and soft foam barrel rest that ensures maximum security for the firearms.

You also get a separate lockbox with the safe, which is helpful for storing small pistols or accessories inside. There is a removable storage shelf that assists in storing handguns of around 40 inches in length.

This safe comprises a thick door along with five 5/8 inches of deadbolts of good quality steel to add maximum security. Like the previous one, this one also bears an alarm system that goes off upon wrong code attempts.

The installation method is pretty simple with the safe as you already get mounting hardware, and the mounting holes are drilled beforehand.


  • Spacious design for accommodating large firearms
  • Wider area capable of holding the scopes or optics
  • Strong alarm system for restricting burglars
  • Durable steel deadbolts improve the security


  • Door does not come with a handle, so it is quite inconvenient


For individuals who are looking for a secure option for their firearms, this one will never disappoint you. The strong material and well-built lock system will impress avid shooters.

3. Barska Biometric Rifle Safe

This biometric rifle safe from Barska is definitely one of the best gun safes for AR 15. With a gun safe like this, you can protect your rifles and keep them from the hands of the wrong people.

As the name suggests, this is a high-quality biometric safe. With brilliant technology to store 150 fingerprints and a biometric scan for responding within 2.5-seconds, makes this safe a perfect option.

These specialized features make the safe a smart and secured product.

Built with tough and durable steel, this gun safe will last you a pretty long time. It has three deadbolts that ensure the walls are secured strongly.

Approved by the US Department of Justice, you can be assured that your firearms are in safe hands.

This gun safe is designed to accommodate around four rifles and 2-3 handguns, which is impressive. It also bears a top shelf that allows you to place pistols and other necessary accessories.

Moreover, this is pretty lightweight despite the fact that it can carry so many firearms. Aside from the strong steel material outside, the safe has a sturdy carpet interior inside.

The fingerprints can be placed easily and stored without any hassles. Even if you archive the prints, you can always access them from your memory.

These features make the gun safe a very smart choice.


  • Durable and tough steel construction withstands resistance
  • High-quality carpet interior allows easy firearm placement
  • Biometric finger scan allows quick access
  • Designed to accommodate many firearms


  • Not fireproof or waterproof


Aside from the fact that it cannot resist water or fire damage, it’s a pretty solid design for what you’re paying. The strong features and biometric system make this gun safe a unique product.

4. V-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe

 V-Line 31242-SA Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe

This one from V-line is another remarkable gun safe you can add to your collection. Especially if you’re interested in getting a gun safe for providing the highest security, this is the one that will fulfill your requirements.

Built with two additional locks on each side of the door, you can expect a strong performance from this one. Such a lock system is a perfect fit for AR15 rifles.

The safe allows you to utilize the tubular and mechanical lock at your convenience. This is quite rare among gun safes, so this one is definitely impressive.

Mounting this safe is quite easy since it already comes with drilled holes. Whether you want to mount it horizontally or vertically, the drilled holes will assist you in your action.

You can unlock it without any batteries, which is why it works perfectly well in emergency situations.

It is built with durable and strong 16-gauge steel that allows the safe to withstand years of use. The interior has a good quality carpet to provide good support to the firearms.

This thing is equipped with the Simplex locking mechanism that enables fast and hassle-free access to the safe. There are five push buttons that allow access to the safe, which makes it very user-friendly.

For someone who’s not comfortable with electronic safes and biometric locks, this one is the best option available.


  • Easy locking and unlocking system for traditional users
  • Push buttons allow easy and quick access
  • Steel exterior offers resistance against damage
  • Carpet interior provides maximum support


  • Cannot accommodate larger firearms with scopes


Apart from the size issue, this is a pretty decent gun safe. If you’re a classic by heart, you will love this amazing product.

5. Cozy Castle Rifle Safe

 Cozy Castle Rifle Safe

Cozy Castle is another leading brand in making smart gun safes for AR15 rifles. This one also has some great features and won’t disappoint you.

With dimensions of 15.75 inches in width, 11.81 inches in diameter, and 57.09 inches in height, this gun safe proves to be the best fit for your AR15 rifles.

It is designed to hold at least six rifles with almost 50 inches in length, which is remarkable. Also, it has a separate lockbox where you can store small pistols and accessories.

This gun safe is equipped with a strong biometric system for easy access. You can scan your fingerprints and obtain access to your rifles in no time.

Another advantage of this biometric system is that it can store more than 30 fingerprints. You can archive your prints and still gain access to them through the memory.

If you’re tired of getting gun safes that don’t mount easily on walls or cabinets, don’t worry, because Cozy Castle knows best about your requirements. This safe features pre-drilled holes that allow easy mounting on walls in whichever direction you prefer.

Besides, you get the facility of an alarm system that goes off on three subsequent wrong attempts. So, your gun safe is protected at all times from burglars and intruders.


  • Ideal dimensions allow accommodation of multiple rifles
  • Strong biometric system offers secured access
  • Stores fingerprints for easy and quick scanning
  • Easy and simple installation process


  • Not able to withstand fire and water damage


This is an impressive gun safe due to its incorporation of biometric systems and smart facilities. If you’re looking for a highly versatile gun safe, this is a great option for you.

6. INTERGREAT Biometric Rifle Safe

INTERGREAT Biometric Rifle Safe

Last but not least, we have this biometric rifle safe from INTERGREAT. If you’ve been looking for a gun safe that will suit your needs, has a strong construction, and some advanced features, this one will highly impress you.

Mounting any gun safe is a difficult process itself, but not with this one. Say goodbye to all your complicated gun safes that won’t mount properly on the walls or cabinets.

INTERGREAT has designed a smart gun safe that will install easily in your desired space. There are drilled holes at the back and bottom of the safe, which enables easy installation of the safe.

This one features four bolts, an emergency key, a power box, and a wrench, so you don’t have to spend anything extra on the necessary tools.

With dimensions of 11.8 inches in width, 11 inches in diameter, and 57 inches in height, you can store multiple firearms with their optics or scopes inside this safe. The lock system is pretty remarkable and easy to control.

Its exterior is built with a durable and long-lasting steel frame that provides impeccable strength for a long time. You get static blankets in the interior of the safe to provide protection to your rifles against scratches.


  • Sturdy construction offers support and resistance
  • Maximum accommodation of rifles and scopes due to large size
  • Pre-drilled holes allow quick installation
  • Powerful lock system ensures security


  • Door doesn’t open automatically


If quality and strong build are your primary concerns, this one will be the best investment you ever make on gun safes.

What Size Should a Gun Safe Be for AR 15?

When it comes to choosing a gun safe, size matters a lot. You can purchase a gun safe, and it might not accommodate your AR15. We suggest going for a safe that claims to accommodate at least 50-inch-long rifles to stay on the safe side.

However, if you’re someone who does not need such a big safe and wants to settle for something close to their rifle size, choose a safe that is 1½ times bigger than your rifle firearm.

Factors Should Be Considered Before Buying AR 15 Gun Safe

Now that you’ve obtained enough information about some great gun safes for AR15 rifles, let’s have a quick look at some of the necessary factors you should consider before buying a gun safe.

Steel Gauge Thickness

Choose a gun safe with a good steel wall thickness, preferably 10 to 14-inch gauge steel. With a steel gauge, you don’t need to pick something that has a higher value because it works the opposite way here.

10-inch gauge steel is thicker than a 15 or 20-inch one. So, make sure the steel gauge thickness is adequate for the firearms you’re storing inside.

Mounting Option

Try to opt for gun safes that come drilled with holes beforehand. With such facility, you can mount your gun safes on the walls and cabinets in any direction you want.

Locking Mechanism

A gun safe should have a top-notch locking mechanism. When you’re buying a gun safe, make sure you get the one that is most comfortable to you.

If you’re familiar with the traditional lock system, get a safe that has both mechanical and tubular lock systems. However, if you prefer something more advanced, pick a safe with a biometric system.

Look for a safe that has a quick and easy fingerprint scanning feature as well as strong biometric sensors.


Material is another important aspect to keep in mind before choosing a gun safe. The longevity of any product depends on its exterior material. A similar case applies to a gun safe too.

When you’re buying a gun safe, look for a very high-quality and heavy-duty steel frame as the external material. Such material will not only last long but also provide strength to the safe.

Final Words

Wrapping up the discussion, it can be said that finding the best gun safe for AR 15can be a challenging task. This is why it’s important to select a gun safe after thorough analysis.

If you follow this guide, you’ll be able to make a smart choice based on the individual reviews of each product we’ve recommended.

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