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Gun safes should always be a priority of any gun owner to store their weapon properly.

Keeping your firearm locked inside a gun vault is a good idea, even if you do not have little children running around the house.

It not only keeps your weapon out of sight but also limits access to it by anyone other than yourself.

But if you want a type of gun safe that does not restrict your access to your weapon, going with a biometric unit might be your best bet.

With only a touch from your fingertip, you will be able to access your weapon without fiddling around with keys or an access code.

This article will give you a quick rundown of everything you need to know about the best biometric pistol safe in the market.


Best Biometric Handgun Safe Reviews

Here are our top picks for the finest pistol safes with top-notch biometric capabilities.

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun and Pistol Safe

Showcasing a daily use scenario for the vaultek vt20i-bk

We will be kicking things off with a fantastic option by the brand VAULTEK.

The VT20i is an excellent choice for anyone who likes keeping a couple of handguns at home for self-defense. It is small, portable, and gives you quick access to your weapons any time you need them.

The unit features a strong responsive biometric sensor that can instantly pick up your fingerprints the moment you place your fingers on it.

As a result, you will be able to access your weapon faster.

In addition to biometric security, the unit also features a five-digit electronic keypad lock, smartphone access, and a manual lock.

Without proper access, gaining entry inside the safe is next to impossible. It is made using high-quality 16-gauge steel.

The safe features anti-pry bars to further enhance its security. Its dual anti-impact latches also protect it against any form of prying or break-in attempts.

Though it is designed to hold a single handgun along with a couple of small items, you can, in fact, store two small weapons inside it without too much issue.

The interior is padded with soft foam to protect your firearms against any damage. It is powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and goes to full charge within 2.5 hours.


  • Impressive build quality
  • Four different access points
  • The biometric scanner is fast and responsive
  • It comes with rechargeable batteries


  • A bit on the pricy side


When it comes to the best fingerprint handgun safe, this one is hard to beat.

Though it is priced a bit higher, it gives you a level of quality that is hard to find elsewhere.

So, if you have the budget for it, this would be the best investment.

Awesafe Fingerprint Handgun Safe

Coming up next, we will be looking at a small form-factor handgun safe by the brand Awesafe. Granted, it is not the most well-known brand on the market, but they rarely mess up when it comes to quality.

So naturally, we expected nothing short of perfection from them. For gaining access, you have three different options to choose from.

Firstly, you can use the built-in fingerprint scanner to gain quick entry without fumbling around with keys or buttons. Then, you also get a four-digit electronic keypad to access the electronic lock and a pair of backup keys for manual access.

The seamless design of the gun safe means there is no chance of prying it open. It features spring-assisted gas-strut compressors on the door so that you can open it silently.

This design is highly efficient if you want to access your weapons fast without making any noise. Another great feature of the gun safe is the interior lighting when you open it. So even if the room is completely dark, you can clearly see the inside.

The interior comes with decent padding and has enough space for a single handgun and a couple of small valuables inside it.


  • For quiet operation, the door has a gas-strut compressor
  • Three different access modes
  • Seamless pry-resistant design
  • It comes at an affordable price


  • Interior padding is a bit low


As a budget-friendly option, you would be hard-pressed trying to find a better unit than this one.

It has many fantastic features that make it a very practical choice, both as a nightstand unit or travel gun safe.

The thing we love best about the product is how quiet it is.

SentrySafe QAP1BLX Biometric Handgun Safe

SentrySafe is a big brand that is often compared with the likes of Vaultek or RPNB.

So, if you are looking for the best biometric handgun safe, it is natural that they have some great options for you to look at.

Personally, though, we recommend the SentrySafe QAP1BLX for its good balance of quality and pricing.

The biometric scanner in the unit might be one of the fastest ones you will find on the market.

Its quick response is perfect for those who want to get to their weapon within seconds.

In addition, the four-digit electronic keypad and manual backup keys serve as secondary means of access if you ever need them.

Since the unit is made out of alloy steel, it manages to be exceptionally lightweight despite its sturdy construction.

Similar to the Awesafe offering, this one features gas-strut compressors on the door for quick and easy access.

In addition, the unit comes with a pry-resistant door to ensure nothing gets through it without your authorization.

The unit runs on 4 AA batteries, as is the standard with such portable units. It has enough space in the interior to store one handgun and some extra items.

If you need more room, you can spend some extra bucks to get the larger model. But for people concerned with self-defense, it is all they would ever need.


  • Offers great value for the money
  • Small, lightweight, and portable
  • Quick and responsive biometric sensor
  • Good battery life


  • No apparent cons


This is not the cheapest unit on the market, but it is the one that offers the highest value.

Its scanner is extremely quick, and you should be able to gain access on the inside within seconds. For the price it asks, there are very few units out there that offer as much performance.

Moutec Biometric Pistol Safe

For our following product, we opted to go with a simple yet efficient option by the brand Moutec.

If you haven’t heard of the name, then we won’t blame you because neither did we before trying it out ourselves.

But after giving it a thorough check, any doubts we had about it completely disappeared.

At such a budget option, we were naturally a bit skeptical about the quality of its fingerprint sensors.

But to our surprise, it immediately recognized the print and popped open.

Apart from that, the electronic keypad in the unit has six digits and can handle complex combinations quite well.

The unfortunate thing about the unit is its lack of gas-strut compressors, which means it will not be automatically opened when it recognizes your print.

However, it still features pry-resistant hinges, which is what really matters when it comes to the overall security of the safe.

It is also the only gun safe on this list with the capacity to hold two handguns without any issue.

The interior is surprisingly spacious and features interior lighting to make it easy for you to access your weapon in pitch darkness.

The unit runs on batteries and can last quite a while on a single set.


  • New and Improved Biometric Fingprint sensors
  • It comes at an affordable price tag
  • Spacious interior design
  • Interior lighting for use in low-light conditions
  • Six digits electronic keypad


  • No gas-strut compressor on the door


This is an option that is still only suitable for budget spenders.

Though the fingerprint sensor is quite responsive, at times, it freezes up, and you have to open the safe using the access code or manual keys.

However, at a low price, this is a great choice if you want a way to keep your weapons away from small children around the house.

BARSKA Biometric Handgun Safe

The Barska Biometric Safe is one of those premium choices you can make if you are dead serious about gun safety.

It is approved by the Department of Justice, California, so there can be no doubt about its credibility.

If you have no issue with the price, this could be the best biometric pistol safe for you.

With other options on this list, you saw two or three different means of access.

However, this unit opted to give you only a state-of-the-art fingerprint scanner because they know that it will work flawlessly.

And as expected, the response time and accuracy of the unit are unmatched in the market.

The construction of the unit is also quite admirable, giving you a 16-gauge steel body along with 2 steel locking bolts.

So, getting to the interior of this safe without the proper fingerprint is almost impossible.

That is why many people use it to store not only their guns but also cash, credit cards, or other valuables inside.

Now, speaking of the interior, the inside comes padded with foam mats to protect your belongings.

You will have enough space to store a lot of other items in addition to your gun.

It consumes very little power, so a single set of batteries should last you a pretty long time without requiring any replacements.


  • Excellent build quality
  • Spacious interior design
  • Steel locking bolts for increased security
  • Impressive biometric scanner


  • A bit on the pricy side


Because of the price of the unit, not everyone can afford it.

However, if you want no compromise in security for your belongings, this is the best choice out there for you.

RPNB Mounted Biometric Gun Safe

Having the option to store multiple guns or a couple of small items is no doubt great.

But not everyone wants that out of their gun safe.

If you are the minimalist type and want to store a single handgun securely, then the Mounted Biometric Gun Safe by RPNM might be what you exactly need.

The fingerprint in the unit features a 500 DPI semiconductor which means it will recognize your fingerprint accurately within a second.

Its image-recognition software is one of the finest in gun safes.

In addition, it also features a four-digit electronic keypad and a master override key for manual access.

This unit is shaped like a holster and comes with a powder-coated finish that makes it resistant to corrosion.

It is made using solid steel, which makes it extremely sturdy and durable. You can mount it both vertically and horizontally, depending on where you want to place it.

Because of the design of the unit, you do not get any extra space on the inside to place anything other than a single handgun.

It is a practical option for those whose only goal is to ensure the safety and security of their firearm. Sure, this shape is not for everyone. But if you want to keep your gun secured, this is a great choice.


  • High-quality 500 DPI semiconductor biometric sensor
  • Four-digit electronic keypad for backup access
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Supports both vertical and horizontal mounting


  • No extra space on the inside


If you have no issue with the shape of the unit, and your only objective is to keep your weapons out of reach, then it is hard to beat the practicality of this unit.

It is built like a tank, and without proper access, getting inside it is impossible. And the high-quality biometric sensor makes it one of the quickest gun safes on the market.

How Many Fingerprint Profiles Do You Require?

The answer to this question mostly depends on the number of users.

If you, the gun owner, are the only person who needs access to the safe, then you do not need more than one fingerprint.

However, having the option to store multiple fingerprints means that you will be able to use any of your fingers to open it up.

What Happens If My Fingerprint Doesn’t Work?

Going with a cheap, low-quality biometric gun safe is typically a bad idea.

There can be many different issues, such as the fingerprints not working or the batteries running out very frequently.

With a decent unit, this should never be a problem.

If you do notice that you cannot access your gun safe with your fingerprints, try contacting the manufacturer first.

It would help if you also tried opening the safe manually using backup keys that you got with your purchase.

How to Use a Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe?

Using a biometric gun safe is not exactly rocket science. Once you set up your fingerprints, there really is nothing else you have to do.

Setting up the fingerprint the first time, however, may take a few attempts.

Sadly, the process varies wildly from one model to another.

So, the best advice we can give you is to go through the instruction manual when you want to set up your fingerprint.

You can also find information on how to set up the backup electronic lock inside the manual if your gun safe allows for backup ways of accessing it.

How Do I Change the Battery on My Biometric Safe?

Biometric gun safes often require some form of power, whether it is a battery or a cable connection to the wall plug.

If you use a battery-operated gun safe, then you need to replace the battery when it runs out to continue using the biometric function.

To replace the battery, first, locate the battery slot in your unit and open it up.

Then simply take out the old ones and insert a fresh set, and your safe should work perfectly.

Make sure you use high-quality alkaline batteries for the best performance and lifespan.

Why Biometrics Are Better Than Keypads?

The main reason why people choose to go with the biometric scanner over keypads is convenience.

If you ever get into a high-stress situation where you need to access your weapon, a biometric safe will make it much easier for you.

For instance, if your home falls under burglary attack, then you will be able to open up your gun safe easily with your finger.

The stress of the situation might even cause you to forget your keycode. But with biometric safes, all you need is your finger.

What to Consider Before Choosing Biometric Handgun and Pistol Safe

With the list of products out of the way, here are a few things you might want to think about before you commit to a specific biometric handgun safe.

Quick Access

Speed of access is one of the main reasons why biometric handgun safes are so popular.

So, if the scanner in the unit is not responsive, then there is no point in getting it.

You want to check this aspect very carefully before you commit to a specific device.

These days, biometric safes should not take more than a second to give you access to the interior.


The thickness of the wall dictates how resistant the gun safe is against impact damage.

With thick, high-quality steel walls, no one will be able to break into your gun safe with sheer force.

Ideally, you want to go with a unit that comes with at least 16-gauge steel walls. Any less than that is not very secure.

Mounting Option

You might also want to think about the mounting type of the gun safe. Some units can be mounted horizontally, while others are designed for vertical mounting.

With some models, you can get the option to mount it either way.

You want to plan out where you will install your gun safe beforehand to understand your mounting preferences.


How many firearms do you want to keep in the gun safe? Do you also need extra space for other valuables?

You need to ask these two questions before you select a gun safe.

Ideally, you want enough space for at least one firearm and your other small items like keys or cash inside it.

Final Thoughts

Getting a new biometric gun safe requires careful planning.

You need to make sure you are buying a unit that is secure and gives you easy access to your firearm in your times of need.

With so many different options available these days, it can, no doubt, get a bit overwhelming.

Hopefully, our careful selection and review of products will give you enough idea to get the best biometric pistol safe for yourself.

We have also discussed extensively the different factors you want to consider when buying to equip you with everything you need to know about this device.

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