Top 8 Best Gun Safe For Apartment In 2023

Most of the apartment dwellers face problems choosing the right gun safe in their apartments. Heavy gun safes are difficult to lift and may also damage your floor if it is not strong enough to hold heavy weight.

Another problem is you might require your safe bolting down to the floor for security purposes. However, for a variety of reasons you may not be allowed to bolting the safe to the floor.

One of the most common problems is renting apartments and frequently moving to the various parts of the country or you may just don’t want to damage the floor. So choosing the right gun safe for an apartment is crucial for you.

Considering the fact we’ve come out with the best gun safe for apartment reviews for you. We hope this review will help you to make the right decision and reduce the chance of picking the wrong items.


Best apartment gun safe: Quick review


V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe
  • Our Rating: 4.8/5
  • Steel Construction: 10 Ga
  • Weight (Pound): 21
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 Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5
  • Steel Gauge: 14
  • Weight (Pound): 88
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Monster Vault Dual Lock Under Bed Safe
  • Our Rating: 4.7/5
  • Construction: Steel
  • Weight (Pound): 130.3
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Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe
  • Our Rating: 4.3/5
  • Construction: Steel
  • Weight (Pound): 9.26
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Vaultek VT20i
  • Our Rating: 4.4/5
  • Steel Construction: 16 Ga
  • Weight (Pound): 7.05
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Awesafe Gun Safe
  • Our Rating: 4.6/5
  • Construction: Solid Steel
  • Weight (Pound): 10
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SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe with Biometric Lock
  • Our Rating: 4.2/5
  • Construction: Solid Steel
  • Weight (Pound): 16
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SnapSafe Under Bed Safe
  • Our Rating: 4.1/5
  • Steel Construction: 14 Ga
  • Weight (Pound): 105
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Best gun safe for apartment

1. V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe

V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe

Whether it’s to secure pistol, revolver, magazine, jewelry, or personal documents like passport, social security card, and birth certificate V- Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe is a great solution for you.

It’s well built rugged 10 gauge steel construction provides reliability, security, and extreme protection from unauthorized persons. It comes with a 12 gauge steel handle for ensuring extra protection from pry attracts.  It also comes with five buttons and a knob at the right for opening the safe. After pushing code, you just need to turn the knob at 90 degrees right.

This heavy-duty pistol safe is a real beast and looks like a tank. It has been made in the USA and doesn’t compromise with the quality. It is equipped with a gas-assisted strut which ensures a smooth and quick opening of the lid even with a single finger.  

You can store 2 full-size pistols along with a magazine without affecting the closing of the strut.  It comes with interior foams to protect your handguns from scratches.  However, if you need to store documents along with pistols you can remove the bottom foam and store both. The depth of the safe is 3.5 inches after removing the bottom foam.

With four ¼ inches pre-drilled holes at the bottom, it provides you the opportunity to bolt it to the floor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with extra holes for the security cable. All you need to do is to drill the holes to pass the security cables.

One of the great advantages of this safe is it uses a simplex locking system that doesn’t require a battery. V-line is designed to build for numerous purposes and can be used in your apartment, car, hotel, office, boat, etc.  

Overall, this is a great safe and worth every penny. Because of its durability, built quality, quick access, and performance, we keep it slightly ahead of Fort Knox. We definitely recommend V- Line Brute Safe as the best bedside handgun safe for the apartment.


  • Made in the  USA
  • Heavy-duty 10 gauge steel construction
  • It comes with a simplex push-button lock and requires no battery.
  • 12 gauge handle to prevent pry lock attract
  • Gas-assisted strut opening
  • It can survive from a 10 feet drop test.
  • Customizable interior foam
  • Enough space to store two full-size pistol


  • Button seems little loose
  • No additional hole for security cable
  • Only one year warranty

2. Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe

 Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe

If you require a lightweight medium size long gun safe for an apartment then Moutec Large Electronic Rifle Safe could be a great option for you. It is an only 88-pound weight which allows you to place it on the upper floor of the house without causing any damage to the floor.

Compared to other gun safes, Moutec is much wider and deeper allowing you to store up to 5 rifles with or without a scope. It also comes with an extra lockbox at the top of the safe so you can store handguns, bullets, money, and other valuable easily inside there.

This gun cabinet is constructed with 14 gauge steel making it strong enough to protect burglars and intruders. Three locking deadbolts are added with the door for preventing pry attracts and unauthorized access to the safe.

This safe is run by 4 AA batteries. You can open this safe using keypad and backup keys. Keep the backup keys in a secured place as you might need it if batteries die or keypad fails, in any case. Overall this is a very good budget-friendly gun safe that can be used in any place.


  • Lockbox, mounting hardware and backup keys included
  • Silent mode
  • Pre-drilled holes at the back and bottom
  • Wrong code entry alarm
  • 88 pound
  • Deeper and wider


  • Cannot be stored rifles above 50 inches long

3. Monster Vault Dual Lock Under Bed Safe

Monster Vault Dual Lock Under Bed Safe

Monster Vault Under Bed Safe is designed to be used for multiple purposes. You can store shotguns, rifles, pistols, and other valuables comfortably. You can also use it as an alternative to a long gun safe especially when you’ve got limited space in your apartment.

This is a very well-built and sturdy safe that costs much more than any other under-bed safes currently available on the market. Its large horizontal slide drawer provides quick access within just 2 seconds. Its 3 cubic feet ample space along with 100-pound capacity provides you multiple storage options.

Monster vault is considered to be the best under-bed gun safe because of its performance, build quality, advanced security, and durability. It has been constructed with 140-pound cold-rolled steel.

It comes with a digital programmable combination lock, 3 to 8 digit, which helps ensure quick access and security as well.

Overall, this is a great under-bed safe particularly for large spaces, build quality, reliability, and security. We recommend you purchase it especially if you have got long guns and a pistol and at the same got limited space in your apartment or house.


  • Made in the  USA
  • 7 years warranty
  • Better looking
  • Provides U bolts on request
  • Ample space
  • Quiet drawer opening


  • Expensive
  • Only two lockers on the sides

4. Vaultek Slider Series Rugged Smart Handgun Safe

Vaultek Slider Series has overcome its height issue smartly. With the new increased height, you can now store a full size 1911 or any handgun having an overall length up to 8.875 inches along with a spare magazine. This is one of the most impressive gun safes ever came out from Valutek and the best among all handgun safes.

Like other Vaultek products, this slider handgun safe does come with multiple access opportunities. You can access it using a fingerprint scanner, rapid-fire backlit keypad, manual keys, and smart key.

Its smart key is really wonderful addition; you can easily access the safe within just.3 seconds. With that being said, we recommend you store it in a secure place and not use it frequently. If you left it unattended anybody can access your safe which may result in unwanted incidents.

It is equipped with three-point precision systems with a ball bearing guide that opens the safe and makes the gun ready to use in a second. It does come with a proprietary mounting plate which allows vertical mounting. With its multiple mounting options, you can mount it to the wall, under the car seat, tableside, and even on the self.

You can remotely control and monitor live data of the safe by using simple smartphones and powerful Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery ensures up to 4 months of operation with just a single charge, on frequent use.

16 gauges rugged steel constructions with black powder-coated finish ensure a high level of safety, security, and endurance. With high-density interior foam, it protects your firearms from being scratched.

In conclusion, if you want a well constructed, quick access nightstand bedside handgun safe then this safe is the best option for you without any doubt. 


  • Interior LED light
  • Responsive light for illuminating keypad
  • Four-way access
  • Multiple mounting options
  • It can be remotely managed by smartphone apps
  • 16 gauge steel construction   


  • Smart key not included
  • Expensive compared to other nightstand bedside gun safe.

5. Vaultek VT20i

Vaultek VT20i is yet another masterpiece from Valutek. This is one of the best biometric handgun safes for the apartment. You can also use it in your car, office, and hotel, and anywhere you want. It’s only 7.2 pounds weight so you can carry it in any place without facing trouble.

With its 4-way access system, you can access it using a fingerprint sensor, keypad, backup keys, and smart app. You can also monitor battery level, history log, tamper detection, and manage interior brightness by using your smartphone.

Unlike other low costs safe, its biometric fingerprint sensor works flawlessly. It has been built with 16 gauge steel construction making it solid, durable, and secured. Its interior dimension is 11.5 inches wide, 5.75 inches deep, and 2 inches tall which allows you to store 2 standard sizes handguns along with magazines, lighters, etc.

One rechargeable lithium-ion battery is required to operate this safe. With one single charge, you can run thin safe up to 4 months on frequent use. It’s got a USB charging port so when the battery dies you just need to connect with an electric socket.

Anti-pry bars, dual anti-impact latches, quick release cable mount, steel security cable, and many more features make it difficult for burglars to access. Overall, with this safe Valutek knocked its competitor out of the park. We definitely recommend you buy this safe if you have a little more budget.


  • Bright interior LED light
  • It can store up to 20 fingerprints
  • Impressive design and built quality
  • 4-way accesses
  • Security cable included
  • So many features to protect against unauthorized access.


  • Lid pops up so quickly that whole body shakes
  • Costlier than competitors

6. Awesafe Gun Safe

Awesafe Gun Safe

Awesafe Gun Safe has been designed to be used for multiple purposes. You can use it in your apartment, office, car, and hotel without facing any difficulty. It weighs around 10 pounds so easily movable. If you have a child in your home this safe could be a great option for you to protect them from unauthorized access.

It does come with a biometric fingerprint scanner which allows you to open the safe with just one finger. It’s got a compressor gas strut which ensures a quiet smooth opening of the door. You can also open it with an electronic keypad using the password and backup keys.

One thing you should bear in mind that, before using it you have to set your own password and fingerprint. Otherwise, anybody can open it using their fingerprint. This safe can store up to 30 fingerprints so you can store all of your fingers for quick access in case of emergency.

With this safe, you can store 2 standard size handguns along with magazines. This safe is equipped with interior foam to protect your gun from scratches. Two 5/16 inches holes at the bottom provide you the opportunity to mount it to the wall and bolt it down to the floor.

Overall, this is one of the best gun safes for the money, we really recommend you to buy it. We would like to keep it over Sentry Safe QAP2BEL because of user feedback.


  • Compression gas strut helps quick door opening
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and easily movable
  • Interior LED light
  • Solid steel construction with pry-resistant door


  • Only one year warranty

7. SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

SentrySafe QAP2BEL Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

SentrySafe QAP2BEL biometric gun safe helps ensure super quick access with its biometric fingerprint scanner. Its biometric fingerprint works accurately in most cases which is really great. You can open it with your finger within just 2 seconds.  The gas strut compressor ensures a quick smooth lid opening without making any sound.

It provides three-way access to the safe. Apart from biometric fingerprint access, you can also open it using a keypad and keys. It does come with 2 backup keys which can give you access while batteries die or in case of emergency.

You can store 2 standard size pistols along with ammo, a magazine, and a lighter. Interior LED light provides easy navigation in low light conditions. It requires 4 AA alkaline batteries to operate. This DOJ-approved gun safe is built with solid steel making it difficult for an intruder to access.

In conclusion, this is a worth buying biometric gun safe that ensures the safety and security of your family spending not much.


  • Compression gas strut helps quick door opening
  • Affordable
  • Easy navigation with interior light
  • Quick access with a single hand


  • Doesn’t come with security cable and battery
  • Lack of brightness of LED light.

8. SnapSafe Under Bed Safe

SnapSafe under bed gun safe comes in 3 different sizes. It’s been built with 14 gauge heavy-duty steel which makes it solid, durable, and long-lasting. It has got 4 pre-drilled holes for bolting down to the floor.

This safe is designed to be used for multiple purposes. Using its large slide-out drawer, you can easily store rifles, jewelry, handguns, important document, laptop, and many more. Apart from the apartment, you can also use it in a vehicle.

It comes with an additional security cable which allows you to secure it with any kind of stationery and furniture. Its pry-resistant door helps keep your children and burglars away from unauthorized access.

This safe provides two ways access facility one being through the electronic keypad and the other being using manual keys. If you have not got enough budgets then we definitely recommend you to buy this safe.      


  • Security cable included
  • Pry-resistant door to protect unauthorized access
  • Affordable
  • Solid construction with 14 gauge steel
  • Multiple uses


  • Loud keypad sound
  • Not DOJ approved but it will certainly meet the criteria.
  • Not water and fireproof

Best gun safe for apartment buying guide

Weight of the gun safe

Before buying a gun safe for the apartment you should first take into account the weight of the safe. The weight of the safe should not exceed the holding capacity of the apartment floor. Heavyweights of the safe can damage your floor badly.

Mounting option

One of the most important parts of choosing a gun safe for an apartment is to have multiple mounting options especially wall and desk mounting options. If you’re renting, you might not be allowed to bolt your safe down to the floor. Also, you might not be willing to damage your own apartment floor.

Quick access

Another crucial factor that needs to be considered is how fast you can access your gun safe. You should buy a gun safe that is accessible within just 3 seconds. Otherwise, you might be fallen in trouble in case of an emergency.

Fire safety

Most of the small and lightweight gun safe is not fire-resistant. But if you really want to protect your valuables from fire then you should go for a fireproof gun safe. However, you need to spend plenty of cash in order to possess a fireproof gun safe. If you don’t want to spend lots of dollars right at this moment you still have the opportunity to buy a fireproof gun safe under 500 dollars.

Thickness of the steel

Your gun safe should be made out of at least 16 gauge steel construction. The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel construction will be. However, you need to stretch your wallet a little bit more in order to have a well-constructed gun safe.


Another important thing that everybody considers is the price. If you can ensure the security of your firearms then you might not require to spent plenty of money. If you don’t have enough budget right at this moment you can purchase a well-secured gun safe under $300.

Final verdict

Every gun safe depicted above is different from each other in terms of features and specifications. Therefore, all you need to do is to figure out the best gun safe for apartment as per your requirement.

Although all the products are of good quality and worth every penny, we’ve still made the three best choices here hope that will help you further to make the right decision.

First choice: We selected V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe with Quick Access Lock as the best heavy duty handgun safe for the apartment.

Second choice: We selected Monster Vault Dual Lock Safe as the best under bed gun safe. You can use it as an alternative to the long gun safe and store rifles, shotguns, laptops, documents, and ammo.

Third choice: We selected Vaultek Slider Smart Handgun Safe as the best bedside and nightstand gun safe.

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