Best Hunting Rifle Case In 2021

Best hunting rifle case

If you’re a hunter, one of your most prized possessions is your rifle. To protect your weapon from the harsh weather elements and the bumping during transportation, you will want to carry it in a rifle case. Hunting rifle cases can help protect your weapon from scratches, corrosion, and dings. Storing your gun in a … Read more

How To Hide A Safe In Your House

How to hide a safe in your house

As a gun owner, you will want to store your gun in an area where it will not be easily damaged or stolen. This is why you need to decide how to hide a safe in your home. When considering the best storage area for safe, one of the questions you should ask yourself is … Read more

How To Keep A Gun Safe From Tipping Over

How to keep a gun safe from tipping over

If your gun safe is on the lighter side, (less than 500 pounds) there is a risk of tipping over particularly when the safe is not bolted. To minimize the risk of injury, the safe should be bolted to the floor.  This also ensures the contents (such as loaded firearms, knives, and other hazardous objects) … Read more

How To Store An AR-15 For Home Defense

How to store an AR-15 for home defense

If you would like to protect yourself from multiple home intruders, you should consider having an AR-15 in your home.  With a magazine capacity of 20 to 30 rounds, it will enable you to fight off the attackers easily. Besides, the firearm is very accurate, especially when combined with the scope. When you use the … Read more

Best Gun Case Manufacturers In The USA

best gun case manufacturers usa

If you would like to carry firearms in a convenient way, you should choose a gun case. This will help protect your gun from being damaged especially in traveling. However, you will need to ensure that you choose the best gun case. When searching for one, you should consider the manufacturer behind the brand. To … Read more