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Best Gun Security Cabinet In 2023

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You’re either a gun hobbyist or an authorized gun owner who’s conscious about his safety before anything else. And you can’t evade the fact that as much as it radiates an insane amount of thrill, it comes with great responsibilities too.

Thereupon you need the best gun cabinet to secure your firearms from intruders or anyone who’s not approved of using a gun.

In the meantime, you want to ensure easy access to your guns to stay armed during times of potential dangers.

Since it’s a major investment as well as a liability, you may experience a magnitude of uncertainties.

Thus, we have curated a list of five-gun cabinets and reviewed them in different categories. Hopefully, it will help you re-evaluate your choices and make a fair decision.


Best Gun Cabinet Review

While compiling this list, we focused on the diverse needs of gun owners. Be it a pistol or a rifle. Wherefore, we assessed each product by their key features, fortes, specific use, convenience, perks, and seatbacks too. And to help you further, at the end of this review, a brief buying guide awaits.

1. Moutec Large Rifle Safe

 Moutec Large Gun Storage Cabinet

Moutec secured first place on our list because this is by far one of the best gun security cabinets for long guns.

To begin with, it comes with a spacious compartment for storing large rifles and a separate lockable box for higher security. You can keep up to 5-6 rifles or shotguns that are 50 inches tall.

And the separate box with an advanced locking mechanism allows you to store important papers, ammunition, expensive jewelry, and other valuables.

Since it has a slim and tall profile with a spacious interior, you don’t have to worry about its storage convenience. Be it your home or office; the Moutec gun cabinet adapts perfectly to the given environment.

Luckily this gun cabinet is supremely durable and rich in strength. Thanks to its thoughtful construction. The authentic combination of high-grade alloy and metal ensures offering a solid structure to your gun cabinet.

Additionally, the innovative locking mechanism safeguards your essentials from kids and intruders.

How does this safe lock work?

Well, all you have to do is to create a unique pin code by the electronic key-pad. Then only you will have the authority to open it. Hypothetically if you forget the pin code, then you will have a spare key to lock/unlock.

So basically, you are getting a dual locking system with a sturdy metal handle to open it with ease.

Now you may wonder what will happen if anyone tries to invade the cabinet in your absence. For starters, if anyone puts a wrong pin code three times straight, it will start beeping.

As a result, you will get informed immediately if any intruder sneaks in at night.

On the other hand, if you don’t want the intruders to hear, you are entitled to activate the silent mode.

Since the cabinet comes with pre-drilled mounting holes on the rear side and two underneath, you don’t have to stress over the installation.

You can easily adhere it to the floor or the walls by using bolts. Here you have two advantages; first, you can accommodate it anywhere you prefer. Secondly, as the safe is welded inside the floor, the burglars will think twice before removing the gun cabinet from its place.

Insane, isn’t it?


  • Three in the built locking mechanism
  • Engineered with 100% steel walls
  • Temper resistant inner edges
  • No need to renew the pin even if the battery drains
  • A separate lockbox protects your valuables
  • Two emergency keys
  • An in-depth user manual


  • Wobbles in hardwood floor

Why Should You Buy This Product?

There are many reasons, but one thing that sets it apart from others is its sturdiness compared to the price. The longevity standards are equivalent to a metal gun safe. It’s definitely the best gun cabinet for the money.

2. Langger Gun Safe for Rifle

Are you looking for a biometric rifle safe with a removable storage shelf?

Rejoice! Langger offers quick firearm access through its updated electronic gun safety program.

You can customize the passcode to have easy and quick access to your gun cabinet during emergencies.

Also, if your rifle safe runs out of battery, the passcode doesn’t require any renewal neither get lost. Thus, you can protect your weapons from any kind of assault or unwanted access.

Now let’s talk about its space. For starters, it has a larger and deeper rifle safe than most of the gun cabinets. However, it has a wider interior than the gun cabinet we reviewed above.

It is 15.4 inches in width, 8.8 inches in depth, and 56.5 inches in height. In contrast, the depth of this gun cabinet’s interior is narrower than the Moutecc rifle safe.

If you have a closer look, then you will decipher that the width difference is very subtle.

No wonder it can store up to 5 rifles with 50 inches or more height ( which is also quite similar to the previous gun cabinet). This rifle safe is not deep enough for rifles with scopes or optics attached.

Although the interior is engineered with soft foam barrel rest, the carpeted surface helps to accommodate your guns seamlessly. Furthermore, this gun cabinet provides a separate lockbox and a detachable storage shelf.

While you can store your important documents or valuables inside the lockbox, the storage compartment will take care of your projectiles, handguns, batteries, etc. Albeit, the separate compartment can’t be installed if your rifles are longer than 43.5 inches.

If your rifles are smaller than this range, then you can easily assemble the storage compartment for increased protection and convenience. Now that’s something which sets it apart from the previous product.

Anyways, the cabinet is constructed with durable materials like premium-grade steel. It is temper resistant and holds a solid structure. Here the door is 1.2″ ultra-thick and includes five dead-locking steel deadbolts for further protection.

While on the other hand, the long alarm feature offers a silent mode and releases a warning tone for 5 times wrong entries.

You’ll be notified with a shrill beeping alarm when anyone tries to breach your privacy. Last but not least, it comes with pre-punched mounting holes and hardware for floor mounting.

Thus, you get an effortless wall-to-wall or floor-to-floor installation inside your home/office. Even if your enemies think of removing the cabinet, they can barely move it. Hence, you can rest assured.


  • Comes with one emergency battery pack
  • 2 main keys and lockbox keys
  • Offers four anchor mounting bolts
  • Removable shelf for extra storage
  • Compatible with both home and office
  • Instruction manual for clarity
  • Effortless floor-to-floor mounting for improved security


  • A bit overpriced

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This rifle cabinet stands out in the crowd because of its space allowance, biometric gun safe, and effortless installation. It’s pricier than the first product but for very valid reasons. Take the extra removable storage, for instance.

3. Stack-On Steel Security Cabinet

Here we have Stack-On’s ready to assemble security cabinet, which is approved by the CA Department of justice by meeting all their standards for firearm safety. This brand has a plethora of gun cabinets in different sizes and capacities. This one can store up to 8 rifles or shotguns.

The best part about this cabinet is the patented barrel rests to keep your firearms stable inside the cabinet. Also, the barrel rests are adjustable to store weapons of various sizes. They are immune to compression or deterioration over time.

It features a superior all-steel three-point locking mechanism. The locking bar passes behind the steel cabinet frame both at the top and the bottom of the cabinet.

Additionally, there’s a large steel locking plate that goes behind the frame near the center section of the door, offering you three locking points. Thus, you obtain maximum security.

However, it doesn’t feature any electronic key-pad where you can set your desired pin code for quick access.

Instead, it comes with a conventional key-coded system only. Consequently, if you have any premonition of getting assaulted by competent burglars or intruders, then most probably, it will fail to protect your assets.

Now about the storage; you can easily store your scoped guns and some extra guns in less space. On top of that, it includes a removable steel shelf to ensure additional storage when need be.

Apart from these, this security cabinet comes with pre-drilled mounting holes at the rear and bottom part for easy wall-to-wall or floor-to-floor attachment. The rich black profile includes an epoxy paint finish with the essence of silver accents that perfectly suits your home/office interior.


  • Comes with fastening hardware
  • DOJ approved (merges the security standard of CPCS 12088)
  • Patented barrel standoffs enable one position scoped rifle storage
  • Padded bottoms and barrel rests to prevent flaking
  • Tamper-resistant clamps for a solid installation
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes for floor or wall attachment
  • Offers two keys in case you lost one


  • Doesn’t notify you during forceful entry
  • No electronic key-pad for personalized pin code

Why Should You Buy This Product?

If having more storage options for scoped rifles and securing them against the nosy guests and children are many of your prime objectives, then you should definitely buy this.

4. RPNB Rifle Safe

 RPNB Gun Security Cabinet

The RPNB store is one of the many prominent brands. They have the legacy of catering to higher security and ensuring a durable overall construction. This electronic gun cabinet is compatible with your home and office environment both.

It adapts to almost everywhere while storing up to 5 rifles with 49 inches in height. You will also get a separate compartment to store your valuables, projectiles, pistols, dollars, confidential papers, handguns, etc.

If you have nosy neighbors or kids who tend to invade your privacy, then the electronic locking mechanism will help you. It allows you to create your passcode to ensure extreme protection against children and invaders.

You need to choose a unique pin code between 3 to 8 digits, or you can also lock it using the keys. Now, what happens when someone tries to make wrong entries? Well, in this case, a yellow light will start beaming with an alarm only if three wrong entries are made.

In fact, after the wrong entries, the safe will switch into a dormant mode for 20 seconds straight.

This way, you will be informed whenever someone tries to unlock your gun cabinet without approval. Furthermore, the gun cabinet is made of tough 16-gauge carbon steel material, which is rust-resistant and damage-proof.

During the events of emergencies such as forceful break-ins, your cabinet will remain harmless due to the anti-theft and tamper-proof protection.

It incorporates five live door bolts and an immaculately bonded steel structure. This prevents any kind of snooping or prying to amplify the overall security. Lastly, you have pre-drilled holes for an easier and quicker installation.


  • A durable wooden gun barrel
  • Separate cabinet for ammunitions
  • Electronic key-pad for enhanced security
  • Wrong alarms and sleeping mode
  • Pre-drilled holes and hardware for effortless installation
  • 2x backup keys for a rifle safe and ammo cabinet both


  • Thin door panel
  • Not resistant to water

Why Should You Buy This Product?

If you are looking for a gun cabinet that easily fits into any closet while providing enough storage for 5 long guns, then this might suffice your requirements.

5. Stack-On GCB-910 Steel Security Cabinet

While looking for the best lightweight gun safe, we came across a lot of them, but nothing could surpass Stack-On’s GCB-910 compact steel security cabinet.

We agree that there’s a lighter cabinet than this one. But, here not only it weighs only 61 pounds but also the price point is cheaper than the rest.

It’s capable of holding up to 52 inches tall shotguns or rifles easily. You can store approximately 10 of them.

On top of that, if you want some extra space to store your ammunition, handguns, or foreign currencies, then you can keep them inside the additional steel top cabinet.

Here this cabinet is removable to make enough room for taller rifles. Now, most of the cabinet shelves are mounted in the middle, which more or less consumes a lot of space. Thus, longer guns can’t be stored seamlessly.

Since the removable self here is placed in the back of the gun cabinet, you can keep your guns in the front.

Besides, the patented barrel rest facilitates a snug fit to your guns to give them ample stability.

It can easily adapt to the guns as well as side-by-side shotguns.

In addition, you can store the rifles without removing the scopes due to barrel standoffs.

The stack-on gun cabinet comes with pre-punched top mounting holes to allow effortless floor or wall attachment.

It ensures keeping your possessions safe from sneaky neighbors and children.

Here, we would like to mention that you get exactly what you have paid for in terms of durability. Thus, expecting superior protection would be a delusion.

Anyways, you will get all the clamping and finishing tools included in the package.

Further, to amplify the overall security, it offers a 3-point locking mechanism that incorporates a double-butted, key-coded lock.

Finally, the bottom and the barrel rest of this cabinet are foam-padded to prevent scratch, flaking, or any sort of damage.


  • Weighs only 61 pounds
  • Can hold 10 guns up to 52 inches
  • Pre-drilled holes and added hardware for effortless assembly
  • Approved by California Department of justice
  • Cushioned bottoms and barrel rest resists scratch
  • Removable top steel shelf
  • Barrel rest keeps the rifles steady inside the cabinet


  • No electronic key-pad security
  • Key is susceptible to damage

Why Should You Buy This Product?

The reason why you should buy this is definitely the compact and lightweight feature with maximum gun holding capacity.

Gun Safe vs Gun Cabinet

A lot of people seem to have this dilemma between a gun safe and gun cabinets. Some of them consider themselves to do the same thing while in reality, they have some primary differences.

To be honest, the confusion derives from the similarities, which are greater than the contrast.

Now some of the major differences are the locking mechanism and the steel quality. Typically, the gun safes are more prone to have a robust steel construction. It’s thicker and lasts longer than the steel used for gun cabinets.

As for the locking system, it’s also truer than the rifle cabinets that open by a key. Some of the gun cabinets have advanced locking systems such as biometric gun safe security, the wrong alarm, the sleeping mode activation, etc. But most of them are just like a closet that is easily accessible through a key.

Conversely, gun safes feature premium biometric locks that convey tamper notification to your devices.

What to Consider Before Buying a Gun Security Cabinet?

The overflowing number of gun cabinets available in the market might perplex you. Thus, choosing the ideal gun cabinet that meets your convenience is no less than an intimidating task. No worries. We are here to simplify your decision-making journey. Check out the below-mentioned facts and consider them before making a purchase.

Wooden vs Metal Gun Cabinet

The first thing you need to inspect is whether you want a wooden gun cabinet or a metal one. And how are you going to determine that?

Well, wooden gun cabinets are aesthetically pleasing, whereas the metal ones appear more like an obsolete machine. Also, they are lighter than the metal ones and comes at a relatively competitive price.

On the flip side, in times of emergencies like floods or fire, wooden cabinets have nothing in defense.

The possibility of the fire rating not merging the standards of the insurance companies is very high. Furthermore, the electronic locks offer high adaptability to metal cabinets than wooden ones.

Now keeping these things in mind, you need to recognize the priorities or the things you truly need to protect your guns.

If you are seeking a lightweight gun cabinet with a low price point while ensuring a standard level of security, then wooden ones will do the job.

On the other hand, if durability and extreme protection are all you need regardless of the budget and weight, then metal ones reign without a shred of doubt.


When it comes to capacity, it simply defines how many guns it can hold. Even if a gun cabinet is capable of storing more than 10 rifles, it shouldn’t tickle your fancy. Because what’s more concerning is how many guns you have or plan to have in the forthcoming days. Are all of them normal handguns, or do you own some long-scoped rifles too?

Depending on the type and quantity of the guns you possess, you should set the bar for the ideal capacity.

If you have 5 rifles, for instance, and you want to store some bullets too, then choose a gun cabinet with up to 5 rifles holding capacity, including an additional compartment to keep the bullets or other valuables.

Build Quality

Always look for the best build quality available on a budget. A competent build quality includes a durable overall construction, barrel rests, and standoffs, foam pads for bottoms, a sturdy handle, and seamlessly drilled holes for proper wall or floor attachment.


There’s no need to spend a fortune to attain the most suitable gun cabinet. You will get few amazing gun cabinets that are below 250 dollars with a biometric locking mechanism, multiple rifles holding capacity, necessary hardware, and other crucial features. And for that, you don’t need to break the bank.

Fire Safety

If you are planning to get a wooden gun cabinet, then you won’t get any protection against fire or flood. But as long as you are rooting for a metal gun cabinet, ensure choosing the gun safe having fire safety features.

Final Words

Undeniably, gun cabinets are one of the biggest investments with great responsibilities and stress. Mostly, when your safety is at stake, and you have the constant fear of getting assaulted.

But instead of panicking, you should focus on the things you are expecting from the best gun cabinet. Pinpoint all your requirements and priorities and choose the one that tics all.

Ask yourself, is it capable of mitigating your stress while guaranteeing you safe and secured storage?

If yes, then you have nothing to worry about.

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